Aleppo Falls: Syrian “Refugees” Can be Sent Back

The fall of Aleppo to government forces has destroyed the terrorists’ chances of taking over Syria and has made it even more clear that the Syrians posing as refugees in Europe can be sent home.

The Greek Defense Minister Panos Kammenos, and his Austrian counterpart Hans Peter Doskozil, both announced this week that they were in favor of all the “refugees” being sent back to Syria.

Syrian civilians arrive at a Syrian government checkpoint after leaving Aleppo’s eastern neighborhoods.

In addition, Kammenos and Doskozil both expressed themselves in favor of creating “safe zones” in other “crisis regions” where humanitarian aid could be provided locally instead of inviting all the “refugees” to Europe.

This announcement is ironic, because it was the exact policy proposed by the Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ) candidate in the recent presidential election in that country. Doskozil’s Social Democratic Party of Austria (SPÖ) fanatically opposed the FPÖ in that election.

In addition, Doskozil and Kammenos renewed calls for the establishment of “refugee registration centers” outside of Europe where invaders’ claims could be evaluated before being let into Europe—another policy stolen directly from the FPÖ.

“We are in agreement that a solution would be to take the refugees back to safe regions within Syria, for example the south of Syria, under the supervision of international organizations,” Kammenos was quoted as saying.

Doskozil said that while the “conditions for this in the war-stricken country were not yet present, he had in the past also expressed that he is open to the idea of such safe zones under international observation.”

He added that “more discussion about the idea was needed in the near future,” and that should the “establishment of such safe zones work in Syria, he said it could also work in other crisis regions, where humanitarian aid could then be provided locally.”

In addition, they said they wanted to “work together with the Central European Defense Cooperation (CEDC) to develop their official position vis-a-vis both safe zones and registration centers.” Doskozil said this would “serve as preparation should the EU refugee deal currently in place with Turkey collapse.”

It remains to be seen whether their proposals will ever actually be implemented, but the mere fact that they are openly discussing it is an indication that an increasing number of establishment politicians appear to be aware that there is no genuine justification for the fake refugee invasion of Europe.

The announcement could also easily be political jockeying by the SPÖ and the Austrian establishment as part of their strategy to try and ward off the FPÖ at the next national election in that country.

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  1. It’s good news. They can be sent home. But don’t put them on chartered flights with free drinks and lunch. If they could walk all the Balkan route from Greece to Germany last year they can make the same route back now on foot. Their dinghies and vests wait for them on Greek beaches.

  2. The cost of “hosting” them should be deducted from taxpayer funded state aid to the countries of origination. Karzai has 4 megamansions on one of those palm frond islands in Dubai. I’m still waiting for my thank you card.

  3. Assad needs manpower to rebuild Aleppo, but even money says he’d rather not have any of his own people back because they deserted him once, so there’ll be no welcoming mat at all. How many would trust anything Assad says? Apart from that, proposing to repatriate these Syrians is one thing, doing it is a totally different ballgame.

  4. Who would trust anything that anyone from any of these Middle eastern countries says? Honesty counts for nothing in any of the ME regions. The last thing it engenders is respect.
    Assad is westernised. He`s against Isis and other assorted religious fanatics who centuries later are still holding their countries back from any sort of progress.
    Who in their right mind would openly declare their hand to people such as this.?

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