All You Whites are Always Racist, Even if You Did Not Know It….

anti-racism-anti-whiteAn outrageous lawsuit which claimed that the US state of Iowa engaged in racial discrimination because “Americans inherently prefer whites to blacks” has been thrown out of court.

The unbelievable lawsuit was based on what District Judge Robert Blink said was a “unique legal theory,” that “suggests Americans inherently prefer whites to blacks, even if they are unaware they do.”

So its racism from whites, no matter what—it is always racism from whites, of course, to blame for anything which affects non-whites. But this lawsuit took things to a completely new level.

The lawsuit, which Associated Press described as “the largest of its kind against a state’s civil service system,” was based on “research” which looked at 6,000 applications for state jobs made by since 2003—which were not approved.

The lawsuit sought millions of dollars—from the taxpayer—for “lost wages” and “court-ordered changes to state hiring practices to better track,” and of course, to “eliminate disparities” which somehow always seem to be around.

Unlike in the more usual “discrimination suits,” the argument did not revolve around whether the black applicants or workers faced “overt racism” or even a “discriminatory hiring test.”

The lawsuit claimed that “managers throughout state government subconsciously favored whites through their decisions about who got interviewed, hired and promoted” and that they “failed to follow their own hiring rules to prevent bias.”

In other words, this suit was actually about why the Iowa state government had not employed blacks instead of whites.  Now that is overt racism, and against white people.

The case relied on the “theory of implicit bias,” which came to the fore after researchers developed what they call the “Implicit Association Test” to test racial stereotypes, which actually sounds like something out of the “Ministry of Truth” in George Orwell’s 1984.

This “research” found—of course, as we all knew it would, because whites are always evil—that there was an “inherent preference for whites over blacks in about 70 percent of Americans, including among many who do not consider themselves racist.”

Now there you have it! Even liberal whites are racist!  You just cannot get away from it, you dastardly liberals, you are just as “bad” and “evil” as your “less educated” fellow whites—you just don’t know it!

According to the University of Washington psychology professor Anthony Greenwald, who developed the test, who testified on behalf of the plaintiffs in the Iowa case, “a similar percentage of Iowa managers likely had preferences for whites and that it could be a cause of hiring discrimination in Iowa.”

The Judge, to his great credit, said he did “not find the testimony persuasive.” Somewhat of an understatement, the rest of sane society would have said.

Judge Blink (and he did not live up to his name) said that Greenwald “offered no data specific to Iowa and could not estimate what percentage of hiring decisions were the result of stereotyped thinking about blacks.”

Sadly, the judge gave some legitimacy to the baloney “test” by adding that “implicit bias merely reflects attitudes” and did not mean discrimination occurred. In a sense that is true, but it does not deal with the issue at hand, which is more specifically that this nonsense is just another way of attacking and slandering white people, even those who have gone out of their way to be as liberal as possible.

“Dr. Greenwald conceded that he would not use the phrase `implicit bias’ in writing a scientific article. How, then, should it import more gravamen in the court of law?” Blink wrote.

He also said that state employment data showed wide discrepancies in the hiring of blacks at different agencies, with some appearing to disadvantage blacks but others appearing to favor them. He also noted the number of black managers had increased over time compared to whites.

Blacks also fare better when applying for public employment in Iowa than the private sector, he said, which “could prove that the state’s merit-based system was working.”

* Ironically, Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller noted that much of the case involved blacks who were passed over for jobs after sending in applications in which they did not list their race. Racial discrimination was therefore impossible in the vast majority of the failed promotions, but that little fact did not seem to deter the anti-white denizens who are always ready and willing to “have a go at whitey.”

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  1. Well if we whites are so racist then how do explain our generosity towards blacks? Welfare, food stamps, reverse discrimination, rent vouchers, free medical care, etc. And don’t say “white guilt”. There is no such thing, I assure everyone. Everything they have we have given them.Anger-yes.More and more every day. Thank god Trump came along to save the day!

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