“Allied” Attack on Syria Hits Cancer Research Institute

One of the targets destroyed by the Jewish lobby controlled “Allied” attack on Syria was a cancer research institute which had previously served as an operating base for the United Nations chemical weapons research teams.

A statement issued by the Syrian Arab News Agency revealed that the destroyed building was the Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries Research Institute in Barzeh.

The institute works on preparing the chemical compositions for cancer drugs and conducts chemical analyses of the materials entering Syria which are used in pharmaceutical and food industries.

The institute develops the basic components for many drugs used for curing cancer, amid coercive economic measures against Syria that have left these kinds of medicines in short supply.

The institute’s labs were once used by the OPCW team and the fact-finding mission as a center to collect samples and conduct their work, with the latest two reports by the watchdog organization clearing the institute of any charges of developing chemical weapons’ industries.

The Syrian government has also confirmed that the attack will not stop the planned visit and inspection by the United Nations’ OPCW team which has been tasked with investigating the alleged “chemical attack” in Douma city.

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  1. Very interesting that Big Pharma wanted that lab destroyed, so it can flood Syria with contaminated medicines and poisonous vaccines, as in the West.

    The Syrian government should NOT allow the UN or western “inspectors” to visit Syria. Remember all the UN “inspectors” who kept harassing Iraq, snooping everywhere for “Weapons of Mass Destruction”, then faking evidence to continue the war until Saddam Hussein was ignominiously murdered, just like Gaddafi? Israel has the same gruesome plans for Assad.

    Syria does not need to prove anything to the world. It is a sovereign nation, just like Great Britain.

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