America Slides into Poverty as Obama Regime Gives another Half Billion Dollars to Murderous “Syrian Rebels” (Graphic Video Warning)

Just as a new report by the US Census Bureau has revealed that a quarter of all Americans live in so-called “poverty areas” (defined as a census tract where more than 20 percent of the population live below the poverty line), the Obama regime has announced a further half billion dollar “aid” package to be given to the cutthroat murderers and Islamist fanatics of the “Syrian rebels.”


According to the US Census bureau report, more than 25 percent of the country—some 77 million Americans—live in “high poverty” areas.

In the South, more than 30 percent live in high poverty areas, which have at least 20 percent of residents living below the federal poverty line, which is defined as “less than $24,000 a year for a family of four.” In real figures, the number of Americans living in poverty climbed 45 percent to 45 million people.


Of course, many of these are either of long-established Third World origin, and of newer Central and South American origin, but increasingly large numbers of middle-class white Americans have been unable to hold onto the American dream.

A new report from the National Poverty Center (NPC) has shown that “extreme poverty” in the US—as opposed to mere “deep poverty”—has now reached an astonishing 1.65 million American households (with 3.55 million children living in them) where each family member lives on less than $2 a day.


The US Census overview of poverty has shown that in effect half of the country is now near or below the official federally-defined poverty levels.

The Internal Revenue Service has reported that the “highest wage in the bottom half of earners is about $34,000.”

A family in the “top half of earners”—who make around $60,000 per year, will have their income reduced by a total tax bill of about $15,000. This is made up of around $3,000 for federal income tax and $12,000 for payroll, state, and local taxes.

Bureau of Labor Statistics and Census Bureau cost of living figures point out that food, housing, and transportation expenses will deduct another $30,000—which means that total household expenses will be around $50,000.

If it is borne in mind that only a fraction of the “top half” of earners are even in the $60,000 per year earning category, it can be seen that, for the vast majority of US citizens, there is no longer any “American dream,” but rather an ever-growing descent into Third World poverty status.

In the middle of this national crisis, the Obama regime has just announced that it is to give another half-billion dollars to the “Syrian rebels” to fight Israel’s enemy in the Middle East, the elected government of Bashar Assad in Syria.

This handout is in spite of recent reports which have clearly shown that the Al-Qaeda offshoot ISIS now makes up the vast majority of the “Syrian rebel forces” and has also invaded and conquered nearly half of Iraq.

An example of the sort of people that Obama has now given even more money to, is provided in the video below, where “rebels” launched a deadly attack on the Sunni village of Khatab, near the city of Hama.

Shootings, decapitations, crucifixions—there is no end to the crazed bloodlust of these “rebels” upon whom Obama lavishes American tax dollars—all the while ignoring the steadily growing economic collapse at home.

None dare call it treason.

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  1. What can one say it is disgusting. Obama and Cameran Merkle and france are all responsible for arming these thugs. They should be tried for war crimes but there is not much hope of that.

  2. Realistically, this is nothing new. Americans, run by Jews, did this sort of thing from the Second World War onwards. There is no doubt that the basic policy is Jewish, but it is also a fact that the thugs they support, both American and third world, have shown little sign of refusing to carry out such ‘work’.

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