American Obesity by Race: American Indians 70%, Blacks 48%, Latinos 42%, Whites, 36%, Asians 12%

A new study has revealed that although 70 percent of Americans are officially classed as “obese or overweight,” Americans Indians are fattest of all, followed by blacks, Latinos, whites and Asians —and that black and Latino females are by far the fattest of their racial groups.

The report reveals that “according to the most recent national data (2013-2014, age adjusted), obesity rates are: Asian — 12.6 percent; Black — 48.4 percent; Latino — 42.6 percent; and white — 36.4 percent.”

Broken down by sex and race/ethnicity, Black women have the highest obesity rates at 57.2 percent, while Asian women have the lowest rates at 12.4 percent.

The report also contains data on American Indians. According to an analysis by the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) in states with reportable data for American Indian/Alaska Native populations, 14 of the 24 states analyzed had adult overweight and obesity rates above 70 percent.

Ohio had the highest adult American Indian obesity rate at 93.9 percent and North Carolina had the lowest at 60.9 percent.

The obesity epidemic is primarily caused by eating too much of the wrong sort of food, and too little physical exercise.

However, a factor which the race-denying establishment refuses to take into account—because it pretends that race does not exist—is the truth that different races have different metabolic rates—and require different diets in order to remain naturally healthy.

Races have widely varying nutrient requirements, especially with regard to macronutrients, which are the proteins, carbohydrates and fats which are the fundamental dietary “building blocks.”

Races who originate in tropical or equatorial regions have a strong hereditary need for diets high in carbohydrates such as vegetables and fruits and grains and legumes.

These foods tend to provide the kind of body fuel most compatible with the unique body chemistry of people who are genetically programmed to live in warm and humid regions of the world.

Such race’s body systems are not designed to process or utilize large quantities of animal protein and fat—which, of course, forms the basis of much northern, or European food.

Europeans, by contrast, are not genetically equipped to survive on light vegetarian food. They tend to burn body fuel quickly, so they need heavier foods to sustain themselves.

In fact, the further north in the hemisphere one goes, the more drastic becomes the dietary requirements. Eskimos, for example, easily digest and assimilate large quantities of protein and fat, exactly the sort of foods that will cause all manner of health problems for people from the Mediterranean regions southwards.

North-western European origin people have nutritional requirements which are just the opposite of the sub-Saharan African, and have a hereditary need for more fat than other populations.

(As a result, the “low-fat” diet fad so actively promoted by the race-denying establishment and retail sector actually causes heart disease in north and north-western origin Europeans).

Even though race-denial usually obscures obesity rates, the reality that that overweight people are becoming more common among all racial groups.

For the category “overweight and obese,” the figure is even higher: 58 percent of women and 68 percent of men.

By contrast, Japan and Korea both report an adult obesity level of less than 5 percent. The substantial difference in obesity rates between continental Asian populations and those Asian-originated races living in North America, that is, the American Indians (as outlined above), can therefore be exclusively blamed on that group eating “European” food.

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