America’s “Poorest White Town” Proves Link between Race and Crime

The lie that “poverty” is the “cause” of crime has been definitively smashed with the news that Beattyville, Kentucky—officially dubbed America’s “poorest white town”—has one of the lowest crime rates in the country, with zero murders reported for more than a decade.

The controlled media, supported by far leftist “sociologists” have always blamed “poverty,” “discrimination,” “lack of opportunity,” and ultimately, “white racism” for sky-high nonwhite crime rates in America and Europe.

However, a recent article in CNN, titled “Trump gives America’s ‘poorest white town’ hope” (February 6, 2017), revealed that Donald Trump had won 81 percent of the vote in Beattyville, a town which, the article said, “earned the unfortunate distinction of being the ‘poorest white town in America’ from 2008 to 2012.”

“Depending on which metric you look at, it still ranks among the most impoverished in the country,” the CNN report added.

According to the U.S. Census bureau, Beattyville is 99.7 percent white.

CNN reported that the majority of Beattyville residents get some form of government aid, with 57 percent of households receiving food stamps and 58 percent getting disability payments from Social Security.

Beattyville was not always impoverished—just a few decades ago it was a boomtown, but the closure of the local coal mining industry brought large-scale unemployment, a situation which was aggravated during the Obama presidency when the only large local factory closed its doors.

“All that’s left are a few grocery stores, gas stations and small businesses. And drugs,” the CNN report goes on to state, inadvertently revealing that the problems facing Beattyville are therefore identical to that facing Detroit or any other nonwhite city in America.

That, however, is where the parallel ends.

Whereas violent crime is rampant in the nonwhite centers, in Beattyville it is all but nonexistent.

According to data provided by City-Data, which uses official U.S. Government statistics, since 2004 there have been zero murders in Beattyville. During that time, there has been one rape, and three robberies.

Statistically speaking, City-Data reported, the official 2015 violent crime rate in Beattyville was 0 per 100,000 inhabitants, compared to the official U.S. average of 207.7 per 100,000 inhabitants.

The comparison cannot be clearer: a majority white town, facing the identical economic and social problems as any of the nonwhite cities and towns in America, has a crime rate which is statistically insignificant.

On the other hand, the crime rates in the nonwhite majority cities such as St. Louis (Missouri), Baltimore (Maryland), Detroit (Michigan), New Orleans (Louisiana), and Newark (New Jersey)—which together make up the top five most dangerous cities in America—are sky high.

The leftist claim that poverty or lack of opportunity “causes” crime is therefore completely undermined by a comparison between poor white areas, and poor nonwhite areas.

Race is the only statistically significant correlating factor with crime—and the far left, the controlled media, and the anti-white establishment are simply lying when they claim otherwise.

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  1. The mining area I was born and brought up in South Wales and certainly up to the time I enlisted in the Forces, was classed as a deprived area but crime such as murders, armed robbery etc., was non-existent. In my village it was said you couldn’t breathe out of place let alone commit a burglary. Another point was that the only properties that had locks on their doors were the smaytingll shops, many of those were the front room of the house. Whilst I’m glad society has moved on, such an upbringing did make me appreciate everything I’ve had throughout my life. This town in this article reminds me of home!

    1. I am a life-long resident of Beattyville. My family has roots dating back to the Colonial Era and Daniel Boone. Most of our life-long residents do as well. It’s both a wonderful and a difficult place to grow up and to live in. There are plenty of wide open spaces and a strong family support system. The difficulty is in keeping your head up and your pride intact. Those who have the best jobs often have to drive an hour or more to get to them in more urban areas like Lexington or Georgetown. The rest are teachers or government employees. The rest of us have to either depend on the United States government or our own resourcefulness to live in Beattyville.

  2. Excellent article, as if we needed more proof that Whites commit a fraction of a percent of all crime (once you remove the Arabs, Hispanics and Jews from our FBI crime classification).

    “Social” theory or the idea that the environment is the cause of any of the differences between the races has been scientifically disproven time and time again. See J. Phillipe Rushton’s Race, Evolution and Behavior, among many others.

    Beatyville is 99.7% White. With the way forced massive immigration is going, maybe it’s time to think about moving to Beattyville.

  3. Cornwall is the poorest region of England, with the lowest wages.
    London, apparently, is the richest region.
    Whenever do you hear of violent crime making Cornwall unliveable?

  4. Race and culture are the main factors behind crime and violence, not only race. For example, the Indian and the Pakistani people belong to the same race, but the Pakistani people, who are muslims, are more violent than the Indian people.

    1. Hindus still burn Christians, who are the slave caste, lower even than the Untouchables in both India & Pakistan. In 1999, Hindus attacked a sleeping Australian Christian missionary Graham Staines and his two little boys as they slept in their car on the way back from ministering to lepers, as he had done for 30 years. The Hindu gang set his car on fire, and kept shoving all three back into the flames, delighting in their screams as they were burnt alive.

      1. India ranks 15th on the Open Doors World Watch List 2017 for countries where persecution of Christians is most severe. Pakistan ranks 4th.

      2. I do not deny that there are some Hindo groups which use violence against others, but this violence can not be compared with the violence carried out by Moslims. For example, in Britain the pakistanis are notorious for their violence and gang raping of white girls, while the Indians are peaceful people.

  5. I work in country towns across Victoria in Australia on a regular basis. There are social issues in many places, including various types of crime and drug use, but Melbourne itself is being torn apart by black (Sudanese) and Islander crime at the moment. Sure, dumb whites do join these gangs, but the most violent are blacks. They left their shitholes in Africa, run in to the ground by their own race, only to continue the same where ever they arrive, be it Europe, America or Australia.

    1. Just yesterday, up to 40 black Africans, probably from Melton, a township outside of Melbourne, attacked people at a family festival in nearby Caroline Springs suburb of Melbourne.

      How many people were at the festival, could they not be a community and protect one another?

      I spoke to one African once in Melton, he mentioned how between him and his friend they have already accumulated 5 years of prison time for attempted murder, in the 10 years they have been in Australia.

      I won’t mention all the other stories of Melton, lest to say it’s become a craphole since they flooded the place with a few thousand from the continent where they seem to not be able to control reproduction.

      Worse yet, people are starting to use statements like “We just have to accept them for what they are”. Absolutely moronic behaviour.

      Pauline Hanson made a simple statement, ‘…deported them’.

      Australia is becoming a cesspool and the retards in power still seem to playing to an agenda that the masses fail to realize or understand.

  6. We see the same in South Africa. Our horrendous crimes in the country are apparently caused by the levels of poverty. Ok I can understand some people will steal a bread or break into a car to steal a handbag if they’re very hungry and destitute. But the brutality of our crimes like rape, body mutilation, killing old people and children, the brutal murders of our white farmers simply cannot be explained away by poverty.

    In stark contrast one can go look at the poor white townships thats slowly springing up around the country as more and more white people struggle to survive in the new RSA or go look at poor white communities and there is simply no crime. When Apartheid reigned and all our different groups lived seperately, we slept with our doors open at night and we played outside in the streets at night as little children. Today, it is impossible. We live in constant fear of “when will I or my family be next”.

    I understand this article 100%.

  7. Why was my comment deleted, for pointing out that those 2 Muslims are just “anchor babies” for hundreds more? Canadian research shows that every Muslim man allowed into Canada results in 24 more Muslims, including his 4 wives and all their children and other relatives.

    Editorial note: We have no idea why your comment was deleted. It sounds perfectly sensible. Dd you say anything else which might have persuaded one of the comment moderators to delete it?

    1. Dear Editors – Thank you for responding & printing my comment. No, that was the gist of it, but it’s not the first time my comments about Muslims or Hindus have disappeared from your website, so I was wondering if some of your moderators are from the Indian Subcontinent. Thank you again!

    2. Now there’s some info that if true, the MSM wouldn’t want to surface. 1 M male = 24 offspring. Do you have a link to that? It was only the other day I was talking to an Australian lady I work with whose daughter has had 3 babies to an M but now he has moved on to another woman and has repeated the cycle. So I wonder how many children he produced in previous relationships both here and in his own country and how many more children will come after the present cycle, so yes I’m inclined to believe those figures. Needless to say my friend’s daughter is now on the dole with her 3 kids and the M has never worked. Then there’s the other side of the coin where some Leftard Enabler was stating in an apologiser’s FaceBook page the other day that M’s normally do have higher rates (2.3 children) when they get here vs the Australian average of 1.7 children however after one generation that falls to 1.7 children again. What BS!

      1. @Phil McGoo – In my deleted comment I pointed out that Islam allows every Muslim man to have 4 wives, as long as he can support them, which is no problem on welfare benefits in the West. Bigamy is illegal in Britain, so the Muslim man lives with one wife and her children, while his other 3 wives claim to be “single mothers”, with their own free houses, healthcare, welfare benefits and school places for their children, all funded by the British taxpayers.

  8. Grew up under similar circumstances in a rural town now reduced to under 4k residents since the last plant closed. Although drugs, and particularly meth, are enormous problems, you can still walk down the street at night unmolested.

  9. I worry that the US State Dept will read this article and decide that Beattyville would benefit from the diversity and cultural enrichment a few thousand immigrant Muslims could provide.

    1. I love my hometown, but it’s not the most tolerant community. We prefer to be left the hell alone, thank you US State Department.

      1. That’s my sentiment as well, city people called the likes of me a ‘hill-billy’ because I was born and brought up the mining valleys, but would never accept that the coal, steel and iron ore produced throughout the valleys ACTUALLY helped their communities and local economy.

  10. Speaking as someone who grew up in Beattyville and as a Paramedic who works there, your article was poorly researched.
    Over the past decade there have been no less than three homicides in Lee County, KY.

    Editorial note: We point out that the article was not “poorly researched” at all. On the contrary, all the data quoted is verifiable, and from official government sources. Furthermore, even if your claim of “three” homicides in Lee County over the last ten years is correct — and the official records show no such thing, added to the fact that we don’t even know if you are resident there at all — but, even if your claim is correct, it is still statistically insignificant compared to the mass slaughter prevalent in nonwhite towns and cities, which proves the point that poverty does not cause mass slaughter in itself, which is what the far left claim is the “reason” for the nonwhite murder rate. Thank you for your interest.

    1. Your allegation lacks merit on its face. Surely, Beattyville isn’t the only city, municipality, village or incorporated area in all of Lee County, which covers 211 square miles. Taking the composite murder rate for the entire county and applying it to Beattyville is disingenuous indeed, and a lame attempt at discrediting this article that corroborates hundreds, if not thousands, of other crime statistics (and scientific research) that clearly show “social theory” (environment, poverty, etc.) is a farce and that these things have only a negligible effect, if any, on crime…which is almost entirely race based.

  11. There was more than the double murder here in Lee county. Thanksgiving 2015 my father in law Ricky Farler was found stabbed to death in the early am at his residence. I guess they decided to not report it since they’ve quit investigating his death and they haven’t contacted the family since about anything. It’s a shame they are keeping it hid and his family will never see justice for what happened to him A couple years ago a older lady in town was burned inside of her trailer after being shot. There’s a lot of crime that goes on here because of drugs.

    Editorial note: We are sorry to hear of your father-in-law. We would point out that the official records show no such incident, and would urge you to contact the authorities to make sure that it is included in the official records. As pointed out in another comment, and without in any way wishing to lessen the significance of your loss, the reality is that two, or even ten, murders in more than 10 years has — “statistically” speaking — no impact on the basic thesis of this article, which is to disprove the link between mass crime and poverty.

    1. To the Editors – Well said on both comments! As soon as I read Medic & Meleeia complaining about 3 homicides in 10 years, which means zero in most years, I thought they were just proving your point!

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