Amnesty International’s “Syria Report” Made-up Nonsense

The latest Amnesty International “report on Syria” which claims that that country’s government has “exterminated” 13,000 people at one prison, is made-up nonsense based on ridiculous extrapolations from anonymous claims—and admits that it actually only has a list of 36 executed people.

The official title of the report, “Human Slaughterhouse: Mass Hangings and Extermination at Saydnaya Prison, Syria,” is enough of a clue of its hysterical nature, but its claim that “between 5,000 and 13,000” people have been executed in mass hangings has been given great prominence in the west’s controlled media.

A close reading of the report, however, reveals that Amnesty International in fact only claims to have the names of 36 people executed at the prison, and has based the “5,000 to 13,000” figure on a purely theoretical extrapolation drawn from anonymous statements made by opponents of the Assad government—with absolutely no backing evidence whatsoever.

The report claims that it interviewed 84 people for the report, but then immediately admits that all are opponents of the Assad government, and that the “majority of these interviews were carried out in southern Turkey. The remaining interviews were conducted by telephone or through other remote means with interviewees in Syria, or with individuals based in Lebanon, Jordan, European countries and the USA.”

In other words, the vast majority of the “interviews” are claimed to have been carried out in Turkey or other countries—with people who have supposedly fled Syria.

The fact that they are all opponents of the Syrian government, should immediately raise a question over the truthfulness of the allegations—in the same way that claims about Iraq’s “chemical weapons” were supposedly based on “statements” by “exiles” from that country.

However, these facts are of no concern to Amnesty International, which has chosen to believe all of the claims, no matter how farfetched or lurid. Furthermore, because Amnesty has chosen to make all their “sources” anonymous, it is impossible to verify any of them.

Instead, readers are expected just to “take their word” for it that the allegations all are true, even though not a single scrap of evidence is presented by way of proof.

The closest the report comes to “proof” is one dubious example:

Amnesty International has also been provided with the names of 36 detainees who have been extrajudicially executed at Saydnaya since 2011, which will not be released publicly due to privacy and security concerns.

In other words, instead of the “13,000” executed, Amnesty actually only has names of 36 people executed at the Saydnaya prison.

Where did Amnesty get the figure of “5,000 to 13,000” executions?

They explain it this way, in footnote 40 of the report:

40. These estimates were based on the following calculations. If between seven and 20 were killed every 10-15 days from September to December 2011, the total figure would be between 56 people and 240 people for that period. If between 20 and 50 were killed every week between January and November 2012, the total figure would be between 880 and 2,200 for that period. If between 20 and 50 people were killed in 222 execution sessions (assuming the executions were carried out twice a week twice a month and once a week once a month) between December 2012 and December 2015, the total figure would be between 4,400 and 11,100 for that period. These calculations produce a minimum figure of 5,336, rounded down to the nearest thousand as 5,000, and 13,540, rounded down to the nearest thousand as 13,000.

In other words, they have no proof at all for this figure. It has been made up, based on a single claim by an anonymous “source” that between seven and 20 people were “hanged” every day from September to December 2011.

Ignoring the fact that there is not even any evidence for this claim, the Amnesty report them simply uses a theoretical mathematical equation, multiplying up the original figure, to produce their grand total.

It is worth stressing once again: there is no evidence that the original figures are factual—and, even more outrageously, the final “totals” are completely invented.

As one observer, the famous Syrian Partisan Girl noted, this logic is utterly flawed, and is tantamount to saying that “if Bill Clinton raped 2 women from 1991–93 then he raped 50–100 in total.”

There can be little doubt about the origin and timing of this made-up “report” and the purpose of its outrageous slander. It was released on the same day that the Syrian government issued a statement condemning a new Israeli law legalizing all the Jewish settler homes in the West Bank.

The Syrian government—which has never made peace with Israel, unlike that country’s other Arab neighbors, and has therefore always been a target of Jewish aggression and attacks by the Jewish lobby-controlled mass media—said that the passing of the new bill by the Israeli parliament “indicates once again to the real intentions of the Israeli successive governments and their disregard of the international law and UN resolutions that condemn settlement policy in the occupied Arab lands.”

“The government of Syrian Arab Republic condemns, in the strongest terms, this Zionist, illegal measure that comes as a continuation of the violations committed by Israel against the Palestinian people,” the Syrian Foreign Ministry statement said, adding that it supported the “Palestinian people’s right of self-determination to establish their independent state with Jerusalem as its capital.”

“Syria calls on the UN and security Council to take deterrent procedures against Israel and force it to stop its hostile measures in the occupied Arab lands, including the occupied Syrian Golan [Heights],” the statement said.

The clash between Syria and Israel—and thus between Syria and the Jewish-lobby controlled U.S. government, and their allied media—is the real reason why patently bogus, made-up, and invented nonsense such as the “mass hangings” report are given so much credence in the West’s controlled media.

The Syrian government has officially rejected the report as untrue. The justice ministry claimed the findings were “totally untrue” and part of a smear campaign, in a statement.

The ministry added that the allegations are “baseless” because executions in Syria follow due process and various stages of litigation.

It said “misleading and inciting” media outlets carried the Amnesty report to smear the Syrian government’s reputation on the world stage, particularly after recent “military victories against terrorist groups.”


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  1. Amnesty International is a totally discredited organisation, and I wouldn’t even trust them to give me the time of day.
    They are well past their sell by date, and any useful work in this field is done by other organisations. In my opinion they are so shrill and hysterical because they need to drum up funding and donations to pay for their bloated number of staff, including those in the spin off ‘charities’.

  2. “… The Syrian government—which has never made peace with Israel, unlike that country’s other Arab neighbors, and has therefore always been a target of Jewish aggression and attacks by the Jewish lobby-controlled mass media—”
    . . . Ahhhh. I remember years ago hearing some woman on radio4 I think saying that “Syria has always been a problem.” Ahhhh. So that’s why. No

  3. I’d like to know where upwards of 15,000 bodies are buried.
    If found, it would be easy to ascertain if they were hung, be-headed, or shot through the head.
    Amnesty is being paid handsomely by you-know-who, for this blatant propaganda falsehood.

  4. When I was young idealistic member of Amnesty International several decades ago, they were respected around the world. Then they were infiltrated by the Unholy Muslim-Marxist Alliance types and began to spiral downward, becoming nothing more than a mouthpiece for the Muslim Brotherhood & “Marxist Today”. It’s a great shame.

  5. Israeli controlled media and charities, NGO’s etc., would never make up stories about their feisty neighbors, would they? You bloody bet they would! Syria is part of the Levant… The Greater Israel Project… And Israel wants every grain of sand and blade of grass there as their own.

  6. Through personal experience with AI I know that they do NOT deal with real cases in need but only pursue uncheckable and unprovable cases, usually somewhere thousands of miles away from reality. They are very seldom heard criticising those governments that really hide discrimination and persecution of REAL people, like western fathers deprived of their right to contact with their children after (often feminazi induced) divorce and being robed of their assets and frequently driven to suicide.
    They are just another mouth piece for feminazi marxist joo lobby and only out there to get as much money out of gullible shitizen sheeple for their boses.

  7. The media that are throwing their hands up in horror at this report are the same people that supported the whole attempt at ‘regime change by proxy’ in Syria.

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