The New German Multicultural Toilet

“Refugees” in Germany still find European toilets a “mystery,” cannot use them despite being given pictogram instructions, are continuing to leave human excrement on bathroom floors and showers—and this is why Germany has to introduce a new “multicultural toilet.”

Although this might sound as if it is from some bizarre TV comedy sketch, it is not. Right now, German engineers are working on a “multicultural toilet” at the Global Fliegenschmidt toilet manufacturers in Coswig, Saxony-Anhalt, and news of their first design has appeared in the German media.


As reported in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), in an article titled “A Toilet that Everyone Can Use” (Ein Klo, das jeder benutzen kann), the new toilet has been necessitated by the fact that the 1.5 million nonwhite invaders just simply cannot learn how to use ordinary European toilets—and that, after many months of failure, they have given up trying to teach them how not to foul up a bathroom.

According to the remarkable FAZ article, “German toilets are a mystery to many refugees and this has already led to problems. A new mobile multicultural toilet should remedy this—and along the way teach something about the coexistence of cultures.”

It goes on to describe some of the many problems which German sanitary engineers have had to face after being overwhelmed with the nonwhite invasion: “Many of the refugees have no experience of such toilets in their culture.”

It says that all efforts to educate the nonwhites as to how a toilet works have failed, even though detailed instructions have been provided in pictogram and in Arabic script.

“Many refugees, especially those from poorer classes,” FAZ continues, “only know of the concept of latrines. The toilets have indeed been used as such, but certainly not the way they were originally intended. They have stood on the toilet bowl when they were supposed to have sat there, and more often than not, the bowl has broken.”

Or, the FAZ tastefully informs its readers, the invaders have “done their business anywhere in the house, except in the designated place.”

Furthermore, the newspaper continues, “showers have in this regard also been misunderstood”—in other words, used as toilets.

“Added to all of this, is that many of the Muslim refugees do not know what toilet paper is,” the article continued, adding that they “clean up with the left hand, the unclean hand.”

Largely because of these “problems,” as the FAZ politely calls them, these “cultural differences have been an unbearable addition to an already difficult situation” in the invader centers.

“Employees of mobile toilet rental companies have refused to work at the shelters anymore because they no longer want to clean the centers,” FAZ said.

“And because many of the refugees did not even know what to do with the toilets, they make their way straight into the bushes. And that is why the mayor of the municipality Hardheim im Odenwald, in his much-maligned guide for refugee etiquette, stated inter alia that ‘Our call of nature is done exclusively in toilets, not in gardens and parks, and not even in hedges and behind bushes.’”

Other challenges being faced by the German sanitary engineers include “different latrines for different cultures,” the fact-filled article goes on to tell its readers.

“For Muslims, it is important that when using a toilet, one’s back does not face Mecca. In addition, latrines for men and women have to separate from each other, and the floor cannot be green in color, because that is the color of Islam.”

Therefore, FAZ says, the new “German toilet manufacturers are working to arrive at a solution to this problem. Thus, at the mobile toilet manufacturer Global Fliegenschmidt in Coswig, Saxony-Anhalt, they had been working on a so-called oriental toilet, consisting of a hole with two foot stands on either side of it.

“But even that did not work, because there are enough refugees who still use it differently,” the article continued, necessitating the development of “multicultural toileting.”

This new “multicultural toilet” allows for both sitting and squatting, the FAZ proudly informs its readers.

It is not yet known when the new toilets will be deployed, but, going by the problems being faced in the invader centers, the Germans had better hope that it is relatively soon.

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  1. And meanwhile people still die of cancer and catch the common cold. So let’s spend time and energy on a “multicultural” toilet……You really can’t make this stuff up!

    1. A cure for constipatation could quiet easily be built in as well.

      A photo of Merkel & her cabinet colleagues printed inside the toilet bowl!

    2. Let me see if I got this, they need instruction on a simple body function and still don’t get it. Just exactly what jobs will they qualify for? HUH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 1.5 million sh…s spread daily in Germany…that country must be pretty smelly by now. I think the integration will come to an end when Germans will start doing their necessities in the bushes, side by side with their guests.

  3. I have a theory that in hot countries, where the nonwhite invaders come from, clean water is a rarity, since they never invented pipes, sewage systems, etc. So when faced with clean water, they are reluctant to soil it. Solution: sh!t on the floor! Maybe toilets should have filthy muddy water in them! [Note to Germany: 5% commission please]

  4. Perhaps garden design could incorporate this ‘cultural’ aspect. A competition could be held with gardening experts (come on, Royal Horticultural Society) to select fragrant and soft bushes and calculate the optimum separation. A fragrant scented maze might work well. [Note: another 5% commission please!]

  5. Really? all those engineers, and brain surgeons, and they can’t figure out how to use a sh$tter? I thought we in Britain had the appeasement awards wrapped up, what with moving school exams to comply with ramafuckindingding, but those crafty krauts have pipped us to the post with their superior teutonic engineering skills, clever sods.

  6. I have noticed that when Muslims were in washrooms there was never any feet on the ground. They were on the toilet seats. They are afraid of infidel sweat getting on their butt, but don’t mind placing the floor germs on the seats. Buy a can of Lysol. Now washing their feet in the sink, that’s another story.

  7. The UN has been faced with this problem for decades and has evolved jargon to accommodate the problem in a pleasant way. 47/135 Declaration on the rights of Persons Belonging to National, Ethnic, Religious and Linguistic Minorities. Article 6 “States should cooperate on questions relating to persons belonging to minorities, inter alia, exchanging information and experiences, in order to promote mutual understanding and confidence.” (concerning toilets)

  8. Would they do the same for us if we went and lived in their country? No, not a chance………..repatriation as soon as possible………..

  9. Welcome to South Africa and Africa. For decades and still is bombarded by “apartheid”. There was a reason for that. Now Europe is getting a taste when they hammered us about it.

  10. Don’t be DECEIVED that Muslims can’t understand simple instructions.
    Islam has many jihads. DEFECATION JIHAD is one of them.
    Defecating in parks, in elevators and streets of hated infidels is perpetrated to show Muslims intense hate for the infidels who take them into their CIVILISED countries and give Muslims EVERYTHING FREE. FOREVER.

    1. A Muslim wouldn’t take food from us Herman, it is amongst themselves that they use the left hand for toilet purposes, and the right hand for eating etc. Do you think they’d care which they handed food to us infidels by.?
      I’d argue that they’d make a deliberate effort to hand the infidel food with their left hand, and hope it makes us ill.

      One of the reasons I’ve boycotted all Muslim businesses for more than a decade now – can’t trust them, never will.!

  11. At an old Varsity Men’s Hostel long ago in SA there were two opposing rows of toilets, one for “Bo-sitters” (for those sitting/balancing with their feet on top of the toilet-rim, viz TOP-SITTERS), and the other for “Onder-sitters” (those sitting flat on the toilet-rim, viz DOWN-SITTERS). The first group usually grew up on semi-desert Karoo sheep farms, while the second group were from the cities. Both student groups remained good friends with each other; their different “toilet-strategies” were never regarded as “apartheid”, but simply what was comfortable for the induvidual … and there was never any mess!!

  12. I am at a loss for words. There is a reason there are many different continents and many different countries on those continents with many different cultures in those countries. It works well for each, but when some not too bright tries to mix things up it does not go well. And many bleeding hearts wring their paws, not wanting g to appear as bigots or racist and proclaim that they are the do gooders who can make it all work if only….

  13. What can I say???
    Once agian the Germans are facing what it was, like being the ones who are facing “invasion!” Usally the Germans do the invasion not the other way…….and they face most disturbing incidents every day in this country, such as these!
    Seriously it was never such a wise idea to allow them over the border because of cultural differences and the Government an the un are once agian proven wrong and yet still try and justify their actions!
    How dumb can they be? Really it’s not rocket science!!!

  14. Muslims wash there face, hands and feet before they prey (5 times a day )..and it must be in running water they wash in….in the uk if we have one hot summer and a hose pipe ban is applied and big fine,s dished out for wasting water..Our 5 million Muslims we know house in the uk,will bleed us dry ,in more ways than one.resovwiers will be empty. …but I suppose wasting water won’t apply Then…

  15. OMG seriously, unbelievable. Easier to potty train a cat or a dog. The stink, the disease, Germany sounds disgusting. Germany what have you done, seriously you’re all mad

  16. “German engineers are working on a multicultural toilet”
    German engineers used to build rockets that took people into space.

  17. Several ideas in this article for making life more unpleasant for would-be “refugees”.

    I’m sure that a couple of well-documented cases of “racist” toilets would help in lowering “refugee” flows.

    Presumably, dealing with third-world populations is why Singapore has had to have such harsh toilet laws!

  18. Twenty years ago when the Chinese started immigrating to Vancouver, Canada, people started to see foot prints on toilet seats, urine all over the seats. Ask anyone who works for Parks Boards or with the public and has to clean bathrooms. They spit everywhere, any public washroom now the toilet seats are all scratched from shoes from asians squatting on the seats. You used to be able to seat on a seat without worry, now you have to cover them up.

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