Angry Germans Attack Invader Bus

The increasing boldness of German patriots in physically resisting the Angela Merkel-created nonwhite invasion of Europe took on a new dimension yesterday when a group of 30 German men openly attacked a busload full of invaders in Jahsndorf, Chemnitz.


The attack, which media reports said “shocked” local traitors because of its boldness, took place as the bus came to a halt in front of an invader center in the east German city.

The authorities reported that as the bus drew up in front of the newly-built container city in Jahnsdorf, a crowd quickly gathered in an “aggressive” mood.

A number in the crowd started throwing rocks at the bus, and several then ignited large firecrackers and threw them at the bus windows.

One glass pane was smashed in the incident, while the bus driver suffered a slight burn on his foot from one of the fireworks which landed inside the vehicle. A security guard accompanying the invaders on the bus was also hit by one of the fireworks, but suffered no injury.

The police, who were on standby precisely for such an incident, rushed to the scene and tried to identify individuals within the crowd.

The nonwhite invaders then refused to get off the bus, and they were taken away to another center.


In the past there have been repeated protests against the siting of the container village, but to date all the protests had passed peacefully. Yesterday was the first day that the center started receiving invaders, and the authorities managed to get 36 in before the locals were aroused and descended on the second bus to arrive.

The state of Saxony has led the way in Germany for physical resistance to the invasion, with incidents taking place in Freiberg, Freital, Meerane, and Heidenau. In the last-named town, a large crowd engaged in a running street battle with police who had been sent to protect hundreds of nonwhite invaders who were given housing in a former department store.

Saxony has also accounted for a quarter of all the arson attacks on invader centers in Germany.


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  1. Sorry, they are NOT “attacking”! They are protecting their own country! They do what they must to do!!!!! They are real German man! German population have made awful work to build up own country after the II WW. And now one bitch wants to destroy it all? No, no, no!!! Germany belongs to German people! They have a right to leave their own nice country for their children, not to Muslims!

    1. Protecting your country against invading forces use to be the normal and accepted thing to do. Now that traitorous old cow tells the Germans they must be “NICE” snd turn their country over to MUSLIMS AND AFRICANS. I HOPE SHE DIES FROM AN INCURABLE ITCH!!!!!

    1. No it’s not! Plenty of ordinary folks, hate them and want them gone. It’s our government and it’s pals that are causing this problem. Time will come when the white British will show the invaders who are in charge!

    2. England is relying on their PM to allow a referendum on EU membership! HAH,HAH.
      PM Cameron will never hold that referendum. He is going to come up with some new rules for membership of the EU which will be meaningless in the longer term and then say “all problems solved” and UK will then start to pay big time, starting with refusing a referendum, then sharing the “invasion” of 3rd world ers.
      PM Cameron is on a par with Merkel in the treason stakes. He must go as well. UK had a chance to put a real conservative government in power about 6 years ago but the Socialists won again.

  2. Why don’t these idiotic politicians DO something to stop this nonsense. A few real refugees is one thing but they KNOW most of these young men are only there for what they can get for free. They should be home rebuilding their own country. Not living off of working Germans.
    MERKEL is the biggest fool of all. Throw her out.

    1. Merkel is not a fool. She is deliberately destroying her country from within. She has won a Kalergi prize. Please read up on the Kalergi Plan and all will be revealed. The EU elites are extremely dangerous.

      1. You’ve been saying that for a while now but there is absolutely no substance to this “theory” – this is a case of stupid, clearly incompetent and extremly stubborn bitch who won’t admit her huge mistake. I only hope that is not gonna bring some massive unrest in Europe. Nobody can deport 1 mln parasites with such poor armies like those in Europe especially with that idiotic Schengen in place. Russians, Americans or Chines would do it but Europe is just too lazy and lean.

  3. And so it goes, these attacks and burning down buildings is becoming more common throughout Germany as people wake up to what Merkel has done to the country.

  4. If the people of Germany dont want a strange and violent cult in their homeland, it is their right to express this….These people are fleeing their own rotten countries and bringing the rot with them….There is nothing wrong in wanting to protect your own homeland…..

  5. There is a very good reason why it’s becoming difficult for the German government to pin this arson on Merkel’s political opponents. She sure has been trying to outlaw them. Much to her astonishment it is people from all over the German political spectrum. Angela you have enraged many German citizens but are too arrogant to admit your mistakes.The brain laundering is wearing off.This will be the Merkel legacy, someone who stayed too long and grossly misread the sentiments of her citizens.

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