Ann Coulter: “Trump Wall is a Fake and Will Never be Built”

US President Donald Trump’s border wall prototypes are a “fakeout,”  a “a ridiculous waste of time,” border wall prototypes and a ploy to never actually build any wall, New York Times best-selling author and populist conservative columnist Ann Coulter has said.

Speaking in an interview broadcast on KABC Radio Los Angeles, Coulter—known previously as a Trump supporter—said that the border wall prototypes—which have been standing for over half a year without any further action—were only “very good at stopping any illegal alien prototypes.”

Coulter went on to say that she didn’t understand “why we need prototypes, except that it’s all just a fakeout and the whole thing about building a wall is just ‘I’m going to get four years saying I’m going to build the wall and inspecting prototypes, but I’ll never actually build the wall.’ … No, it’s a ridiculous waste of time.”

Coulter went on to discuss Israel’s border wall, and how that works perfectly in keeping illegal invaders out of the Jewish state.

“I’ll take whatever Israel has because it’s working 100 percent. … And they have a big problem because they are surrounded, . . . and its weird, because Jews are usually so good at real estate [laughter] but look at what they are surrounded by, a tiny little outpost of civilization. . .

“So they have a huge problem with illegal aliens and they’re fantastic. I mean, I have a whole chapter in ‘Adios, America’ about ‘Why can’t we have Israel’s plan on immigration?’ … They take illegal aliens and just fly them to other countries and drop them off in the desert.

“There’s no integrating you, putting you in houses, giving you welfare, no, they’re in prisons or jail facilities right there at the border and you can leave on your own or you can stay in jail and eventually they might get sick of you and just fly you to another country  but when they first put the fence up.”

She went on to point out how the Jews had even boasted about how good the border wall in Israel worked.

“For close readers of the New York Times, they would be bragging, Netanyahu, bragged [about the wall] and this year, zero illegal immigrants got through [into Israel].

“Yeah ok it’s a smaller country, but you know they also have a much smaller budget. How much are you guys spending on the bullet train [in California] $77 billion? We could have three walls [for that]. I never want to hear about the cost of the wall again.”

Coutler is possibly being harsh on Trump, as he has yet to secure the funding to build the wall, but his most recent offer—of allowing millions of illegal immigrants amnesty in exchange for Democratic support for the  wall budget—does not augur well for the future of the project.

Trump has requested $18 billion to complete the wall. His 2019 budget request includes roughly $1.6 billion to add 65 miles of walls in the Rio Grande region. Congress has so far only allocated roughly $341 million to replace some fencing and “add gates to existing barriers.” Even if lawmakers were to approve Trump’s request, that would still fall short of the up to $21.6 billion needed to seal off the entire border, as the president originally proposed.

Only a few days ago, a NBC report preparing to cover Trump’s recent visit to the prototypes, captured a family of four nonwhites brazenly jumping the border as it currently exists in the immediate area of the prototypes.

No matter if the wall gets built or not, it will also not affect the current changing demographic of America, which is rapidly seeing that nation be invaded and overrun with nonwhites from Mexico, Central and South America.

Perhaps the most recent pertinent example of this mass nonwhite invasion has come with an article in a recent National Geographic article, which revealed that the town of Hazleton, Pennsylvania, has shifted from just two percent Hispanic in 2000, to 51 percent Hispanic in 2016.

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  1. I understand that proposed legislation for funding the wall actually creates a “trust fund” similar to the highway trust fund. This suggests that Coulter is correct since these funds are often raided for other purposes or the funds not spent for the intended purpose in order to reduce the apparent deficit. A government trust fund is an oxymoron.

    1. I don’t see how it will get built. The DNC-Lite wing of the Republicans (like Lindsey Graham) & the progressives i.e most of the Republicans aren’t interested in the wall (throw in “border security” now & again) & the Democrats? Pfft…

      “Border? What border? Everyone is an American!”

  2. We don’t need a wall. We simply need to enforce the immigration laws already in place. A wall concerns me. There may come a time when Americans need to flee their country. A border wall is too much like the Berlin Wall. I’m concerned about what’s happening in the U.S. and walls are often built to keep the victims of communism INSIDE, and not to prevent those from outside entering.

    Ann asks, “Why can’t we have Israel’s plan on immigration?” Oh, Ann. You know better than to ask such a stupid question. jews run America and what’s good for America is NOT good for the jews.

      1. Yep, except it occurs to me that there’s been a significant change in the attitudes of the so called “Americans.” The Americans I’ve ALWAYS known never discussed “fleeing” their own lands OR tyrannical Gov’t.
        That’s just the problem. Sit on your ass and whine while the Gov’t allows the invasion of your lands and then run away like a bitch when the nation no longer is comfy for your pathetic cowardly ass.

  3. Ann Coulter is absolutely right that the whole thing is a fake, indicated by the ludicrous projected “cost” and “discussions” enabling endless delays (just like Brexit). Just look at Hungary, who managed to build a very effective border wall of concertina wire in only a few months, costing about $200 million for 325 miles, dramatically reducing the number of Invaders by 4500 per day.

    Since US-Mexican border is about 1,950 miles long, it should cost no more than $1000 million to build the whole border barrier, and shouldn’t take more than a year, if the political will was there to do it. But the Illuminati Globalists who have engineered the Third World Invasion of the West have no intention of doing anything but pretend to be concerned, pretend to search for “solutions”, and just keep dithering until they can start WW3, so everyone will forget about it.

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