Another 5 ISIS Invader-Terrorists Arrested

German police have arrested yet another five nonwhite invaders living in Germany for links to ISIS—all of them legal immigrants with permanent residence, including one from Cameroon in Africa.

The five were all identified as “key links” in the ISIS recruitment campaign among Muslims living in Germany, and providing support for other terrorist invaders.


Abu Walaa, the “faceless preacher” arrested in Hildesheim.

According to a report in the Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ), the five nonwhites “formed a pan-regional Salafist-jihadist network,” with the leader being identified as one Ahmad Abdulaziz Abdullah A., 32, an Iraqi living in Germany.

Ahmad Abdulaziz Abdullah A., known as Abu Walaa, is well-known in Germany as one of the “central figures in the German Islamist scene” and is nicknamed the “faceless preacher” because he has largely managed to avoid being photographed.

Also arrested were a 50-year-old Turkish citizen, Hasan C.; a 36-year-old Serbian Muslim with joint German-Serbian nationality, Boban S.; a 27-year-old Arab with German nationality, Mahmoud O.; and a 26-year-old Cameroonian, Ahmed F. Y.

Hasan C. was in contact with two other nonwhites “with Islamist backgrounds” who were arrested over a bomb attack on a Sikh temple in the city of Essen earlier this year.

The SZ said that the arrests come after a year-long investigation into Abu Walaa and the others, who recruited Muslims to travel to Syria to fight for ISIS. They raised money and supported the terrorist recruits financially.

According to the newspaper, the German police raided a mosque in the town of Hildesheim, Lower Saxony, at which Abu Walaa gave sermons encouraging his fellow invaders to travel to Syria to fight for ISIS.

Two of the other arrested invaders were preachers in the western state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Burkhard Freier, head of the North Rhine-Westphalia domestic security service, said the investigation focused on two elements: “the radicalization of young people and secondly, people smuggling, with an ideological conditioning and preparation for departure to Syria.”

The arrests followed the detention of a 22-year-old nonwhite invader—also with German nationality—who had been arrested after his returned to Germany in September this year after fighting for ISIS in Syria. The invader had described Abu Walaa as “ISIS’s number one in Germany.”

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  2. Letist politicians are all hypocrites and liars. Always talking about helping the poor but still so many poor people around while they live, eat, travel exclusive class and implement policies that condemned the poor to extreme poverty such as importing large number of illegal migrants.

  3. What does the west expect dishing out citizenship like sweeties with no clue about the recipients.
    Muslims refuse to mix and melt into another culture preferring to live separate lives on the outside of western society enjoying all the benefits with no commitment from them. Assimilation is a totally alien concept.
    Why should they want to change such an advantageous one-sided arrangement.
    Western politicians are craven gullible halfwits.

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