“Save the Children”—Halts Invasion Assistance in the Med

Yet another fake charity—“Save the Children”—which has been actively assisting the mass nonwhite invasion of Europe by providing a taxi service for Africans from North Africa to southern Europe—has announced that it is halting its operations.

“Save the Children” announced this week that it had suspended its “migrant rescues” in the Mediterranean Sea as “departures from Libya slow and security conditions worsen.”

Save the Children has operated a ship, the Vos Hestia, since September last year, picking up more than 10,000 nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees.

Almost all were picked up from boats launched off the Libyan coastline by smugglers. The small boats were all incapable of crossing the Mediterranean, but the smugglers knew that the race-blind European leftists would come rushing in to pick them up—after being told by radio where the boats would be.

Italian police searched the Vos Hestia this week on Monday as part of a wider investigation into the role non-government organizations (NGOs) are playing in picking up the invaders off the Libya coast and bringing them to Italy.

Earlier this year, the Italian government asked the fake charities to sign a code of conduct which, inter alia, would allow government officials to be on board to monitor their activities.

Most of the fake charities—well aware that such a move would expose their illegal trafficking activities to official view—halted their “missions,” but “Save the Children” has continued until now.

Although “Save the Children” claims that the police raid on their vessel had nothing to do with their decision to halt operations, it obviously does.

Save the Children said in a statement it was not under investigation and was cooperating with authorities. The documents seized by police on Monday concerned “presumed illegal actions committed by third persons,” it said.

The Italian government said the fake charities were actually providing an incentive for smugglers to put the invaders to sea.

In August this year, Italian police seized a vessel belonging to the crypto-communist “Jugend Rettet” organization, after the chief prosecutor in the Sicilian city of Trapani said he had evidence of encounters between traffickers, who escorted invaders to the NGO boat, and members of its crew.

Only a few months ago, no less than 10 of these fake charities were operating around the North African coast, picking up invaders and transporting them to Italy. IN this way, hundreds of thousands of Africans reached Europe—after paying thousands of dollars to smugglers while at the same time claiming to be “fleeing poverty.”

So far in October, the number of invaders landing in sea arrivals to Italy is down more than 75 percent compared with the same month last year.


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  1. This Charity is awash with money and the level of salaries for the highest management people is extortionate. There was a report some time ago in the UK which highlighted the shortcomings of their usage of ‘charitable donations’. One of the major Charities sends its people overseas in ‘First Class’ on aircraft. This ‘Save the Children’ pays a wealthy woman a salary and perks in excess of £200,000.00 per year, Yes there are many reasons to give money to charity, for me not one penny goes into those where it has a bottomless pit, mine goes to the small charity that actually fights tooth and nail for every penny/cent it can get its hands on.

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