Another Half Billion Dollars in US “Aid” to Israel—Even Though It Has a Budget Surplus and America Is Bankrupt

The US House of Representatives Armed Services Committee has endorsed a nearly $488 million increase in “military aid” to Israel—even though the Israeli government has just increased its defense force budget by $770 million—which it funded out of its own budget surplus.

At the same time, the US Federal deficit is around $680 million.

The $488 million increase in military aid to Israel—which is over and above the $11 million per day which the US already hands over to the Jewish state—will be used to pay for Israel’s procurement and development of additional rocket and missile interception systems.


The committee last week approved the defense authorization bill proposal submitted by its chairman, California Republican Howard McKeon.

According to the wording of the proposal, the US will allocate another $268 million to Israel in 2014 for the development of two interception systems: the Arrow 3, which intercepts long-range missiles, and the Magic Wand, which intercepts medium-range missiles.

The bill also states that a further $220 million will be allocated in 2014 to finance the purchase of extra batteries for the “Iron Dome” missile defense system.

Israel currently has five Iron Dome batteries. The plan will give Israel another five batteries by the end of next year.

The US also gives Israel $3.1 billion in military aid annually. US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel promised that this would not be reduced even while significant cuts are being made to the US defense budget.

Last week, the Israeli cabinet approved the 2014 defense budget for the Israeli Defense Force (IDF), adding NIS 2.75 billion ($780 million) to its expenditure. According to the Times of Israel, the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office said in a statement that the extra $780 million will “be drawn from a budget surplus.”

In other words, despite the fact that the Israeli government has enough money “surplus” to fund massive increases in its defense budget, the US government has still seen fit to give it another half billion, even though the American economy is in a downward spiral and the government has to borrow money just to keep essential services running.

The fact that this outrageous situation could even occur is conclusive proof of the power of the Jewish lobby in America, which is quite literally sucking the US dry.

As musician and noted critic of Israel, Gilad Atzmon, has said, anyone who believes in a “Jewish Conspiracy” had better revise their opinions—there is no hidden conspiracy, because everything is done in the open.

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  1. Without outside assistance, the Zionist parasite state would not be viable. Its chief source of revenue consists of financial injections from America, support from international Jewry and German reparations. According to official sources, the Federal Republic of Germany had paid 85,4 billion Deutschmarks by 1992 (Der Spiegel, 18/1992)
    Jurgen Graf.

  2. The approval of more foreign aid to Israel comes as no surprise to me. For an ethnic minority of only 2.5% of the US population the Jews domination of US politics and US foreign policy is legendary. It matters not who is in power – Republican or Democrat – both do the bidding of their Jewish masters. I imagine many a Jewish Prime Minister has had their anus licked very clean by one US President or another. Look at Obama, the Jews buzz around him like bees around the proverbial pot of honey. There are so many Jews advising him that one wonders if the Knesset has been relocated to Washington. So do not expect this state of affairs to change. The “couch-potatoes” and “lemmings” have let the Jews have their own way, and the Jews know it! Give the masses beer, fries and TV and they will happily let the Jews do what Jews like doing.

    How can this change. It will take a catastrophic collapse of the US economy to the point that US currency will be about as valuable as monopoly money. When this occurs Israel will have no “big” brother in the west to aid them. Israel will be all alone and it will get what it deserves from those who live nearby.

    For those in the US, and here I am speaking about the white race, this collapse will be a call to arms; a call to take back America from those who have destroyed it. In the UK, along the Thames River they have a place called “Traitors Gate.” I hope American patriots will create another such place and along Pennsylvania Avenue will lay the bones of those who conspired to destroy the Constitution and the US Bill of Rights. Long live European America – Long live the Republic.

  3. So what is the difference between USA subsidising Israel and the U.K. Giving similar aims to India which has its own space exploration program, not to mention nuclear weapons.

    Get off Israel’s back people. If they go down the west will go down!

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