Another Invader Center Burns in Sweden

Swedish patriots have burned yet another invader center to the ground overnight, this time at the Bockaberg holiday camp in Floda, Lerum Municipality, Västra Götaland County.


Before and after: Above, Bockaberg holiday camp on Saturday morning, and below, as it looked previously.


The luxury holiday camp—consisting of a number of cabins which had been especially equipped for hundreds of “refugees”—was almost completely destroyed in the attack, Swedish media have reported.

Emergency services were alerted to the fire early on Saturday, November 7, at the camp which had been earmarked by the Swedish Migration Board as a “refugee settlement” base.

When the fire services arrived at the scene, several houses were on fire, and one had already burned completely to the ground. The wooden nature of the camp’s construction—log cabins—meant that there was little chance any of the remaining houses would be saved.

A Swedish Immigration service spokesman, Johanna Uhr, was quoted by the Aftonbladet newspaper as saying that the arson was “incredibly unfortunate as we rely on accommodation places such as these because there are so many people who are coming to Sweden”—a reference to the flood of nonwhite invaders who have taken up Sweden’s blanket amnesty offer for any claiming to be from a “war zone.”

A preliminary investigation into the arson attack has already started, and police cordoned off the area almost immediately.

Rutger Fridholm, a member of the Swedish Liberal People’s Party (Folkpartiet liberalerna, or FP) who is vice mayor of the city of Lerum, told Swedish media that he had been worried about the houses because they were located in an isolated area.

“I have always been a little anxious that something like this would happen there,” Fridholm said. “It is half a mile from Floda, and its isolation makes it a high risk for this sort of thing.”

The holiday camp was scheduled to accommodate at least 100 invaders, and Fridholm had wanted to “install some kind of alarm system” before they moved in. This will now, apparently, be unnecessary.

So many invader centers have been burned down in Sweden that insurance companies have now refused to insure them, the Götensborgs-Posten reported earlier.

Willis Åberg, head of the Swedish Migration Board, said that he had recently found that all insurance companies had refused to insure any accommodation when they discovered it was to be used as an “asylum home.”

He said there was a direct link between the recent attacks on the “refugee accommodation” and the refusal to grant insurance. This was, he said, “very worrying” because the “Migration Board needs every single place that it can muster” but a lack of insurance was a grave impediment to finding accommodation of any sort.

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  1. They could easily be shipped to Svalbard, Spitsbergen or Novaya Zemlya. There they would be safe from evil white people. There is a plenty of fresh water, walruses and cozy white bears.

  2. Most are not refugees,they are economic criminal invaders,and should,apart from the real Christian refugees,be all returned to their nice hot safe countries.

  3. Siberia would be ideal. If theyre still alive after ten winters, they could be considered to live in northern finland.

  4. Eso es correcto Señor! It's quite sad that countries like Sweden or Germany, which for years were praised as perfect examples of well functioning democracies, are doing something serious like that completely against the will of their own people – mind boggling!

  5. Winter is cold. Maybe we could house them somewhere warmer so the poor invaders dont freeze to death. Someplace like the desert; In muzzirat land.

  6. Yet another total cock-up courtesy of Merckel, Juncker &Co.

    Angry residents burn homes set aside for `refugees`
    Dissatisfied refugees set fire to `unsuitable` homes.
    Obviously both sides are in agreement that Sweden is totally unsuitable for the hordes.
    Send the lot of them packing.

  7. The only organization that could offer insurance here is one that steals or prints its own money – so Swedish tax payer you are going to have to cough up

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