Another Refugee-Terrorist Arrest in Germany

Yet another refugee-terrorist has been arrested in Berlin for planning to bomb a German airport—the second such incident in less than three weeks—reinforcing the fact that Angela Merkel’s mass Third World invasion has endangered all of Europe.

The latest arrest took place in Berlin-Schöneberg, where the nonwhite invader had been living ever since arriving in Germany pretending to be a refugee in 2015.


Named as 27-year-old “Ashraf al-T,” the refugee-terrorist has been confirmed as an ISIS member who landed in Greece and made his way up to Germany through the Balkans route.

Upon his arrival in Germany, he was welcomed, given money, food, and housing, and was still living off the German taxpayers at the time of his arrest.

According to the Bild newspaper, the nonwhite invader was living in a state-subsidized invader center in the German capital.

The race-denying liberals who welcomed the refugee-terrorist into Europe were also fooled by the invader’s claim that he was a Syrian. At the time of his “reception” into Germany, he had presented a valid Syrian passport.

However, it has now emerged that he actually is a Tunisian, who had been fighting for ISIS in Syria—armed, no doubt, thanks to the U.S. government’s support for “Syrian rebels.”

The arrest is but the latest in a string of refugee-terrorist arrests in Germany.

In October 2016, the Attorney General put charges against a 19-year-old “Syrian” refugee-terrorist who had been held in custody since March. He is accused of having reconnoitered potential attack sites for ISIS in Berlin. He lived as an “asylum seeker” in Brandenburg.

In October 2016, the Syrian refugee-terrorist Jaber al-Bakr was arrested in Saxony, planning an attack on a Berlin airport. He hanged himself in his police cell, but his fellow refugee-terrorist accomplice is still in detention.

In September 2016, police in Schleswig-Holstein arrested three refugee-terrorists for planning ISIS attacks.

In September 2016, a 16-year-old refugee-terrorist from Syria was arrested in Cologne, charged with planning an explosion and receiving instructions from an online “foreign chat partner” about bomb construction.

In August 2016, four refugee-terrorists were arrested in Eisenhüttenstadt (Brandenburg) for ISIS membership.

In June 2016, three refugee-terrorists in North Rhine-Westphalia, Baden-Württemberg, and Brandenburg were arrested for planning an attack in Düsseldorf.

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  1. My hat goes off to the German investigators that intercepted this one. Big raspberry to Merkel, you cackling wind bag, just keeps on inviting more of them in.
    Vote AFD like your life depends on it, because it does.

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