Another Refugee-Terrorist Attack in Cologne Railway Station

A Syrian invader pretending to be a refugee in Germany today attacked a McDonald’s fast food restaurant in Cologne railway station with a Molotov cocktail and took a hostage in a pharmacy before being shot and arrested by anti-terrorism police, German media have reported.

The attack, confirmed to be the work of a 55-year-old “Syrian refugee” by the Deutsche Welle news service and the Bild newspaper, stated the nonwhite threw a Molotov cocktail into the McDonald’s in the station, injuring a 14-year-old. The girl fled the restaurant with her legs on fire and was taken to the hospital.

The refugee-terrorist then went to a nearby pharmacy, where he took a hostage. As police intervened, the invader then attempted to set his hostage on fire as well. He was prevented from doing so when the police shot and wounded him.

Police spokesman Klaus-Stephan Becker said investigators had found a document belonging to a 55-year-old Syrian asylum seeker in the pharmacy, which “likely belonged to the perpetrator now being treated in hospital.”

The man demanded the release from custody of a Tunisian woman, and was reported to have said he was a member of “Daish,” an Arabic acronym for the “Islamic State” militant group. He had camping gas canisters with him that were stuck together with adhesive tape, as well as bottles of fire accelerant.

Authorities said the invader sustained life-threatening injuries and emergency personnel had to revive him with CPR. The hostage received medical treatment for light injuries.

Authorities ordered an evacuation of the station, which is a main hub for rail traffic across Germany and western Europe. The nonwhite terrorist, who had left luggage behind at the restaurant, has a history of criminal acts including theft and drugs offences in Germany since he first invaded that country.

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  1. I think it is high time the police in Germany went on strike, even if it is illegal, the Armed Forces refusing to cover them as well, add to that the Fire Brigade and all Medical Workers refusing to treat these illegal immigrants. Then all taxpayers refuse to pay any more money to Merkel’s government. It will never happen sadly, but that is about the only way these corrupt politicians will ever understand that they are not representing the real German population.

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