Denmark: Town Segregates Invaders for “Health and Security” Reasons

Yet another European town—this time Tønder in Denmark—has segregated nonwhite invaders from locals at the town’s swimming pool because of “health and security” issues.

According to a report by the Danish TV Syd, the town council of Tønder has barred “asylum seekers” from mixing with locals at the Skærbæk swimming pool after continued complaints about their behavior, and will now only let them in during special hours.


The Skaerbaek swimming pool. Now off limits to the nonwhite invaders.

Søren Hansen, head of Skærbæk Leisure Center’s swimming pool, told TV Syd that, “among other things” families feel so insecure about the invaders’ behavior that they did not want to get into the swimming pool anymore.

In addition, he said, there have been problems with invaders refusing to wash before they jumped into the pool, as demanded by the house rules.

“There must be room for everyone, but there are rules that must be observed,” Hansen said.

“They need to bath before swimming, and then there are other rules inside the pool hall area,” he added, but did not elucidate exactly what the further problems were.

All he was prepared to say was that the invaders “are not used to adhering to normal rules in a Danish swimming pool, and that the rules will have to be explained to them for a second time.”

As a result, he said, all the nonwhites have been barred from accessing the pool along with the local population.

In January 2016, nonwhite invaders were banned from a public swimming pool in Bornheim, Germany, after white women complained that they were being sexually harassed.

The same month, the nonwhites were banned from the Johannisbad baths in Zwickau, Saxony, after a group of them went on an “obscene rampage” which consisted of masturbating into the Jacuzzi, defecating into the children’s paddling pools and sexually assaulting white women.

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  1. These people have not come from a civilised part of the world, they have no understanding of what is correct behaviour, the men are the worst chauvinists in the world, they treat women as not fit to be considered as human beings, so it is a wake up call to people across Europe just how barbaric these people in comparison to them. Surely other people across Europe have like me spent time in the Middle East and seen them at first hand as to how they live. Is it not time for all European Countries to stop these people from gaining access to Europe in the first place, get rid of the Human Rights act that is giving them a toehold in a civilised country for which they will never be part of, never contribute to and never become civilised? Every hour spent trying to change these people into accepting the rules and regulations and standards of behaviour is wasted along with the massive amounts of money they are costing the taxpayers.

    1. keep them all out, they haven,t paid any taxes for these facilities and they are filthy …I would suggest that all whites stop using these baths and see the company go bust but then denmark/norway and sweden do not exist anymore they are just bits of germany….full of invaders..You scum merkel/cameron/hollande etc..You should hang.

  2. No way would I risk a dip in a pool where “refugees” had been cavorting.
    They`d have to demolish and rebuild then permanently ban invaders.

  3. Oh,oh defecating in the pool again . Will they never learn what toilets are and how to use them ? Pass a law that clean ups come out of politicians pay.

  4. This is all so very Interesting/ Mind-bending/ Jaw dropping/ Extra Ordinary/ Weird/ Spellbinding/ Evil/ Insane/ Demonic…
    You know what a Viper is. Your crazy leaders have let a Viper into your bedroom. Now you are trying to reason with a Viper; don’t bite Viper! Maybe, it’s easier to confront the unreasonable than it is to destroy your self-serving comptrollers?
    Nonetheless, you are all so very Entertaining! You have leaders and your leaders have you. You deserve each other.

  5. The Rights of the Minority Immigrants here justify Mind-boggling mini-Towns for the migrants in Skaerbaek and Tonder where they can build their own swimming pools in towns I never knew existed. They can also have representatives for political purposes of self determination and vote to exit the EU if they are not happy with Merkel’s policy of marauding the local people for Rolex watches etc. Of course the smaller the independent territory, the greater the noise they will make locally, nationally and internationally for their rights to be recognised. This is consistent with The International Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Racial Discrimination 1966

  6. Read the header on this publification. Thomas Jefferson said and I quote” The tree of liberty must be refreshed time to time with the blood of Patriots”.

  7. It is really strange how you people who fought the South African government to abolish apartheid are now experiencing the sad reality of the capabilities of these savages. South Africa is burning at the moment and soon your countries will be burning too. Who is behind all this madness? I say, start with Merkel, Obama and the UN in general. All part of the New World Order’s plans to eliminate the white race worldwide. 70000 white South Africans have lost their lives since 1994. Their blood is on your hands. Stop complaining and do something about this problem before you end up like South Africa.

  8. They only go to these swimming pools to wash. Maybe the authorities should set up invader bath houses….though what these people would get up to in a bath house doesn’t bear thinking about too much.

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