(Update: Victim Dies) Another Vicious Racist Attack: But It’s only a White, So No Major News Coverage

Yet another vicious racist attack which has left its white victim lying brain-dead in the middle of Union Square, New York City, has once again revealed the openly anti-white bias of the controlled media. UPDATE: the victim died overnight, it has been reported.


The coverage given to the attack on retired train driver Jeffrey Babbitt, 62,  by a black thug who publicly announced his intention on the square before launching his assault, has been limited to local New York City news outlets.

Compare this coverage to the media’s blanket coverage of the Trayvon Martin incident, where a Hispanic shot a black in self-defense. In that case, the same national controlled media went into overdrive, portraying that incident as a case of “white racism” against a “black kid out buying skittles.”

According to New York local media coverage of the net event, the black, named, Lashawn Marten, 31, attacked Babbitt as he walked through the crowd near the chess boards in Union Square.

Witnesses said that Marten announced in a loud voice that “‘the next white person who walks by I’m going to fuck up.’ His fist went in and the man’s head bobbed and he hit the ground and you could hear his skull hitting the ground.”

Marten continued on his rampage, assaulting at least three other white people before police arrived and took him into custody. Babbitt was on the ground with blood flowing from his head. Nearby were two other victims icing their faces.

Witnesses said they were amazed at the brazen, public nature of the assault.

“This is such a crowded area. You’d expect it in a back alley, but there are so many people here. That’s the strange part,” Garrett Browning said.

Babbitt was taken to Bellevue Hospital. Family and friends said that he is in a coma and has been declared brain-dead.

His 92-year-old mother, Hedda, was by his side. She shared a Sheepshead Bay apartment with her son. He was her primary caregiver.

Don’t expect Obama or any of the white-hating extremists such as Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder, the Black Congressional Caucus, etc. to comment on this attack. After all, it’s just another white person, and who really cares about them anyway?

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  1. What is wrong with our Soft Weak Public. Folks standing around should of gotten some Testicles and banded together and took this low life down.
    come on New Yorkers I see this thing happened a year ago has this Scum coward been convicted yet?
    I am African Descent American and this type of crap ticks me off!!

  2. $10 or $15 dollars on ebay you can pick up stun guns with 50 million volts. They are concealable and look like flashlights. White people arm yourselves. This is getting out of control!

    1. You can’t carry stun guns or knives in NYC. You’ll be arrested if the cops find anything like that on you. I thought about moving there years ago , but decided against it after reading about thier outrageous laws. It’s virtually impossible to get a concealed carry license there.

  3. I hate to burst your security bubble fellow Whites where ever you are but the race war against us has already started without you. This not a dream, its a nightmare and you are wide awake, time to come out of denial.

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