“Anti-Racist Hitler” Video Released on His 124th Birthday

A remarkable animated video portraying Hitler coming back to the modern world as a confirmed “anti-racist” was released on the 124th anniversary of the German leader’s birthday yesterday, in which the hypocrisy of the anti-racist argument and Israeli immigration policies is examined in a humorous manner.


The video, which was produced by a group calling itself the “White Rabbits,” starts off at an “anti-racist convention” which has a guest speaker in the form of Hitler who has returned from hiding in Argentina.

Hitler announces that he is now a confirmed anti-racist, and sets up an organization called “Children of the Rainbow” to promote racial integration. He then sets off to Israel, where he arranges for Israel to adopt an open borders immigration policy, encourages mixing between Jews and non-Jews of all races, and condemns as “racist” any Jew who demands the right to be Jewish or have a Jewish homeland.

Finally, there are almost no Jews left in Israel after decades of mass immigration and racial mixing, and when confronted with the end result of his work, Hitler wryly answers, “well who could have foreseen that?”

The controversial video makes a number of important points:

1. Israel, and the Jewish lobby, are supreme hypocrites in supporting open borders policies for all other nations but enforcing the strictest racially-based immigration policies in the world in their own state;

2. Mass immigration, from anywhere, will inevitably lead to the extermination of the native population of the receiving nation.

The video can be viewed below in full.

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