Anti-Trump, Anti-White, Uprising Spreads

A violent anti-Trump and anti-white uprising is spreading throughout the large cities of the United States as mobs of invaders and their supporters vent their rage at the Republican candidate’s election victory.

The organizers have promised not to let up with their campaign, and are planning a mass protest—sure to end in violence—on January 20, Trump’s inauguration day, in Washington DC, a city that is already 75 percent nonwhite.


The protests so far have included tens of thousands of invaders from Mexico and Central and South America marching in at least sixteen major cities across the U.S.

In addition, activists from the “Black Lives Matter” movement have also taken to the street, propagating their myth of “white racism” as part of the general anti-white uprising already underway.





As reported earlier, in Oakland, California, thousands of mainly nonwhite protesters set fires in streets and threw rocks and bottles at police. Teargas had to be used to disperse the most violent crowds.

More than 6,000 invaders attacked police vehicles, and daubed buildings with slogans such as “Kill Trump” and “F*** Trump” before setting them alight.

Thousands more took over the 110 Freeway while other protesters gathered outside City Hall, setting fires and waving fake Trump heads on sticks. Police arrested at least 14 of the rioters.

In New York, invaders and their supporters—including a group calling themselves “Jews 4 black lives” took to the streets to hang effigies of Trump to chants of “not my President” and “Black Lives Matter.”





Many of the protestors carried posters which read “Fight White Power” and “Love Trumps Hate”—the latter being one of Hillary Clinton’s campaign slogans.

Several American flags were also burned in the city, and at least 30 of the demonstrators were arrested after provoking violence on the streets outside Trump Tower in Manhattan, where they hung an effigy of Trump.

In Los Angeles, a huge crowd of mainly Latino invaders and their supporters set fires on the steps of City Hall and burned the American flag.









In New Orleans, large crowds of blacks and Hispanics gathered in Lee Circle to set fire to a Trump effigy and vandalize the Robert E. Lee monument with spray-painted slogans such as “Black Power,” “Dismantle White Supremacy,” “Die Whites Die” and  “F**k Trump.” A nearby Chase Bank window was also smashed by the protestors.


Other protests took place in Philadelphia, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Portland, Richmond, Washington DC, San Diego, Dallas, Pittsburgh, and Las Vegas.

Although the controlled media is presenting the protests as a “reaction against Trump,” they are in reality much more than that. The unrest contains an undeniable and overt anti-white undertone, and is an indication of the racial unrest which will inevitably increase as time goes on.

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  1. Live rounds. Just like our Polish dock union busting police used to do on the 80’s. Solved the problem quicksmart. They’ll run like roaches when the lights come on. Conscript the rest and give them a final tour of duty in a muslim nation that thy love so much.

  2. To hell with tear gas! Until a proper response to these enemies of the US is used, nothing will change. These scum are breaking the law. One must fight fire with fire!

  3. All a matter of time until the fermenting unrest reaches breaking point in the US and Europe. Right thinking people have just had enough of foreigners, Islamicists and Left/Liberal multiculturalists dictating their terms and requirements. I foresee the worst bloodshed in the US as many people own guns. Is this what we want? For my part, I think it is inevitable this is what we will get.

  4. ‘Jews for black lives matter’.

    What a f*cking joke.

    Way back in 1991 New York’s Crown Heights riots were sparked off by a rabbi’s entourage running over band killing a black boy.
    What roused the blacks’ anger was the fact that the Jewish owned ambulance which arrived on the scene let the black boy die in the street whilst lavishing attention on the minorly injured rabbi.
    As is the blacks’ normal way, they were only appeased when they took a Jew’s life.
    It’s always blood-for-blood with them.

  5. Let them burn their cities down, good riddence….. But don’t try coming out to our middle of the country red areas with your garbage…. we are armed and ready!

    1. Great stuff. That’s the type of spirit that needs to be shown to this dumbed-down Cultural Marxist anti-White filth. When they face a number of determined armed White men, these cowards will do as they always do. Run like Hell

  6. Next time they’d better vote, because I would bet that 99% of these children didn’t vote. Most with faces covered so their parents don’t see them on the news. They need to bring out fire hoses and blast them down the street, arrest any who use violence. No protests should be allowed to block traffic.

    1. Surely Les, the Police will need to segregate black demonstrators from white so as to avoid more confrontation with, ‘Black Lives Matter’! it doesn’t matter about the white being injured……. Seriously, I recall the Student unrest in the US over Vietnam conscription. That didn’t end well. But ‘fraid this is the way it has to be.

    1. Agreed. Isn’t it an amazing “coincidence” that within just 24-48 hours of the election, tens of thousands of people could so easily be mobilized in more than twelve major cities across the U.S. for civil unrest? Look at all the commercially printed signs and banners they’re waving. These aren’t placards that people scrawled in their own handwriting as they spontaneously took to the streets. This is all planned and choreographed for progressive destabilization of the U.S. I hope these traitors enjoy their paychecks from George Soros. It also throws more suspicion on the idea that Trump’s victory was planned in that had Hillary won, Whites would never have reacted like this, and we all know it. They didn’t riot when Obama was elected or re-elected. In order to generate more fake unrest and racial tension, they needed Trump to win. Not that I’m sad Hillary lost, but when you look at all this from the perspective of the powers that be, this analysis makes sense.

      1. Bell1, enter the BBC to inflame the issue. I distinctly heard the BBC’s reporter in NY report yesterday evening that should the demonstrations against DT continue or intensify, the people cannot rely upon the Police to hold the line. The implication is that law and order will break down as a result of the Police supporting the anti-Trump movement. Disgraceful. He should be asked directly to provide evidence for this assertion.

      2. There’s an interesting comment by Miles Mathis that Trump’s victory speech was very underplayed, and barely existed-not the vast throng of jubilant aides, politicians etc. Mathis wondered whether Trump never intended to become president; he was willing to stand for the republicans, but (Mathis says) didn’t say he wanted to be President. (Mathis also claims the Republican party is arithmetically now unwinnable; if his figures, which I didn’t follow, are correct, that’s of course more evidence of skulduggery). Even if so, it’s hard to believe he could be worse than Obama or H Clinton.

      3. We need to quit whining and being defeatist. I’m really getting tired of hearing it in the white nationalist movement. First Trump is the white saviour and now he is a pawn/plant to bring about civil unrest? I wish you complainers would make up your minds.

  7. I think it’s getting to be about time that we deal with this. The U.S. isn’t Africa yet. Deal with these protests in the absolute harshest of terms by cancelling government funded benefits for any protesters that are not working…

    1. It appears to be a western phenomena where the left/liberal/multiculturalist types continually ‘bang the drum’ for so-called “Democracy” yet as soon as a legitimate, legal decision is made “Democratically” they abhor the outcome. Same in the UK with ‘Brexit’, the communists (who have remained undeclared and covert for decades) now refuse to accept Brexit and declare they will not support it and indeed, vote against when the opportunity arrives. Tim Farron, Ed Milliband and all the rest of the commies now show their true colours.

  8. Yawn……thanks to years of leftie liberal indoctrination aka `education.` they behave like spoilt brats indulging in temper tantrums. With no experience of real life they haven`t a clue what awaits them when they finally “grow up” and hopefully mature.
    Give them a few more years struggling to raise a family – whilst having to support ever increasing hordes of foreign leeches and hangers-on.
    They`ll be feeling and voting the same way we older generations are doing right now.

  9. This is all thanks to DEMOCRATS!. They embraced these clowns but go ahead and burn down those Democratic cities. Hopefully, the new FBI & IRS directors will look into these treasonous acts and money.

  10. “Jews Support Black Lives Matter”

    Bet you will not see these Pathological Hypocrites protesting against the treatment of black African refugees in Israel, who are either detained in prison-style detention centres or expelled to a European dumping ground, typically Sweden.
    Israel is so tolerant and anti-racist that it is surrounded by concrete Wall of Hate designed to keep out non-Jewish Human Beings! Bet these Pathological Hypocrites don’t have a bad word to say about Israel’s fortress-like border controls, though!
    Bet you will NOT see these Pathological Hypocrites protesting against Israel’s incredibly strict DNA-based immigration policy!

    Please refer to previous articles by the New Observer, which highlight Jewish Hypocrisy. Entering the following keywords in the Search box: “Jews Hypocrisy Sweden”, “Israel Refugees”, “Israel Bans Intermarriage”, “Israel Immigration”, “Israel Wall” should start you off.

  11. Ive seen tons of these people in several different locations shouting ” Trumps not my president ” and they are correct , Trumps not their president, their president is in Mexico and they should go back and live under their president in their country.

    1. No body as far as I know says Jews are responsible for everything. But they do control the paper money supply, and as a result can and do own most assets of any value, including all the media, arms and weapons producers, and a lot more.

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