“Anti-Violence” Program is “Racist”

A program aimed to “curb homegrown violent extremism” in Massachusetts has been attacked as “falsely legitimizing hostility” against Somalis, Muslims, and Arabs—because the policy seeks to stop those communities, and no one else, from embracing terrorism.

The comical catch-22 has tied the liberal establishment into knots as it tries to explain why it is not “encouraging bigotry” by dispensing money to try and stop Muslims from becoming terrorists.

The $210,000 federally-funded effort is, ironically, a product of the Obama administration’s response to the Boston Marathon bombings which killed three people and injured hundreds.

According to a report in the Concord Monitor, the state of Massachusetts last week selected three organizations to use the federal money earmarked for the pilot effort, after they proposed “initiatives meant to keep youths from being drawn to the violent messages of extremist groups.”

The “United Somali Youth”—which operates out of New England’s largest mosque, the “Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center—was awarded $105,000 to “help Somali, African and Middle Eastern youths build critical life skills through afterschool programs, counseling, college readiness assistance and other efforts.”

The second organization, “Empower Peace,” was given $42,000 to “teach high schoolers statewide how to develop social media campaigns promoting tolerance and combating bigotry so that they can produce them at their schools.”

The third organization was named as the “Somali Development Center,” which was given $63,000 to “better integrate Somali immigrants and refugees into the broader community.”

The mere fact that the money has been given to Somali invader organizations—obviously in reaction to the series of Somali terrorist attacks in America and that community’s well-documented propensity to leave the country to go and fight for the Al-Shabaab Islamist terrorists in East Africa—has been enough to enrage local leftists.

Shannon Erwin, a white convert to Islam, longtime pro-invader activist, and co-founder of the Boston-based “Muslim Justice League,” told the Concord Monitor that the “focus on Somalis and other predominantly Muslim minority communities runs counter to the program’s stated mission of addressing all manner of violent ideologies, not just Islamic extremists.”

The program, Erwin said, “predominantly targets Somalis, Muslims, and Arabs—falsely legitimizing hostility against these communities.”

The state Executive Office of Health and Human Services, which awarded the money, told the Concord Monitor in response that it had not expressly sought out “Somali or Muslim-focused initiatives” but did not seem to be able to explain why those communities needed the “counter violence” programs.

Ironically, the program forms part of a policy developed at a White House summit in 2015 when movers and shakers in the Obama administration tried to develop a “broad strategy to combat extremist thinking.”

Federal funds were allocated to three pilot cities—Boston, Minneapolis, and Los Angeles—to roll out the programs.

Minneapolis—an epicenter of the Somali invasion of America—paid out its grant money in March to six Somali organizations, while Los Angeles, another invader-overrun city—used its grant money to create a local “countering violent extremism” office, community meetings, and other “planning expenses.”

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has in the interim started seeking proposals for $10 million to finance more efforts in those three cities and elsewhere.

The Concord Monitor concluded by saying that with a “new administration moving into the White House,” there was “real concern” over the future of the programs, according to John Cohen, the man who developed the Obama’s administration “countering violent extremism” strategy.

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  1. Please, please Mr Trump, even if you’re somewhat in the pocket of ‘Jews’, surely you can act against this sort of thing? Please!

  2. What other violent ideologies is Erwin referring to? Does he mean Mexican drug cartels, gangs from el Salvador or plain old Hells Angels for example?

  3. It really annoys me when things get labelled racist. Humans judge things by experience. I don’t like sprouts because I tried one and found it unpleasant. Now I judge all sprouts the same . There are exceptions ; certain sprouts are sweet but when I see a sprout I assume it will be bitter.
    Its the same with race. If members of a race are stupid, violent and arrogant then I will assume that any member of that race that I meet will be the same until they prove themselves different in my eyes. Is this racist? Yes. Is it wrong? No it isn’t . Its human nature.

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