Anti-White Britain: Whites Barred from Police; Pakistani Home Secretary Tells Bangladeshi ISIS Bride: “You Can’t be British”

Britain continues its descent into a perverse anti-white joke with the news that a white male was barred from the police because he is white; a call has been made to bar whites from being on the new £50 banknote, and the Pakistani Home Secretary Sajid Javid has told the Bangladeshi ISIS bride Shamima Begum that she will not be allowed to be British anymore.

As recently reported by UK media, an employment tribunal found that Cheshire Police had discriminated against a white male “on the grounds of sexual orientation, race and sex.”

25-year-old Matthew Furlong—who studied particle physics and cosmology at Lancaster University—lodged the complaint after finding out his application to join the police had been turned down because the “force needed more diverse candidates.”

“It has completely shattered my confidence in the police force recruitment system,” he said.

“The irony of the whole thing is that throughout the whole process I was required to demonstrate my honesty and integrity and they have completely undermined that.

“Had I lied on my interview form and said I was bisexual, for instance, there’s a strong possibility I would be working for Cheshire Police now based on a lie.”

At the tribunal, Judge Clare Grundy found the force had set the pass threshold “artificially low” and candidates were awarded a simple pass or fail, which meant large swathes of potential recruits were deemed equal when, in reality, some were much more suited to the role than others.

Furlong said: “I am not the only person who has been affected by this. There are many other white heterosexual males who undoubtedly left the whole interview process with the impression that they weren’t good enough when in fact many were.

“In addition, I worry for the candidates who have been appointed as they may question whether they were appointed based on merit or whether they simply had a particular protected characteristic.”

“Matthew was denied his dream job simply because he was a white, heterosexual male,” lawyer Jennifer Ainscough told media.

At the same time, The UK Treasury—the British government department responsible for developing and executing the government’s public finance policy and economic policy under its minister Phillip Hammond—has “urged the Bank of England not to choose a white scientist for its new £50 note.”

Robert Jenrick, the Exchequer Secretary, has spoken in support of the Banknotes of Colour campaign, which has called for a nonwhite to be represented on the new £50 note which “should symbolise our values as a country,” he told The Telegraph.

According to the Bank of England, it had earlier decided to put a British scientist on the back of the new £50 note. This has aroused the ire of nonwhites in Britain—perhaps aware that there are no towering-figure nonwhite scientists—with the mixed-race Conservative Party Minister for Sport and Tourism, Helen Grant (daughter of a white woman and a Nigerian) demanding of the Bank of England that they use a nonwhite face on the new banknote.

The Bank of England’s director Mark Carney sent a craven response to Grant, saying that the Bank takes its “commitment to diversity very seriously, and that diversity issues are actively considered at every stage of the character selection process for our banknotes” and that they will definitely consider this in the future selection of figures for banknotes.

If this was not enough, UK Home Secretary Javid—born to Pakistani immigrants in the UK, has ordered that ISIS bride Shamima Begum—born to Bangladeshi immigrants in the UK—be stripped of her UK nationality because she qualifies for Bangladeshi citizenship through her mother.

Begum left the UK in 2015 to go and join ISIS, made headlines with her interviews in the media in which she said that she wanted to return to the UK because there her baby would “be taken care by the health system” (that is to say, the taxpayers) and her unrepentant support for the mass-murdering ISIS caliphate, even as its last stronghold is on the point of destruction.

Current UK citizenship law states that it is possible to revoke UK nationality if the subject has access to another nationality, and will not be made stateless by such a move. The situation is however not so clear given that Begum was born in the UK.

Around 425 nonwhites who left Britain to go and fight for ISIS in Syria have already returned to the UK so far, and many hundreds of others have returned to other Western European states such as the Netherlands, Belgium, and France.

All three of these developments are firm indicators of the fact that the Third World colonization of Britain is rapidly turning that nation into what Enoch Powell predicted it would be: a state in which the “the black man will have the whip hand over the white man.”

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