Anti-White Communists Attack Charlottesville Meeting, Police Declare State of Emergency

Anti-white communists launched a violent attack on the thousands of white people peacefully assembling at Lee Park, Charlottesville, just prior to the scheduled noon rally. Although the violent attack was repulsed, the mere fact that the whites defended themselves allowed the authorities to declare a state of emergency and close down the rally, ordering all participants to leave.

Most followed the orders, but a few stayed behind, and were detained, but do not appear to have been charged with any crime.
Police in riot gear cleared the park of protesters after local authorities declared the “Unite the Right” rally an “unlawful assembly.”

Charlottesville officials said two people were treated for serious injuries after a fight broke out early Saturday, but they did not say from which side the injured persons came.
The city’s declaration shutting down the event effectively reversed a federal court injunction Friday night that rejected the city’s earlier attempt to move the event, which had turned into a rallying cry for the far right, to move to another park.
Officials had already deployed police to maintain order and Gov. Terry McAuliffe placed the Virginia National Guard on standby.
At one point, the communists used wooden poles from their flags and banners as weapons, while others threw trash and bottles into the far larger crowd of white people.
The authorities were spooked in particular by the unannounced appearance of a small detachment of heavily armed militia men, who turned out in camouflage uniforms to support the whites.


One of the main speakers at the rally, Richard Spencer, advised followers to disperse and leave the city in order to ensure that the state and controlled media was not able to blame white people for any violence.
Despite the attack and the state intervention, the event is still being hailed as a success, as it was certainly one of the largest public pro-white rallies in many years.

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  1. I did NOT watch the videos of the violence . But having been in several demonstrations and witnessing the actions of ANTIFA and CNNs reporting here in California I decided to write a comment based on what I had witnessed many many times . (see below)
    CNN won. CNN won by being the media that set the narrative!
    I am writing about the violence in Virginia. This how I think it went down. Some sort of federal order demanded Robt. E. Lee's statue to be pulled down. ????Concerned citizens from Virginia obtained permission hold a demonstration demanding the statue NOT be pulled down.
    ANTIFA sort of folks decided to stop this legal demonstration, some local some bussed into the city and attacked anyone carrying an American flag.
    Some patriot types, local and bussed in,resisted their American flag being taken and began fighting these antifa types.
    DOES that pretty much sum it up ?
    But CNN in their progressive way reported, White Supremacist clash with concerned citizens!
    So CNN, telling another huge halflie names all the patriots as 'White Supremist'
    I bet that name sticks, like that false narrative 'hands up don't shoot.
    If I ever see CNN again I will take note what company does the advertizing and will refuse to buy any of their products or services.


  2. CNN won't be changing anyone's mind. It will continue to preach to its own choir. What I'm concerned this situation will do is make other Whites worry about this sort of thing happening again if they choose to assemble. This fear may very well may lead them to not march or organize at all…which is what the communists want. If Whites do choose to meet and protest, municipalities will continue to use the fake civil upset caused by the communists as an excuse to not cart the agitators away, but shut the whole thing down, which is what the counter-protest was designed to do. Of course, the cities will be more than happy to comply the forcing the White protest to close down at the "advice of the authorities", which is what they want, too. So how will Whites be able to organize without fake chaos ensuing at all?

  3. You have it right Antifa started throwing bricks and I have a pictures of a friend that got his face beat with a brick it look pretty bad Prayers for him would be appreciated it is swollen really bad and there is a wide gash from the corner of his right eye to his ear 1/2 wide. I did watch live for a bit and Antifa did start it and I have been tweeting to every congressmen and Senator that is saying it is White Supremacists that started it. and calling them liars I don't care any more they have no respect coming from me they are all criminals, and liars.

  4. I think you'll find it's a pattern.
    -Suffragettes had some claim to demonstrations; they were used, probably by Jew 'communists', leaving 'votes for women' notes where they bombed landmarks
    -Cable Street in England had Jews who arranged thuggish reactions to legal demonstrations (and the authorities went along with it)
    -Killers of the Jack the Ripper type were known but unprosecuted
    -Jews in the USSR assassinated and murdered e.g. Tsarists and Russians on a planned basis
    -German and Hungarian Jews tried to take over those countries, though in those cases armed men fought back
    -In Britain, the 'Labour Party' tacitly supported invaders, and failed to take any actions against them
    -The 'Liberty' (US ship) was attacked by Israel, but all the media failed to report it
    -The Vietnam War was started by a US false flag – or, at least, a section of Americans
    -Riots in Harlem and 3 years later New York were planned to last a week; nobody ever investigated
    -etc etc etc 'Black Lives Matter' is an obvious planned phoney, given a covert pass by the Jew-run US regime
    —- It'll take more than boycotting CNN, but I suppose it's a start

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