Anti-White Media Bias: No Uproar over American Indian Racial Politics

The controlled media’s ongoing bias against white people—in evidence so clearly in the Ferguson, Mo, incident—can also be seen in their almost complete lack of coverage of racially-motivated politics perpetuated by American Indians in the US and Canada.


This news site has previously reported on a Canadian Indian reservation’s moves to expel tribe members who had married outside their race—a move which drew hardly any liberal media interest—and a California-based Indian tribe which has used DNA tests to expel non-members.

However, the latest such example of Indian racial politics has been revealed with a demand by the US Congress’s “Congressional Black Caucus” that federal recognition of a Virginia Indian tribe be withheld because of its history of banning intermarriage with blacks.

The irony of a racially-organized “Congressional Black Caucus” (CBC) objecting to an Indian tribe which also wants to organize itself racially is an issue which the blacks clearly have not considered.

The CBC objections have emerged after the US Interior Department proposed recognizing the Pamunkey tribe in southeast Virginia.

This “recognition” is part of established US law which grants American Indians all manner of special rights, including tax relief, special benefits in education, housing and medical care—and allows the tribe to pursue a casino. A decision on recognition, which would be the first for a Virginia tribe, is due by March 30.

The CBC has urged Interior Secretary Sally Jewell to hold off until the Justice Department investigates any “discriminatory practices” by the tribe. Neither department has responded to the request, made in a Sept. 23 letter, according to a spokeswoman for Mississippi Democrat Bennie Thompson, who signed the letter.

The letter cited a report by the Interior Department’s Bureau of Indian Affairs that quoted tribal law: “No member of the Pamunkey Indian Tribe shall intermarry with anny (sic) Nation except White or Indian under penalty of forfeiting their rights in Town.”

The bureau said it had no indication the tribe had changed its ban, but Pamunkey Chief Kevin Brown responded in a letter to the CBC that the ban has been repealed. He said in an interview that the change was made in 2012.

The Bureau of Indian Affairs said that the significant number of Pamunkey-Pamunkey marriages and efforts to encourage them helped satisfy a criterion for federal recognition: that a predominant portion of the group comprises a distinct community and has existed as one from historical times to the present.

The tribal intermarriage law was repealed two years after the tribe had submitted materials to the Interior Department for its bid for recognition.

The controlled media’s almost complete blackout of coverage on this and other examples of racially-based mobilization by nonwhites contrasts strongly with its coverage of what it routinely calls “white racism.”

Any group of whites seeking federal recognition or aid of any sort who had laws prohibiting intermarriage with blacks would be front page news of all the major networks, and teams of “journalists” would be sent out to extract every last detail.

Even when there is absolutely no evidence of racial bias on the part of the participants (as in the Ferguson Brown/Wilson case, where no one has been able to prove a racial motive to the shooting), the controlled media has done its best to portray all such events in racial terms—and specifically in an anti-white light, mostly by claiming “racism” is to blame for black criminality.

However, when it comes to nonwhites organizing racially—such as the CBC or Indian tribes protecting their racial identity—this same mass media is strangely mute.

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  1. The American media promotes traditional liberal racism. They covered the Ferguson protests but swept under the rug the murder of Zemir Begic by the same protesters. They covered the killing of unarmed Mike Brown in August but refused to cover the killing of unarmed Dillon Taylor by a black officer ALSO in August.
    Maybe the media has some valid points HOWEVER, because there is such an ingrained culture of liberal racism & double standard in institutions such as ABCNews, CBSNews, Reuters, CNN whatever validity they have had is lost in their blatant racist double standards.
    The American media cant be trusted.

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