Arab Slave Trade in Blacks Still Going Strong

The Arab slave trade in black Africans—which lasted for over a thousand years and which far exceeded the Trans-Atlantic slave in numbers—is still going strong, as shown by new details of recent slave auctions in Libya.

The United Nations’s International Labor Organization (ILO) reported in September this year that nonwhites currently enslave at least 40 million other nonwhites around the world, but this fact hardly registered with the controlled media, who are only interested in blaming white people for the ills of the world.

However, the emergence of video footage shot on a cell phone of Arabs auctioning black slaves in Libya has, by its shocking nature, forced its way onto the front pages of the controlled media, with CNN first broadcasting the clip.

Now, the first interview with “survivors” of these slave auctions has emerged: Africans, who, while making their way north across Africa to invade Europe and parasite off white liberal taxpayer largesse, are increasingly being captured by slave traders.

According to a report in the South African News24 service, Moussa Sanogo, from the Ivory Coast, talked to journalists after flying back home this week after “surviving regular beatings and forced labour in the fields.”

“We were slaves,” Sanago said. “For the Arabs (Libyan jailers), black-skinned men are nothing but animals—animals were treated better,” said Sanogo, who spent more than four months in Libya trying to get to Italy by boat.

Sanogo, 22, was one of about 600 Ivory Coast citizens returning from Libya with the help of the International Organization for Migration (IOM). About 150 wpould-be invaders of Europe landed in the city of Abidjan on Monday with the rest to be brought home during the week.

Sanogo described Libya as an anarchic country preyed on by bandits where the forces of law and order were involved in human trafficking. “At one point, we were caught by people who said they were police,” he said.

“The police then sold me for $365 to a man who made me work in a tomato field for a month. You have to work.”

Sanogo fled across the desert to Niger where he was imprisoned again before finally escaping to Tunisia.

Then a people smuggler promising a path to Europe convinced him to return to Libya. “We were captured and locked in a small room with 60 other people,” and were “not able to wash,” he said.

“When the Arabs entered they wore masks due to the smell,” he said. “They are buying you. You’re there, you have been arrested, you see they are judging your price like merchandise. They bought you and you’re going to work… like a slave,” he said.

“They hit you all the time—especially if you’re big like me—until the blood flows, with sticks, metal, the butt of a gun.

“For food, you are given a piece of bread and a piece of cheese, that’s all… I’m happy to be back,” he said.

“It was total hell in Libya,” said Maxime Ndong, one of 250 would-be invaders flown back to Cameroon on Tuesday night.

“There is a trade in black people there. People who want slaves… come to buy them,” he said. “If you resist, they shoot at you. There have been deaths,” said Ndong, who spent eight months in Libya.

The report also revealed that “not everyone wanted to leave Libya. One woman with an 18-month-old baby said she did not want to return to Ivory Coast.

“We were waiting for the boat. We were almost there,” said the woman, who did not give her name.

  • Despite the Arab slave trade in blacks far exceeding, in both time and numbers, that of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, there are never any calls for “reparations” against the Arabs.

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  1. If true, this story certainly wouldn’t surprise me, as we all know that black Africans still sell each other into slavery. That’s been documented for quite a long time. I get the feeling, however, that this story might be a piece fed to the mainstream media to generate even more sympathy for fake refugees and an even greater sense of obligation in the west to take them in to save them from the worst evil in the world, even worse than war…”slavery”. This also plays the fake guilt card on White Americans, too. That fact that CNN ran this is a big red flag.

    1. Very shrewd comment. It might also be an attempt to show blacks are able to do useful work, something which is increasingly in doubt.

    2. I agree with Over it. The lurid stories about migrants in Libya being sold as slaves provides justification for not returning migrants rescued at sea to Libya. The solution to this dilemma is for the UNHCR to organize the repatriation of migrants detained in Libya as soon as possible. If they can repatriate Afghans in Pakistan in huge numbers they should be able to do the same in Libya.

  2. Slavery in the Arab lands is thousands of years old. They even used to raid coastlines as far as Ireland and England for slaves. It is estimated that there has been just over one million white Christian slaves. I believe the story as it would be difficult to find labor in a worn torn country at the moment. I will bet all these current black slaves are not muslims.

  3. Mate if the Africans are anything like the ones in Australia you have sweet fuck all chance getting any work out of them. Bad investment! Do not buy!

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