Arab/Refugee Crime Swamping Berlin

Extended criminal Arab families dominate entire neighborhoods in Berlin, and are now recruiting new members from the “refugee camps”—and the German capital city’s underworld is now “lost” to them, the German Die Welt newspaper has reported.


According to the article, police have started putting special surveillance teams outside the “refugee homes” to try and spot the recruiters and the new recruits.

“It is an amazing sight,” Die Welt reported, describing the appearance of “luxury sedans outside refugee camps. They certainly don’t belong to the refugees. . . .[but the] refugees have been discovered by Berlin’s infamous Arab crime families.”

Police told Die Welt that the criminal clans are selectively recruiting in the refugee camps, and are on the lookout for “young and physically strong men” who are then used for “dirty work” such as burglaries, trafficking in drugs, and violence against competitors.

“The word has spread in the underworld scene,” Die Welt says, adding that the police, the prosecutors, and everyone else knows about it, but do not know how to stop it.

According to authorities, there are between fifteen and twenty such clans in Berlin, most of whom came to the city in the later 1970s from Lebanon. “They control most of the organized crime,” the head of Criminal Investigation for the State Criminal Police Office, Dirk Jacob, told the newspaper.

Jacob said that they “demonstrate their power by carrying out mass daylight raids” on public events such as a recent attack on a poker tournament at the Hyatt Hotel and on the KaDeWe supermarket.


CCTV footage of an Arab mass criminal attack in Berlin.

Public prosecutor Sjors Kamstra told the newspaper that the “refugees come here, are unskilled, and have no money. Now, they will be shown how to quickly get money.”

Police revealed how the Arab crime gangs go to work: they tell the “refugees” that even if they are arrested, the worst that will happen is that they will be sent to German prison, and that is “still better” than “back home.”

The best of it, from the criminal clans’ point of view, the police said, was that the “refugees” are all young and do not yet have criminal records in Germany, making them effectively “unknown” to the investigators.

Police also told Die Welt that it is “extremely difficult to penetrate these extended families. These are solid structures that can only be cracked through lengthy and costly investigations. If a member of a family of a competitor, for example, is attacked or injured, we have to secure an arrest with only hours to spare, because the clans quickly turn and manipulate witnesses who are either bought or threatened. After a few hours, we will learn nothing more.”



The police also revealed to Die Welt that the clans “dominate” Berlin’s crime scene. The prostitutes in Schöneberg are controlled by a single family, often with violence, and any “independent” pimps must pay 50 percent of their earnings to the Arabs.

Large sums of money are also made through extortion by offering “protection,” the police continued. “Hardly any hookah bar operators are spared.”

One of the latest tricks being employed by these criminal Arabs is to run smaller car rental companies, which lease vehicles from major manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz or BMW. Then, after a few months, the companies “close suddenly, and the leased vehicles are stolen.”

Many of these high-horsepower cars are then used for robberies and other crimes, and if their registration numbers are noted, they lead nowhere because the care hire company no longer exists.

Another “business opportunity” seized upon by these criminal Arabs, the police added, was to buy or lease properties and convert them into “refugee shelters,” for which they are paid exorbitant rentals by the government.

Prosecutor Kamstra revealed how much some “refugees” are already earning from the criminal clans, saying that it was not uncommon to find €150,000 Euros in the possession of “asylum seekers” who have a welfare payment of less than €1,000 per month.

The police, who also suffer from a personnel shortage, struggle with the fact that the nonwhites use smart phone technology to avoid wiretaps. The challenges are near insurmountable, Die Welt says, concluding that:

“Against the police are opponents who act from a closed ethnic and family-like setting who run the city as if it belongs to them—and all this makes the battle to control the clans one which the police cannot hope to win.”

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  1. The police, the prosecutors, and everyone else knows about it, but do not know how to stop it. Resign the whole damn lot of you and let people who know how to, sort it out! Useless spineless sc*m!

    1. Because that is the truly obvious answer. EU politicians don’t understand the obvious, common sense parts of life, that are to ordinary people a no-brainer.

    2. Exactly instead they bring more criminals in LOL. Germans are absolute morons headed up by that looney old trout Merkel

  2. A couple of thousand SA men would solve the problem overnight. Not only has Europe been over run with Migrants but Western man has had over the years all his strength, self esteem, confidence and place in society decimated.

  3. Crazy Merkel LOVES these guys and she will never deport them!!!! I do feel sorry for the children and women, looks like most of the men in Germany not even care.

  4. Can’t stop them? Why not? Because the German police are so brainwashed into believing in pc they are terrified of being labelled a racist. The whites are running scared. The Muslims know it. They have almost won without firing a shot. For get pc, It’s an American dream, not Germany’s. Defend your birthright and end this stupidity before this stupidity ends Germany.
    PS While you’re at it get rid of mad merkel…..

    1. Last years 1.5 million invasion was accomplished with probably less than 1% casualties. The general who masterminded it is a military genius.

    1. I bet too. While at home they were kept in order by public executions, in Europe they are like kids in a theme park.

  5. Garbage in, garbage out and there is little way out. The elite plan to destabilize. depopulate, destroy, plunder and rule is working.

    1. Yes for that I suppose they will congratulate themselves on a job well done. Everyone else will scream at the sheer madness of it all.

  6. And now women expect their men to defend them, after years of feminist bulls hit aimed at demonising men for being men.

    1. Naturally well done to the feminists and other loonies you reap what you have sown. Not only has that happened to men, but the armed forces are being strangled all so that the utopian europe can create a eu army etc etc. Onward Christian soldiers to create ever-closer union ………

      The sooner it collapses the better.

  7. The Germans have to stop pussyfooting around. They first need to dispatch the sacred socialist cows called Equality, Diversity & Human Rights.

    It’s them or us now, a fight for survival.

      1. Birthrate is the only reason Merkun* is letting them in. Would have been so much easier to tell women to drop feminism and diversity, and allow their own men within breathing space.

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