Arabs Attack, Corsicans Defend

Arabs in Corsica have launched a vicious series of brutal attacks on firemen and policemen, forcing the natives to defend themselves in a major outbreak of racial violence on the Mediterranean island.


The English-language controlled anti-white media has tried to present the violence as an “attack on Muslims” (see for example the Daily Mail’sMuslim prayer hall is ransacked by Koran-burning demonstrators chanting ‘Arabs get out’ on the French island of Corsica” article as just one example).

The truth (as usual far removed from the controlled media’s version) is that the violence was in fact started on Christmas Eve by the invader Arab population in Corsica.

As revealed in the Paris Match newspaper and other local Corsican media, the violence started in the town of Ajaccio just past midnight when the local fire department was called out and ambushed in the Les Jardins de l’Empereur (The Emperor’s Gardens) area.

According to deputy prefect Francois Lalanne, the police and municipal services had earlier in the day carried out the “preventive removal of 400 wooden pallets,” stacks of tires, and incendiary devices from Arab-occupied houses in the town.

“But during the night, a fire was deliberately lit in the grounds of the Emperor’s Gardens with the intention of attracting police and firefighters,” Monsieur Lalanne continued.

Once in the area, the police and firemen were set upon by a large group of Arab “youths” wearing hoods, and bombarded with projectiles and incendiary devices.

Two firemen and one policeman were seriously injured by the unprovoked nonwhite attack, and had to be hospitalized with their injuries.

The firemen were injured by flying glass after their emergency vehicle was attacked by the mob, Monsieur Lalanne said.


The local police then turned out in force, and it took until 2:45 a.m. to suppress the nonwhite rioters. During this time, the policeman was seriously injured.

The police seized a number of weapons from the nonwhite mob, including baseball bats, golf clubs, and a bottle of acid. Several of the nonwhites were identified by police during the unrest, and will be arrested later, Monsieur Lalanne added.

Although the French media tried hard to disguise the racial origin of the aggressors in their coverage, the local Corsicans in Ajaccio knew exactly who was responsible—the Arab invader population on the island.

As reported on France24, local Corsicans banded together in a demonstration against the Arab aggression.

As the exact details of the Arab violence and the brutality of the attacks upon the firemen became evident, the crowd of angry Corsicans then ransacked a nearby Muslim prayer hall and attempted to burn copies of the Koran.

They shouted slogans in Corsican meaning “Arabs get out!” and “This is our home!”, the report continued.

It was this “violence” which has become the focus of the controlled media, instead of the much more serious violent assaults upon the emergency services.

This twisted coverage is part of a much larger controlled media strategy which always seeks to blame white people for any sort of incident, even when, as so clearly demonstrated in Corsica, nonwhites are responsible for the initial attacks, and whites are only reacting to that violence.

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  1. This is the only way to deal with them!

    Islam is not a religion – it’s a dangerous cult and should be banned before it’s too late!

    1. islam is first and foremost a political movement whose sole aim is the annihilation of all other civilisations. this is essentially the central message of the koran, sira and hadith. they don’t even try to hide it.

      1. Any political movement which is openly directed towrad destruction of all democratic institutions should be delegalized ASAP.
        Mark my words: any further delay in taking some proactive stance by European governements against these muslim shitdisturbers will only be an invitation for some seriously radical movements amongst Europeans!

  2. And the liberal thinkers want to allow million’s of them in to our countries, just what does it take for them to understand that they hate us,and want to take over completely.

    1. How to destroy a country from within – Mass Immigration, lack of assimilation, inequality. EU Governments know exactly how to destroy sovereignty and nationalism so they can implement their dictatorship.
      Check out the Kalergi Plan and NWO and it will all start to make sense.

  3. If, after the conclusion of this Peace Treaty and the exchange of ratifications, any subjects of the two Empires, having committed a capital crime, or being guilty of disobedience or treason, were to hide or else seek asylum in one of the two Empires, they could not be received in any pretext whatsoever, and far from finding protection would, instead, be handed over immediately or at least driven from the States of the Power where they might have sought refuge so that no wrongdoer could bring about any cooling of the friendship between the two Empires. Taken from the Treaty of Kutschuk-Kainardji July10/21 1774 Article 2.
    Treaties were entered into to prevent and punish the problems that led to war in the past. This is still the case, see the Genocide Convention, Article 1 and Article 14 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights 1966 provides that the courts and tribunals of a State must uphold these laws. If there are asylum seekers they must not be allowed to interfere or molest local populations and if this happens then the local courts can be used to enforce the treaty mentioned above.

    1. I’m unsure what conclusions you are drawing. The plain fact is that the Nuremberg Tribunals were a farce, run by Jews of the USA and USSR to ruin Germany, and hide the vast atrocities of Jews in Russia and in the USA. Nothing to do with justice.

      1. Ah yes, Brave France who is trying to pass on it’s own problems to it’s EU neighbours,
        UK by allowing the Jungle. Perfidious France! Also from Australia.

  4. William.That being the case,surely it mean’s that court’s would be obliged to act,but first someone has to bring a prosecution.Who would that be,the police,a member of the public,or the government.or is the European court overiding all of them ?

  5. True to form, the French political class is already favoring the invaders and trashing the Corsicans.

    On another note, many Corsicans never really regarded themselves as ‘real’ French people, and fought an insurgency against French authorities for years.
    It’s rather ironic that Corsicans are taking the lead in the French fight-back.

    Yet another note, Corsica, traditionally, was always a poor and backward department of France.
    – Why the Hell did immigrants go there in the first place?

  6. Johnathan.Corsica is just one of the drop off point’s on the way to England, and the other more generous countries.I really do get so angry with the jackass’s who refuse to see what is happening here,they have no understanding of the reality at all.

  7. Good article. Why are the Liberal elite allowing this Muslim invasion of Europe?. Invite an army to invade your country and pay them, this is what it amounts to. Try and image what Europe will be like in 50 years time. The governments are destroying our culture and replacing it with Islam, bizarre.

  8. Didn’t see anything about this on the UK news, but can imagine the DM would twist the story.

    I think my club for this year is not going to be cookery or car mechanics but joining the local rifle club! I think we will need it.

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