Arrest as Portuguese Oppose Invasion

Portuguese nationalists from the anti-invasion National Renovator Party (Partido Nacional Renovador, PNR) surprised protesting invaders and their communist supporters this weekend when they carried out a highly successful counterdemonstration.

The demonstration resulted in big publicity for the PNR when its vice president was arrested after trying to break through a police line to get closer to the invaders.


According to a statement released by the PNR, its protest against the “immigrant invasion” of their country was brought about because the invaders were demanding rights for themselves which are denied to Portuguese nationals.

The PNR said that the invader demonstration “was organized by several pro-immigrant associations, paid for with taxpayer money, and supported explicitly by the extreme Left.”

They claimed that all people are “citizens of the world, that no one is illegal, and are against all borders and flags,” the statement continued.


The initial demonstration was held at the Marim Moniz Square in Lisbon, at which the invaders demanded an amendment to the Immigration Act to give residence to the estimated 30,000 illegal aliens living in Portugal without a residence permit.

The PNR counterdemonstration was organized under the slogan: “Against the immigrant invasion, and for social justice for Portuguese.”

After the arrival of the PNR, police quickly formed a cordon around the invaders and their communist supporters, and when the nationalist vice president João Pais do Amaral attempted to break through the cordon, he was arrested.

In a statement issued to a local newspaper, PNR president José Pinto-Coelho said that his party were the only ones who “protested against these irresponsible policies, suicide, and worse, the traitors [of the other parties]. This is an invasion of people who have nothing to do with us, and who are from completely different cultures. Islam does not belong here.”

In their official statement issued later, the PNR said that it was the only party which stood against the “Betrayal of the nation, and which sought the restoration of border control, the reversal of migration flows, and changing the Nationality Law.”

“During the protest, which brought together several dozen people with courage to fight instead of staying at home waiting for others to do so, our Vice President was arrested for having disobeyed police orders to stay behind the police cordon.”

The PNR said that the arrest had resulted in great publicity for their actions, which otherwise would not have garnered any coverage from the controlled media.

The arrested party official was released an hour later without any charges being put to him.

Later the same day, other PNR activists attempted to attend a Green-Communist meeting organized to discuss what they called the “fight against Trumpismo.”

About 20 PNR members were barred from the public meeting by the terrified organizers, who called the police as the nationalists arrived.

PNR president José Pinto Coelho said they had just wanted to attend the public meeting to take part in the discussions, so that they could express ideas “favorable to Trump.”

According to the Portuguese newspaper Sabado, Coelho added that the Trump election meant “panic for the system and hope for us, because we are delighted with the election of Trump. Just as we were ecstatic with Brexit, and will be beaming when Marine Le Pen wins the elections [in France] in six months’ time.”

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  1. A good bit of news at last . Well done to the PNR . These extreme lefties are the real danger to society what with their no borders, citizens of the world, no flags rubbish, if their plans succeed life will become unbearable we will be living like sardines, as stated many times before the west can’t take all of the third world in. I for one want to fly my flag with pride.

  2. If you Google
    “Project white genocide the dark agenda of Count Coudenhave Kalergi ”

    You will see the EU UN estimated in 2000 that

    195 MILLION migrants would come to Europe by 2025.

    The problems in the Middle East have been deliberately caused to make this inevitable.

    Genocide is a crime…except when it applies to white, it seems…

  3. Save your nation say no, take to the streets you owe it to your children don’t listen to dictator listen to your hearts I beg you

  4. I’m thinking it’s time to start organizing weekend “street parties” for big guys with tattoos complete with mobile pig roasters, beer, and loud heavy metal music. That should send the right message.

  5. Pro – immigrant supporters claimed “all people are citizens of the world, that no one is illegal, and are against all borders and flags,”
    Have you ever heard a more fatuous statement? Talk about the impossible dream.
    In their fantasy world civilised western taxpayers are crammed in cheek by jowl with quite literally the trillions of the world population on the very doorstep being supported for life while breeding like rabbits ???
    No way Jose ! Grow up!

  6. Travelling by train last Saturday here in the UK I sat opposite a ‘Union Man, who described himself as a Socialist’, and said that Patriots are fine, Nationalists are a plague, and he raved about Corbyn. Blinkered and brainwashed is still the mantra of the Left. What part of democracy do they not understand, the people have never voted for mass immigration in any country in Europe.

  7. To anyone still doubting the Zionist input then google “Barbara Spectre. ”
    She`s a gloating Jewess who just can`t keep her trap shut …. luckily for us.

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