Arrests for Notre Dame Car Bomb

At least three more North African invaders linked to last weekend’s attempted car bombing of Paris’s famous Notre Dame Cathedral have been arrested, French police have announced.

This brings the total number of nonwhites arrested in connection with the incident to seven—including two brothers and their female companions. One of the women was shot in the head after stabbing a police officer.


The Peugeot 607—filled with at least seven gas canisters—had been parked near the cathedral last Sunday morning when the police discovered the vehicle.

Six full gas canisters—a favorite car bomb tactic used by Islamists across the world—were in the vehicle’s trunk, while a third was on the back seat.

Documents written in Arabic were also found in the car.


The Peugeot had no registration plate, but a forensic examination of the interior revealed DNA traces of two nonwhites well-known to the police for radical Islamist activities in France.

The couple were caught close to the southern city of Orange on Tuesday, while trying to escape to Spain.

Since then, the police have been “working around the clock” to track down all their accomplices, and on Thursday evening, a police raid in Boussy-Saint-Antoine swooped on a further three invaders.

All the nonwhites are resident in France and are thus falsely described by the controlled media as “French,” and were “fanatical and radicalized,” according to a French police statement.

The shot invader female was already on the police’s “watch list” for potential terrorist activity.

As they approached the women, one is said to have drawn a knife and wounded an officer in the shoulder.

French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve was quoted by the Teleroute News Agency as saying that the “three young, radicalized women were preparing an imminent and violent attack.”

The owner of the vehicle is another Islamist, also well-known to the police, Teleroute reported—but he had been released on Tuesday after being interviewed by the police. Police are however still searching for two of his daughters.

Police are still unsure how the gas canisters were to be detonated, or whether the perpetrators were still on a test run when their plans were discovered. The last time car bombs with gas canisters were used in Paris was in 1995, when the “Armed Islamic Group” (GIA) from Algeria carried out a series of attacks which killed eight and injured more than 100 people.

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  1. And yet, I haven’t heard one word about this on mainstream media. France has gone out of their way to appease them, and this is what they get. A blind man could see it.

  2. Les, we are, perhaps, the lucky ones. For the contributors to TNO, it is a stark awareness of the blatant conspiracy between the press and Governments to downplay everything negative about Islam and Race in general. Indeed, in the UK, the national broadcaster, the BBC is intent upon brazenly supporting Islam, their preferred religion. Fortunately, many viewers/listeners are increasingly becoming aware of the conspiracy. See the reports on the website Biased BBC.

  3. Yet another long drawn out and cripplingly expensive and tedious trial followed by slaps on the wrist all round before the ultimate punishment of a “de-radicalisation programme.” Shock horror! Sniggers all round.
    If they`re ready and willing to kill and maim without compunction then they should pay the ultimate price.

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