As 113,977 Invaders Land in Europe, Germany “Struggles to Deport” Them

As the flood of nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees entering Europe continues to increase—rising to 113,977 as of July 23—the German government has admitted that it “struggles” to deport even those who have absolutely no claim to “asylum” whatsoever.
This “admission”—actually just a sign of political weakness created by decades of race denial and liberalism—means that unless there is a dramatic political change soon, all the sub-Saharan Africans currently streaming into Europe will be there to stay.
According to the latest figures issued by the United Nations’ “International Organization for Migration,” (IOM), as of July 23, there had been a total of 113,977 registered invaders land in Europe.
Of this number, 112,018 had landed by sea, and 1,959 had come over land.
The main nationalities of arrivals in descendant order were as follows: To Italy: Nigeria, Bangladesh, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Gambia (June 2017); To Greece: Syria, Iraq, Republic of Congo, Pakistan, Afghanistan (June, 2017); and to Bulgaria: Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran (May 2017).
According to the most recently available European Asylum Support Office  (EASO)  “Latest Asylum Trends,” report, in May 2017, 8 510 Syrian applications for “asylum” were recorded—only  14 percent of all applicants for that month.
This means that over 85 percent of all “asylum” applications are not coming from that war zone, as is commonly claimed by the pro-invasion controlled media.
The racial make-up of this fake refugee invasion force is important when it is considered that deportations of “illegal” asylum seekers in Germany are stalling despite a growing number of individuals being ordered to leave the country.
According to a Funke media group report, a total of 12,545 “asylum seekers” were deported in the first half of 2017, lower than the figure for the first half of 2016 (13,743).
However, data from the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees for the same period reveal that the number of individuals who are “duty-bound” to leave the country rose by roughly 18,000 individuals to 226,257.
In particular, the number of individuals legally required to leave Germany without being officially tolerated by authorities shot up by 23 percent to 66,779.
In specific circumstances, the stay of illegal immigrants may be tolerated by German authorities despite their inability to prove their legal right to remain in the country. By contrast, those without official tolerance are duty-bound to leave Germany voluntarily or be deported as soon as possible.
CDU interior politician Markus Ulbig demanded that authorities gain the right to use passport-substituting documentation to facilitate deportations. Many of the invaders deliberately arrive without passports, birth registry extracts or other identifying documentation, making it difficult for governments to determine their nationality and residency status amongst others.
According to Ulbig, the work of authorities would be greatly helped by the issuing of so-called “Laissez-Passer” certificates which enable singular exits from Germany without temporal limitations.
The German Federal government is currently discussing such measures with several states where large numbers of nationals have fled to Germany.
Ulbig also demanded that benefit payments to individuals who were duty-bound to leave be cut. “At the end of the day we want eliminate any incentive [to stay],” Ulbig said.
According to Ulbig, those who do not have a right to remain in Germany” should also no longer have a right to benefits.”
A total of 25,375 people were deported from Germany in total in 2016. The process of removing asylum seekers often stalls because many of their countries of origin refuse to take back their nationals.

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  1. Its quite simple, as they came into the Country with no documentation having deliberately destroyed or lost it, this should also now work the opposite way around, there should be no documentation required to boot them out either. (Please note :- many of them will have been instructed to get rid of documentation by charities, NGO's and other lefty loonie apologists who should now be stripped of all powers they hold)

    If in doubt about their country of origin bring in language experts to talk with them, if they refuse to talk hold them in detention until they do. Another good way of gaining information is to seize their mobile phones, these units hold all kinds of data that will tell you where they have come from, who they talk to, including photos and video evidence, as well as contacts information. For all those who say that this is a breach and a deep intrusion of their human right to privacy, my response is that what about our human rights to:-

    (A) Be kept safe and protected in our own country from these unwelcome invaders, who may be dangerous criminals, and may also be carriers of very infectious diseases.

    (B) What about our human right not to be dispossessed of our birth nation and its resources by these feral, inbred, uncivilised and uneducated/unskilled parasites, with absolutely no right to even be in this region of the world ? Any Government/Country that cannot or refuses to protect its own people is a Country that is doomed and has no future.
    The UK is a main signatory to the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, and it clearly states that we are entitled to our nationality, culture, British language, way of life etc…. and it is a serious offence to knowingly take this away. They are doing just that by flooding us out with millions of third world and Eastern block impoverished immigrants, many of whom are totally unemployable and also have no intentions of ever working to support themselves.

    These third world invaders are totally unknown to us, we have no idea where they are from, what their circumstances are, and even if they are genuine refugees, why they want to come to Europe and the UK, what their intentions are when and after they arrive, etc.. nor do we know wether they have criminal backgrounds and carry serious diseases. Therefore why should they be let in without any documentation, whats the point of having passports if these scroungers can just walk in freely ?

    The UN is clear also that even if they are genuine refugees they must claim in the first safe country they reach closest to their own country of origin. As soon as they bypass one, two, three or multiples of nations, and infact entire continents travelling thousands of miles by sea and land they lose this right and their status changes to "economic migrant"

  2. The EU & Merkel are pathetic. Merkel caused this chaos and none of them have a clue what to do. With this evidence why do people still believe the EU is a project we should join? Self evidently the EU is a disaster. The problem is so great now, the military needs to be brought in but they are all still dithering like old women – well I suppose Merkel fits that description.

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