“Assimilation is Consuming Jews”: Israeli Interior Minister Warns against Jews Marrying Non-Jews

Israeli Interior Minister Arye Dery has warned that racial assimilation between Jews and non-Jews will “consume” the Jewish people, that he is “against such things,” while another Likud party lawmaker condemned it as “preventing another Jewish generation from continuing the Jewish dynasty.”

Referring to a secret secular wedding between an Israeli Arab and an Israeli Jew—both local TV personalities—Dery said that “We mustn’t encourage such things, despite all the love.”

Speaking on Army Radio, Dery said “The pain of assimilation worldwide is consuming the Jewish people,” claiming as an example that New York state has less Jews than it did after the Holocaust.

Tsahi Halevi, the Jewish star of Netflix’s Fauda, married Arab-Israeli news anchor Lucy Aharish in a secret wedding on an undisclosed beach—because it is illegal for Jews to marry non-Jews at official ceremonies in the Jewish ethnostate.

Deri went on to say that any children the couple might have will “face difficult problems.”

“I would tell Lucy I have no doubt she did not mean to harm the State of Israel. They’re a couple in love and getting married, but this isn’t the right thing. You’ll have children, they’ll have a problem in Israel because of their status,” Dery said.

Oren Hazen, a lawmaker from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party, wrote on Twitter that mixed marriages threatened Jewish purity.

“I don’t blame Lucy Aharish, who seduced a Jewish soul with the aim of harming our country and preventing another Jewish generation from continuing the Jewish dynasty,” Hazan wrote in Hebrew.

“I do blame Tzachi ‘the Islamicizing’ Halevy, who took Fauda a step too far – Bro stop being delusional. Lucy, it’s not personal, but you should know Tzachi is my brother and the Jewish people are my people, stop the assimilation!” he tweeted.

The next day, Hazan followed up his tweet with another commenting on responses condemning his remarks. “Your reactions, which try to turn assimilation into the right and heroic thing to do, explain what Prime Minister Netanyahu and Zionist Union chairman [Avi] Gabbay when they said: ‘The left has forgotten what it means to be Jewish.'”

Needless to say, the Jewish lobby controlled media in the West will ignore these comments, contrary to that media’s behavior when any European politician might express an interest in preserving European racial identity. If any European politician had made a remark condemning Jews who married Europeans, then literally all hell would break loose–but because it is Jews saying it, the media will simply black these remarks out.

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