“Asylum Claims” Drop after Nordic Border Controls

Asylum claims in the Nordic countries had fallen sharply after border controls were introduced, according to the migration agencies of the various countries, according to The Local’s Norwegian news service.

The number of asylum seekers has steadily decreased from a daily average of about 100 to just 17 on Wednesday, according to the Danish Immigration Service (Udlændingestyrelsen).

Norway received just over 200 asylum applications in the first two weeks of 2016, down from a peak of 2,500 per week in November, according to the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI).

Sweden, until recently known for its generous asylum policies, has seen numbers drop from a weekly peak of nearly 10,000 in October to current number of only about 100 per day, according to the Swedish Migration Agency (Migrationsverket).

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  1. Still too many! No asylum seekers should be accepted unless they are in genuine need of refuge. We all know, most would-be applicants are merely people searching for countries with the most generous social benefits. Why let them in, and turn your society into a chaotic mess with women at high risk of sexual assaults?
    Shut your borders to everybody but those fleeing from deadly persecution!

    1. I agree, christians and other minorities should have a priority over muslims for asylum. European descendents from Africa, as well. They are the ones who are really persecuted, not muslims from the middle-east.

      1. If you’re not white, you don’t get to live in Europe or work there or vote there or have anything to do with white women there. Period, done, end of statement.

    2. And on the condition that they cannot procreate. Because a father might be a poltical asylum seeker, his son a fundamentalist muslim again.

  2. It does not help matters, when 10 armed Swedish cops, run away in fear, from a bunch of gimmegrants.
    The Middle East rulers are all hard men , who know their own people, and how to control them.
    The stupid USA leadership, despite failing every time since the Bay of Pigs, still seem to think ; If we get rid of that tyrant , peace & democracy will reign ! It did not work in Cuba or Mogadishu or Iraq or libya , but its now supposed to work if we get rid of Assad ?
    Ok, the US government’s idea of a democracy, is a foreign country, doing exactly what the US tells it to do.
    On that note, please send Kerry to the UK so he can stand with Bliar , and tell the brits, why they have to stay in the EU.
    That should help UKIP and the leave, crowd a heck of a lot !

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