“Asylum Seeker?” No, Somali Pirate

A Somali pirate who was in jail in France for seven years has been jailed for another eleven years in Germany after murdering a fellow African while pretending to be an “asylum seeker” in a Berlin invader camp.


The astonishing story of the 35-year-old African invader has been revealed in the Potsdam, Berlin-based Märkische Allgemeine newspaper.

The Somali—who has still not been named, apparently by court order—provided an astonishing story which dramatically illustrated how hordes of nonwhite fraudsters have taken advantage of deluded European liberals to invade and parasite off Europe.

He entered Germany in May this year and joined in the general rush to claim asylum, the Märkische Allgemeine reported.

The German liberals immediately gave him housing, food, and welfare money. He received an apartment—which he shared with another African “asylum seeker” from Somalia in a building on the Potsdamer Strasse in Teltow (Potsdam-Mittelmark).

He fell out with his flatmate, a 21-year-old, and in a murderous frenzy, stabbed him nineteen times, cutting his carotid artery. The 35-year-old fled the scene, but was easily spotted on the streets a few blocks away—not only because of his skin color, but also because he was drenched in his murder victim’s blood.

The Potsdam regional court found him guilty of the latest murder and rejected his plea of manslaughter, saying that the nature of the victim’s wounds showed clear premeditation. He was sentenced to eleven-and-half-years in jail.

During the court proceedings, his pretrial statements to the police were read out, and his incredible story emerged. In these statements, the Somali admitted to the police that he had previously been jailed in France for seven years after being convicted of piracy off the horn of Africa.

In addition, he said, he had killed another inmate while in prison in France, and upon his release, he had simply crossed the border into Germany, thrown away his identification papers, and joined the asylum queue in Berlin.

The lack of identification papers is also the reason why the court has not ordered his name to be released—because they do not know his real name or even his actual age.

The court found that he had documents which gave two different birth dates, and he himself had claimed a third, while he had been registered in the German asylum system under three different names.

The latter maneuver is an old trick used by Third World swindlers in Europe to triple their welfare benefits, and is a growing problem with the latest wave of incomers.

Nonetheless, the Somali’s successful exploitation of the “asylum system”—wrecked only by his murderous behavior—serves as a perfect case study in the criminal nature of the Third World invasion and of the stupidity of leftist Europeans in allowing the “asylum” racket to continue.

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    1. That’s what she’d like to think, but just wait until they turn really savage, then she might just live to regret her “we can do this” ‘order’.!

    1. Only one of whom I know Kol, and one who does her best to fight against Islam now, and whose name was also pinned to the chest of the murdered body of Theo van Gogh, marking her for death forever.

      1. Stu, Ayaan Hirsi Ali is fighting against islam in Holland and I give her credit for that. However, I wonder who needed islam to Holland at the first place? When some leftist lunatics in Holland came up with this idiotic “Polder Model” they already had enormous population density of more than 400 people per sq. km!

        1. That’s true Kol, but now in the United States, she continues to fight against Islam and all of the evils it dictates. Anyone willing to genuinely risk their lives to expose and repudiate the evils of an ideology in which they were indoctrinated from birth is fine by me. If only there were more of them with intelligence enough to be enlightened.

          1. Stu, first of all she was an atheist all along and there is way too much controversy surrounding the way she received her Dutch citizenship (she had lied about her name and date of birth and lived for years very comfortably in Kenya prior to her asylum claim in Holland) to make her the “symbol of fight with islam”
            and as far as I can see is the only one who actually benefited from that fight. In any case she resigned from Dutch Parliament after admitting that she had lied on her asylum application and eventually moved to United States. Now she even calls for some reforms of islam by supporting reformist Muslims – quite strange, isn’t it?

            Stu, do you really think that Europe needs people from Africa or Asia who tell them about islam problems? Perhaps women like her (or like Saeeda Warsi in the UK) are much more needed in muslim countries? Muslims first bring their own problems with them to Europe and then they offer their solutions 🙂

  1. What a shambolic stinking rotten-to-the-core criminal farce this whole asylum/refugee business has proved to be.
    As we in the UK say – those in charge couldn`t run a proverbial p*ss – up in a brewery.
    The situation gets more and more dangerous by the day as the invading hordes continue to pour in from who knows where and no idea who they are.
    If Merkel and co. lose control of the invaders which of the many factions will take command of them and maybe even us.

  2. This is the future those ‘leaders’ have created for our children, one of horrific violence, murder, rape, and who knows what else the next generations will suffer because of Merkel & Co.
    I used to tell my children to make something of their lives and careers so that they could move to a country like New Zealand, but now I’d hope they go live in one of the Eastern European countries which are defying this insanity. Eastern Europe will eventually be the only place of sanity left in Europe.

    1. “Eastern Europe will eventually be the only place of sanity left in Europe”

      Damn right, Stu – when you had waited for the independence for 45 years you don’t relinquish it to some headcase from Berlin and her puppets in Brussels!

      1. You must laugh at almost half of my Scottish countrymen then Kol. They are so desperate to gain independence from Westminster, and equally as determined to hand it straight over to Brussels. The vile communist in charge of the SNP now is a dictator like Merkel.

        1. Hey, it wasn’t me 🙂

          One thing is to join a strictly economic organization which helps your development
          in return for completely free and an unlimited (!) access to your own market and
          another thing is to join an political organization which tries to dominate your internal social issues. I hope you can see the difference.
          The amount of blackmail and threats that Poland has recived from Merkel’s puppets in Brussels lately is just mind boggling. And that’s just because Berlin has suddenly lost its total influence on what’s
          being said and done in Warsaw due to the government change in Poland last fall.

          IMHO the EU is an extremly badly designed and dangerous social experiment which fortunately is slowly being dismantled as we speak, but it’s just me.

        2. And one more thing, Vera: unfortunately Merkel confused “leadership” with “dictatorship” and that’s
          in a nutshell the core of the current crisis in Europe!

  3. The good offices employed to smooth over the disputes that arose between Her Most Serene and Powerful Highness Princess Ann Autocratrix of the Russians, and the Sublime Porte having been vain, with the unfortunate result that the peace which had so fortunately been signed between the two Empires at Passarowitz .. was prematurely breached, bringing great ruin upon peoples and countries, and that a harsh and deadly war broke out…. For this reason…agreement was finally reached on the following articles.. Article Xl They may buy and sell on payment of the usual dues, They shall not be molested but on the contrary shall be protected so that the privileges enjoyed by other Christians exempted from tribute .. shall be granted to merchants.. that they may have the same advantages and securities… The Algerians, Tunisians and Tripolitanians and others whom it may be necessary to command, shall be strictly enjoined in no way to violate henceforth the terms of peace or the capitulations signed separately. The Dulcingotes on the Adriatic sea shall also be restrained, together with all the other subjects of the Ottoman Empire, that henceforth they refrain from piracy, from overrunning the merchant vessels and harming them. Their boats, frigates and other ships shall be confiscated from them, and they shall be prevented from building others, that, whenever these brigands violate the peace capitulations in any way whatsoever, after obliging them to hand back their prizes, to repair the damage and to release their captives, they shall be severely punished in accordance with the strictest laws.
    Taken from the Treaty of Belgrade September 18 1739.
    All of this has been forgotten by the politicians in the EU.

  4. So murdered someone in France and then murders someone else in Germany. He only gets eleven years more. This man is a serial killer ! And of course his name is kept private so that once he is released he can re offend. Victims have no rights particularly in Germany.

    1. Same here in the UK Herman. Last year we had terror trials which were to be held in secret, allegedly for “security reasons”, completely contradicting one of the most fundamental principals of our judicial system, that justice must not only be done, ‘but must be seen to be done’.

    2. Yes this case puts the spotlight brightly on the sheer lunacy that is the EU. I would have had him shot at dawn in France after the first murder. Before that I would have had borders to protect civilisation from these ‘humans’.

      If only we could make the liberals and marxists all drop dead tomorrow morning across europe. What a difference that would make to the sanity of the whole damn continent.

  5. Just 11 1/2 years? A life sentence in a Middle East jail would be far better. Death is too good for people like this and 40 years to rot in one of those places seems far more appropriate.

    1. I’d like to see our prisons returned to the conditions of medieval times, a stone cell, shackled to a chain, and only bread and water for food. When the bread and water is no longer consumed, it’s time to flush out the cell for the next inmate.

      1. I totally agree. When done, we could fill them with all the traitorous filth in parliament, the HOL and the judiciary, especially the HR lawyers and judges!.

  6. So this Somali ex-pirate is jailed in France for seven years and then he’s is released just to claim “asylum” in Germany. He’s using not one but three fake aliases and despite that the scumbag is accepted, given accomodation and welfare – all at the German taxpayers’ expense!

    It reminds me of that Ethiopian animal, Ephrem Tadele Yohannes, who raped and brutally murdered Elin Kranz in Sweden where he immigrated as a “refugee” from Virginia, USA claiming racism over there. In fact he was sentenced in Virginia to 13 months in prison for drunk driving, hit and run and provision of false testimonies – Europe is just asking for a major trouble in the near future!

    There is virtually a whole “migration industry” created out there. There are hundreds of thousands of jobs depending on those parasites and bogus “refugees” coming from who knows where: all sorts of “social workers” employed by the governments involved in that scam, hotel owners who get rich quick by renting rooms to them, traffickers and even producers of fake passports … no wonder that taxes in some countries are going thru the roof.

    Ladies and gentlemen – this is the end of the world as you know it!

    1. never mind all the claptrap that AH was left wing..He was right wing and the german people followed him as they were not listened to..He got rid of all those he perceived to be harmfull to germany (true or not)…..,,,now at present,. if the german leader came forward the enemy within would be the m slm and they will rise up again ,merkel will suffer the fate of other weak leaders…History will repeat itself,we are just waiting for the catalyst!! One seemingly innocent spark will ignite….the third reich never died or went away it is just below the simmering surface…good men can only be pushed so far!!

    1. The trouble is the majority are left-wing, liberal minded, and conditioned to be that way by the British education system. That’s why I’m glad they just rejected giving 16 & 17 year old’s the vote for the EU referendum. Had those still in school been given the right to vote it would be a guaranteed “IN” result as their teachers would be relentless in their quest to keep us part of the dictatorship. As it is I imagine they’ll be promoting it to those who might be able to vote if it’s still a year or more away.
      Most in the UK will only wake up to the reality when it’s their daughter being raped, or their throat being cut, and that is the sad truth of Britain today.

      1. It has been said that the quickest way to invade and conquer a country is to make it impossible for the the locals to purchase firearms to enable them to protect their families. You can decry the firearm laws in the U.S. but I know which I would rather have.

        1. Very true John, because of a couple of rare incidents in Britain, i.e. Dunblane, Hungerford, perfectly normal people can no longer have access to firearms, or find it very difficult and need good reason (gamekeeper etc) to require them.
          Having grown up on the farm, and spent my childhood around and using firearms, I would much prefer to live in a country like the US, and with a constitutional right to bear arms.

        1. I would fully support that too Kol, but it would have to include those who are now on sickness benefits (here in the UK) because of poor health, having previously contributed.
          I’d also advocate a minimum standard of IQ test results, which over here would get rid of a lot of the idiots who keep voting for the same old parties every time.
          Having said that, I myself don’t vote anymore. My vote is meaningless as I live in an ultra-safe Scottish Nasty Party constituency, and there are no alternatives worth my time and bother. I fully support UKIP though and will vote when we get the EU referendum, if I’m still here that is :-/

          1. Stu, as to any rule there are always some exeptions – people like you who used to
            pay taxes and for health reasons now collect sickness benefits obviously fall in this category. Who I meant are parasites who live off other people taxes because they are lazy bums.
            Yes, you’re right – UKIP is the only chance for change in the UK!

          2. unlikeley stu but just imagine if the impossible happende there and your vote was the decider!!People (others) look at how many voted for who and the rise is slow but coming!!sturgeon is in dire need of some somali enrichment which I believe is freely available in edinburgh!

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