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Asylum Seekers? Not in Israel

Israel expels all “refugees” from the Jewish state, a new BBC investigation has revealed—while simultaneously paying to help “asylum seekers” into Europe.

At the same time, all of the official Israel-supporting Jewish lobbies in America and Europe work full time to import these very same “asylum seekers” into their European host nations.


The exterior of the Holot Concentration Camp where Israel detains its “refugees” prior to deportation.

The BBC story, titled “Israel’s unwanted African migrants,” does, of course, not dare to point out the Jewish hypocrisy in the matter, and is presented from a “human rights” point of view about how terribly the Israelis treat the “asylum seekers” who reach that country.


The BBC article points out that Israel offers any “refugees” who reach that nation one of three choices: go home; stay in Israel, but be imprisoned indefinitely; or accept deportation to a “third country”—which means deportation to Rwanda or Uganda.

Following the story of one “refugee” from Darfur, Sudan, using the name “Adam,” the BBC says that he was

“18 when he arrived in Israel in 2011. . . But Israel—which has approved fewer than one percent of asylum applications since it signed the UN Refugee Convention six decades ago—has not offered asylum to a single person from Sudan.”

This refusal to let a single “refugee” in from Darfur serves as a case in point in Jewish hypocrisy.

In America, for example, the Israel-supporting Anti-Defamation League has an entire campaign set up to “raise awareness” of the plight of refugees from Darfur—but, it seems, not to welcome them to Israel.


ADL national director, Jonathan Greenblatt, has also penned an article printed in the Israeli Haaretz newspaper, titled “Once We Were Strangers Too: The Jewish Responsibility to Welcome Refugees” (Nov. 24, 2015), in which he said that

I speak as a citizen of the US, but we all—as citizens of the world and fellow human beings—have a moral responsibility to open our hearts and our doors to refugees. For those of us in the Jewish community—those of us whose parents or grandparents, neighbors or community members once faced a similarly callous and unwelcoming world in the darkest of times—there is a particular responsibility to welcome in refugees. For we, too, once were strangers.


Just to reinforce this, the ADL reprinted this Greenblatt article on their own website.


The ADL also has a special section devoted to instructing Jews how to defend Israel from criticism. Titled “Israel: A Guide for Activists,” the ADL page provides detailed instructions on every aspect of the Jewish state, and how to answer accusations made against it.


So, on the one hand, the ADL wants the US and Europe to “open their hearts” to “refugees”—but on the other hand, they support Israel which deports all “refugees”—and especially those from the ADL’s hobby-horse, Darfur.

The BBC article goes on to make a number of other revealing points. It says that all “asylum seekers” are detained and sent to the Holot concentration camp, located

“deep in the Negev desert. This was no surprise for Adam. As most Sudanese and Eritreans in Israel know, it’s just a matter of time before they get the call to Holot.”


Above and below: The interior of the Holot Concentration Camp, where Israel keeps its “refugees” prior to deportation.


The Israeli government claims that Holot is an “open-stay center,” the BBC article says, but adds that it is

“run by the prison service and rules are strict, including a nighttime curfew, which, if broken, will land you in jail.”

Furthermore, it is in “such an isolated area that there’s very little to do and nowhere to go,” and that it is an hour’s bus ride to the nearest town of Beersheva, where they buy food because the “meals served in Holot [are] insufficient, they said, and contained little meat or protein.”

The Israeli government makes life as difficult as possible for the “asylum seekers,” knowing that sooner rather than later they will all take up the “voluntary departure to third countries” option.

In terms of that arrangement, the “asylum seekers” receive papers which given them legal residence in Uganda and Rwanda, and a cash payout of $3,500. All this is only given to them as they are about to board the aircraft out at Tel Aviv airport.

Both the Rwandan and Ugandan governments have never officially confirmed that they have such an agreement with Israel, and it is obviously an “under the counter” deal.

This was confirmed by the BBC article, which showed that the expellees are abandoned as soon as they get off the plane.

The BBC spoke to a man from Darfur who said he was flown to Uganda from Israel with seven others in 2014, before the third country policy became official.

For safety reasons, he asked to remain anonymous.

“None of the things I was promised were given to me,” he said. “No documents, no passport, no assistance—nothing. (Israel) just wants to take people and dump them.”

The BBC then quoted Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Emmanuel Nahshon as defending that state’s policy, by saying that allowing all these “migrants who come here and who want to stay here . . . [will] also [be] a challenge to our identity here in Israel.”

Furthermore, Nashon told the BBC, “Open borders through which migrants can pass mean also open borders through which terror organizations can penetrate Israeli territory and commit terror acts.”

The BBC article ends by quoting Sigal Rozen, from the Israeli “human rights” group Hotline for Refugees and Migrants, that there is “a joke among the migrants, that the Israeli government’s departing ‘gift’ of $3,500 is just enough money to get to Europe.”

At the same time, the Israeli government’s official foreign aid agency, IsraAID, actually pays to have staff on the ground supporting “refugees” enter Europe through Greece and the Balkans.

Israaid-Europe-appeal1 ISRAAID-on-the-ground1

According to the IsraAID website, that agency’s “work” in Europe includes an “Advanced Emergency Team” on the ground providing basic medical and psychosocial support to refugees, as well as distributing “much needed emergency items, including baby slings.”

In addition, the IsraAID website says, the Jews have “sent an assessment and relief mission to Serbia and Croatia to determine both the short-term and long-term needs of both the refugee population crossing through Europe” and has also launched a “Mobile Relief Unit in anticipation of Hungary’s stricter border controls.”

Finally, the IsraAID announcement boasts, it has “expanded its work to locations where refugees were being re-routed, on the Croatia side of the Serbian border, in several transit points, train and bus stations as well as in ad hoc camps that sprung up. At its peak, IsraAID was among the first agencies providing relief to over 11,000 refugees crossing from Serbia into Croatia in under 24 hours.”

In reality, Israel has the correct policy in dealing with these bogus “refugees.”

Their policy of zero toleration of these Third World scroungers is what should be implemented by any nation wishing to protect itself from being overrun by the Third World hordes.

It is not, therefore, the Israeli policy which is the sore point: it is the fact that the Jews demand this correct and justifiable policy for themselves, but then scream “Nazi” at any European nation or party which dares to suggest that European nations should adopt this very same policy, and then goes on to fund the nonwhite “refugee” invasion of Europe.

The hypocrisy is blatant—and inexcusable.


  1. Probably the BBC aimed this at so-called Jews to encourage them to move to Israel. I don’t believe they ever take humanitarian concerns seriously. Think of all the wars they never cover properly. And the frauds and financial scandals ditto.

    1. BBC are best described as useful idiots. Israel wants most poorer Jews repatriated to Israel. What better way then to have a Muslim hoard scare them ‘to the promised land’. The rich ones will stay behind well protected so they can continue to run the banks. I implore the Jewish people of Europe to carefully examine this scenario. .

    1. When I think of Netanyahu I think of the childish picture of a big round bomb as he tried to goad members of the US government into attacking Iran suggesting they had an atomic bomb waiting in the wings. I found his performance at that time disgusting and deceptive. I am glad the US government were intelligent enough not to chase the doggy toy he was throwing Iran’s way.

  2. Hats off to Israel. They have the smarts to do the right thing for their people not like all the dummies in the west who have brought this disaster on themselves.
    The Jews learned the hard way! Europe & the west sit back & interfere in everybody’s business lecturing all & sundry about their democracy. Fat lot of good it’ done. Democracy & freedom of speech is all but dead in the West as political correctness censors the truth!

    We in the west need radical return to our former values soonest. If we fail to rid ourselves of the Marxist / Socialist influences we will surely sink. It needs to be done NOW!

    1. Graham I don’t hate Jews but find the Zionist plot to flood Europe and America with Muslims as extremely manipulative and despicable. I think we all know why they want Assad’s elected secular government out of the way. They are not happy with just the Golan Heights and want to grab some more land. Drought in Syria has helped ignite this Sunni Shiite civil war and Israel took most of the water. Israel should stop preaching hypocrisy of which they are the biggest practitioners.

  3. This story should be pinned to the top. People need to campaign that Israel take refugees into their community since their political activists have promoted other nations doing what they don’t. we need to put people on the spot and ask them what are they doing to boycott Israel for not taking non-Khazar refugees.

    Then Palestine should have the right to take in refugees too.


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