Athens Inaccessible as Thousands of Golden Dawn Supporters Rally

The city center of Athens, Greece, was almost inaccessible last night during a massive rally by tens of thousands of supporters of the Golden Dawn party, who gathered to protest the continued detention of their leaders by the democratic fascist government.


A massive crowd gathered outside Greece’s parliament to protest the jailing of its leader and two other lawmakers.

Several Golden Dawn lawmakers spoke to the enthusiastic crowd in front of banners with pictures of the three leaders still in detention, and of the two Golden Dawn members killed by a Communist assassination squad.


The Golden Dawn leaders were arrested and charged with “creating and running a criminal organization” following the bar room killing of an obscure rapper earlier this year—despite the fact that the accused murderer was not even a member of Golden Dawn.

The democratic fascist government has not, of course, taken any action against left wing parties following the murder of the two Golden Dawn supporters.

Thirteen of Golden Dawn’s 18 lawmakers are either in pre-trial detention, face charges, or have had their parliamentary immunity removed—an unprecedented persecution of political opponents by a supposed democracy.

Despite the event being widely available for viewing on the Internet (see the full length video below) the controlled media still tried its best to lie about the rally.

The widespread Reuters coverage of the event, for example, claimed that there was a “poor turnout of just a few hundred sympathizers” which “showed Golden Dawn is still struggling to recover from the action of the authorities.”

Even the latter claim is nonsense, as a recent poll showed that there has hardly been any change in the support levels of Golden Dawn since the democratic fascists ordered the arrest of their opponents.

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  1. Greeks will vote right wing as will the rest of Europeans. They have all had enough of the never ending line of migrants invited by socialist governments. Whether Greece stays or leaves the EU they will still need to learn how to balance the books. Their gravy train is going to end.

  2. No time for the greeks at all. They should have left the eu, instead they kow tow to merkel and offer every assistance to the unwanted invaders. Let them suffer.

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