Attacks on Invader Centers Triple

Violent attacks against invader centers carried out by patriots resisting the Third World invasion of Germany have tripled in Berlin, and are set to surpass last year’s record nationwide total of 1,005.

According to the most recent official figures, there have been at least 563 “serious” attacks up to the end of June 2016, including 51 cases of arson.


According to figures released by Bundeskriminalamt (Federal Criminal Office, BKA) director Marc Schmitz, the intensity of the attacks has meant that it is “pure luck that there have been no deaths.”

In 2015, the BKA reported a record 1,005 attacks on invader centers, which was five times more than in 2014.

Thuringia’s domestic intelligence chief Stephan Kramer said that two-thirds of “identified offenders” were not previously “on record in the domestic intelligence and national defense” databases.

The rapid increase in attacks has forced the German authorities to start dividing their record-keeping databases into two sections, he continued: one for attacks on invader centers, and another for attacks on individual invaders outside those centers.

According to this division, there have been 824 attacks upon invaders outside the centers this year.

In addition, there have been 202 attacks directed against “officials and elected representatives,” including pro-invasion politicians, social workers, and police officers protecting the invaders.

According to a survey, almost every second mayor has been abused or been personally insulted because of their pro-invasion refugee policy. Six percent of them said they had been physically assaulted, half of them in the context of their work with the invaders.


In Berlin, the attack rate has tripled, the Berliner Kurier has reported. In one of the latest incidents last week, an incendiary device burned down part of a “container” accommodation invader center, making it uninhabitable.

The 180 invaders were evacuated by authorities and have had to be rehoused, the newspaper said.

Six of the invaders were admitted to the hospital suffering from smoke inhalation, and apartments on three floors were gutted by fire.

According to the report, in the first half of 2016, at least 30 attacks were carried out on planned or already-in-use invader accommodation in the German capital.

Furthermore, the article lamented, it is “rare that the offenders are identified.”


The most significant arrests this year took place in March when a group of six Germans, including a woman, a teenager, and four men, were detained in connection with an attack last year in Nauener, Brandenburg. The attack completely destroyed a planned invader center.

The group was, the police have alleged, led by a local National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD) city councilor, Maik Schneider (30). The group will appear in court in September this year.

In another development last week, police searched two houses in the Free State of Saxony town of Niesky in their attempts to track down those responsible for a firearm attack on an invader center carried out on July 23.

The three suspects in the case—two males aged 19 and 15, and a female aged 16—were detained near the scene on the night of the attack. They have all denied their involvement, and have not been charged with any offense.

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  1. My German brothers and sisters, we are with you in spirit and commend the great work you are doing to protect your people and your land.

    An alle meine Deutsche Brüder und Schwestern, wir ehren aufrichtig die Arbeit die ihr gemacht habt und die ihr noch tut.
    Heil euch!

    1. I do not appreciate this “heil-stuff”, no offence meant. We lived wonderfully with democracy before Merkel and her SED fellows came. And as history shows, all dictators fall in the end. I’ll suggest elba for Merkel, ob maybe Mars, or Saudi arabia, yes she’ll fit in there.

      1. John Adams, second president of the United States: “Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.”

        James Madison (went down in history as the “father of the US Constitution”): “Democracy is the most vile form of government.”

        Thomas Jefferson: “Democracy is a form of mob rule.”

        Thomas Jefferson: “Democracy is a system in which 51% of the people may take away the rights of the other 49.”

        Alexander Hamilton (political arch-foe of Jefferson and Madison: “Many of the government of late Classical antiquity were democracies, in which the people ruled. And they displayed not one characteristic of good government.”

      2. Heil as in Hail Caesar, Rule Britannia, or Hail Victory. In the English speaking world, the use of this word is symbolic of our eternal struggle, therefore this is our eternal duty. This is not a specific reference to Germany, but has been around since Roman times.

      3. eva, you have been brainwashed to hate Hitler. He was trying to stop communism, greedy Jewish bankers, etc, all of who took control over Germany and the rest of the white world and are the very reason the white race is in the bad situation it is in today.

  2. When facing an existensial crisis desperate people do desperate things…..Good see leaders that have brought this on their own people are not walking away scot free….just because they are elected does not mean they own germany and can give it away if they please….terry

  3. Well said, Terry! And they were only elected because people believed the lies they were telling. And now they treat the “native” germans like slaves. If you are on Hartz 4, you have to work without payment 4 months up to 3 years. Only god nows how this will end…

  4. Hi Lee! Hmmmm…and then what? Dictatorship? Aristocracy? The strongest rules? Oh, you might discover all this combined in muslim countries and sharia law. No, not for me!

  5. Here is a radical idea that will completely stop all such attacks: Effective immediately, the German government ceases and desists from aiding and abetting the foreign invasion of Germany and Europe and puts all of its efforts into repatriating those “refugees” already in Europe. Problem solved.

    1. Wonderful idea Y. However, Europe simply couldn`t afford the cost of all the expensive `human rights` lawyers rubbing their hands with glee, as they fight to halt all deportation /repatriation. We`d be totally bankrupt in no time..
      Come to think of it we`ll soon be bankrupt anyway bankrolling non-stop hordes of invaders.

  6. When politicians stop listening to their electorate then violence ensues and wars start. Germany is no longer a democracy. Burning these viper nests and attacking the enablers and invaders seems to be the only way to stop the madness and they have only themselves to blame. If they make Germany as an unpleasant place as possible for these invaders then perhaps theyll think twice before invading.

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