Australia: 16th Muslim Terror Plot Averted as 4 Lebanese Arrested

Four Lebanese Muslims living in Australia have been arrested after plotting to kill all the passengers on an a international flight out of Sydney using a homemade bomb disguised as a kitchen mincer. This is the sixteenth such Muslim terrorist attack to have been averted in Australia since 2014—all the result of the Australian government’s promotion of mass Third World immigration.

According to the Sydney Daily Telegraph, the latest incident saw four Muslims being arrested before they carried out a plan to carry a device on board a commercial flight from Sydney.

It said the idea was to use wood scrapings and explosive material inside a piece of kitchen equipment such as a mincing machine.

The Australian newspaper that the Lebanese were intending to use a kitchen mincer to help conceal an “improvised gas-based”­device. It is understood the device, which may have expelled gas or exploded, could have been concealed in the hollow base of a mincer.

Travel documentation and handwritten notes were among items seized from the properties raided at the weekend, suggesting the men may have been preparing to book tickets.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (AB) reported that the Muslims had previously tried to board an international flight but had failed, causing them to change their target to a domestic flight.

Until their arrest, they were “totally unknown” to the nation’s counter-terrorism authorities with only one conviction for negligent driving between them.

Police reportedly acted after receiving information from an overseas intelligence agency, and that the Muslims were being directed by ISIS in Syria or Iraq.

One of the detained Muslims, Khaled Merhi, is related to another former resident of Sydney, Ahmed Merhi, a notorious Islamic State fighter who travelled to Syria in 2014.

According to the ABC, the alleged ringleader appeared to be Khaled Khayat, whose brother is reportedly in Syria with Islamic State. Khayat used to run a meat wholesale business but it was deregistered in 2010. The other two arrested Muslims were named in media reports as Abdul Merhi and Mahmoud Khayat.

Australia would have experienced 15 terror attacks including public beheadings on home soil over the past three years if most plots in their advanced stages hadn’t been foiled, according to police.

Among the alleged “imminent” terror plots foiled by police in the last two years were advanced plans to kidnap members of the public in Sydney and Brisbane then behead them on camera and release the footage; detonate bombs at a Mother’s Day running event; stab and shoot police and members of the public at Anzac Day ceremonies; and target government buildings including the Garden Island Navy base and Parramatta Court House.

Before this weekend’s raids in Sydney, the most recent plot to be thwarted in NSW allegedly involved two 16-year-old boys who purchased knives and were en route to behead a stranger in Sydney’s Bankstown before they were arrested.

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