Australia: 28,290 Invaders “Unprocessed”

Some 28,290 nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees who entered Australia prior to 2010 have still not been “processed,” it has emerged.

According to a report by Radio Australia, Immigration Minister Peter Dutton confirmed that of the 30,000 “asylum seeker” legacy cases that arrived in Australia under Labor, more than 28,000 remain in the country.


Figures from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection indicate that 28,290 people are yet to have their cases processed, while about 1,700 have been forced to leave or have left voluntarily.

Dutton blamed the former Labor government for the backlog and told News Corp it would take more than a decade “to clean up.”

Liberal MP Sharman Stone defended the Government’s handling of the resettlement program, and said both security screening and resettlement processes took time.

She said the Government could not “simply dump people in Australia in a migrant hostel and say ‘go to it’. I think all of us would wish it was faster … but we’d also be remiss if we imported people into Australia who were not genuine in their desire or want to be resettled,” she said.

She then revealed that her government was bringing in an extra 25,000 nonwhites anyway, over and above whatever had come in during the previous government’s tenure.

“We’re also settling another 13,000, besides the 12,000 who are through our pre-existing humanitarian stream, many of whom are Iraqis and Syrians but are coming from Africa and other places,” Stone boasted.

The Australian government has also confirmed that “only” 187 invaders claiming to be Syrians had been resettled in Australia so far, despite the government’s pledge to take in 12,000 “refugees” from that country.

*Meanwhile, At least 45 “asylum seekers” in the Australian government’s Manus Island detention center located on Los Negros Island in Manus Province, Papua New Guinea, were told yesterday that they were not entitled to refugee status.

The asylum center is due to be closed down by the Papua New Guinea government by mid-year, and all the invaders now face deportation back to their countries of origin.

According to the latest update from Australian government’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection, as of March 31, 2016, there were a total of 905 invaders held on Manus Island.

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  1. There is an election in Australia on July 2, there are thousands of illegals waiting in Indonesia to see who wins before they set sail. The Liberal government has turned back the boats and stopped the illegals arriving, but if Labour win in July then they will start flooding in again.

  2. Positive vetting of service personnel in countries like the UK and Australia takes some time so you can imagine how difficult it is to conduct with the authorities having no documentation to go on and having to seek confirmation from moribund and disinterested administrations in alleged countries of origin. I don’t understand why the difficulties have not been explained to the public.

    1. The key is moribund and disinterested administrations in receiving countries. There are ways of establishing most likely country of origin even without documents, but the governments won’t employ them because they infringe ‘ human rights’.

    2. Perhaps many of us have become totally uninterested in any `difficulties` faced by our authorities. After all much of Joe Public`s own difficulties here are the result of officialdom`s own nit-picking intransigence
      If there`s a simple solution you can bet the `authorities` will ignore it. If there`s a way to make life ever more frustrating the `authorities` will find it.
      In the UK certain areas are permanently blighted by disgusting filth and degradation despite vast amounts of taxpayers` money thrown at them to encourage ” integration”. A failed concept on every level.
      Authorities refuse to acknowledge that good money after bad is being wasted in a never ending cycle and will only encourage ever more freeloaders here. They certainly know a good thing when they see one but give little if anything in return.
      The end result will mean us all living in Third World countries in just a few more years time .

  3. September 3/14 1829 the Treaty of Adrianople was signed. Part of Article IV states “, a border well determined and apt to avert all future discussion. They have also taken into consideration proper measures to put forth insurmountable obstacles to incursions and acts of brigandage perpetuated heretofore by bordering tribes, acts that so often jeopardized the relations of friendship and of good neighbour relations between the two Empires.
    The simplest insurmountable obstacle to an incursion is that the insurgents be treated as tourists and asked to pay for everything they want before going back home.

  4. Hope the Aussies know who to vote. It is Tony Abbot that stopped Australia from being overrun by muslims. He is the man that can execute the correct actions not just talk.

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