Australia: 7 “Apex Gang” Members to be Deported—Including Sudanese and Maoris

One Sudanese African invader member of the criminal violent nonwhite “Apex” street gang which has been terrorizing Melbourne is soon to be deported back home after having his visa an and at least six others—including three Maori members from New Zealand—either have had or are having their residence visas cancelled and will be deported, the government has announced.

Issac Gatkuoth

The appearance of Maoris in the Apex gang line-up at last explains why police in Melbourne have talked about a “United Nations” of crime in the city, as up until now the controlled media has only talked about an “African gang.”

The Sudanese invader, named by media as Issac Gatkuoth, 19, is serving time in a youth detention centre for an armed carjacking in November 2015.

Gatkuoth was in a stolen BMW with four other Apex gangsters when they followed another car and rammed it from behind in Frankston, the Victorian Country Court heard last year.

Gatkuoth, wearing a smiley mask, walked up to the driver and pointed a sawn-off shotgun at his head while ordering him to hand over his keys. The hijacked white kid, Sam Newman, never recovered from the trauma and went on to take his own life.

The stolen BMW ended up in the hands of another gang member, aged 15, who just three days later killed mother of two Amanda Matheson in a head-on crash at Mordialloc.

The one Maori who has already been deported was named as Henry Robati, 20. Four others—as of yet unnamed—are currently in jail, while one more is in immigration detention, the government has said.

Henry Robati, the  Maori already deported back to New Zealand

All of the nonwhites were convicted of assaults, armed robberies, car theft and home invasions.

Gatkuoth—who came to Australia as a “refugee” on a “humanitarian visa” has already had his residence visa cancelled, and when he completed his sentence on August 28, was transferred into immigration detention on Christmas Island.

Gatkuoth is however fighting the cancellation of his visa, and seeks to stay in Australia. His supporters launched a petition calling on the Australian government not to deport the African, claiming that he suffered “from PTSD, has recurring nightmares, and developed an ‘ice’ addiction.”

As usual, the leftist supporters of Gatkuoth blame white people for the nonwhite’s criminal disposition, saying that the reason why the Sudanese turned to crime was that he was “marginalized by good old Australian racism and neglect.”

That petition was closed after reaching 602 signatures.

In response, another petition was started on calling on the Australian government to enforce Gatkuoth’s deportation.

That petition, citing the 22 days of mayhem caused directly by the nonwhite invader, ends by saying that “Let’s make this our voice the Australian peoples voice to not allow Issac Gatkuoth to ever enter our country or any other country (apart from Sudan) he made his choices and now he has to live with them.”

The petition has, at time of writing, over 15,950 signatures and is still climbing.

Meanwhile, One Nation party leader Pauline Hanson has called for tough measures that would see “immigrant” families deported if their relatives are involved in crime.

Senator Hanson said families of those who have committed extreme offences should also face deportation “under certain circumstances”.

“It is high time parents start taking more responsibility for the actions of their children,” she told the Courier-Mail.

“More must be done to create strict laws and regulations that protect our national security and reduce the risk of terrorism and radicalisation.”

The state’s Premier Daniel Andrews also told the newspaper that he backs the deportation of young criminals who have committed serious crimes and “abused the privilege” Australia offers.

“I have a very commonsense view of this,” he told the Herald Sun. “If you invite people around to your house and they behave appallingly, then you would ask them to leave, wouldn’t you? You might even say, ‘Well, you’ve got not say in it, you’re out.’

“Where there are people convicted of serious criminal offences, I fully support Victoria Police’s opportunity to make application to the Commonwealth and for those people to be sent on their way.”

Victoria Police chiefs, including Deputy Commissioner, Andrew Crisp, have previously said that Sudanese youths are overrepresented in the state’s crime statistics — particularly when it comes to aggravated burglaries or home invasions.

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