Australia Says “No” to NZ Offer to Take Manus Invaders

The Australian government has formally turned down an official offer from the far-left New Zealand government to “take in” at least 150 of the nonwhite invaders currently blockading themselves in the close Manus Island detention center.

At least 600—and possibly more—invaders have barricaded themselves inside the camp, which is located off the coast of Papua New Guinea (PNG). Food, running water and medical services were cut off by Australia on October 31 in accordance with a PNG court order which declared the camp illegal.

Australian authorities want the invaders moved to a transit centre elsewhere on the island at the start of a process that will likely see them being resettled in PNG or another Third World country—and they of course seek to live in a white-ruled nation, despite all claims that whites are always “racist.”

In addition, the invaders have behaved so badly on Manus Island that local PNG residents often have to resort to violence to defence themselves against attacks and thievery.

Far left New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said last week that she was willing to take in 150 of the invaders—no matter that their “asylum” applications were so bogus that no-one believes that they actually “fled for their lives.”

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has however said that his government prefers “to work through an existing refugee swap deal” he negotiated with former U.S. President Barack Obama last year. Under that deal, up to 1,250 nonwhites who attempted to invade Australia by boat, could be sent to the United States and Australia will in turn accept equally bogus “refugees” from Central America who have invaded the US.

“We want to pursue those, conclude those arrangements, and then in the wake of that obviously we can consider other ones,” Turnbull told Ardern during a media conference in Sydney.

Relocating the invaders on Manus island is designed as a temporary measure, allowing the United States time to complete vetting of asylum seekers, as the process was endorsed by the Trump administration.


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