Australian Invader “Deal” Killed

Donald Trump’s election victory has killed any chance of the would-be invaders of Australia being moved to America, as planned by the Obama regime and the Australian government.

News of the “deal” was broken last week, and now Australian and American government officials have confirmed that the deal is off, despite claims to the contrary by the Australian Prime Minister.


A report in the New York Times said that “barring some unexpected development, none of the refugees held in detention camps on the Pacific islands of Nauru and Manus are likely to be resettled in the United States before President-elect Donald J. Trump takes office.”

Last week, the Australian government said that it had reached a one-time agreement in which the United States would take in hundreds of the nonwhites who had attempted to invade Australia by boat.

They had been intercepted at sea, and placed into detention camps in Papua New Guinea in terms of a declared Australian government policy of never allowing anyone in who attempted an illegal entry of that country.

But just days after the announcement, the New York Times said, the secretary of the Immigration Department of Australia, Michael Pezzullo, told an Australian Senate panel that it seemed “unlikely” that any detainees would be resettled by January 20, 2017—the day upon which Trump will be inaugurated as President.

Senator Murray Watt (Queensland), asked Pezzullo whether the government was sure that the deal would be honored.

“We have an agreement struck between the two governments and, should other contingencies or other eventualities arise, that is a matter that the Australian government will have to deal with at that time,” Pezzullo said in response.

This week, in a written response to questions, the United States State Department said that the screening process to determine whether refugees were eligible to enter the United States was lengthy, taking as long as 18 to 24 months to complete.

This would by itself preclude the deal from going ahead, even if Trump himself has not commented on the Australian plan. It is well known that Trump opposed uncontrolled Muslim immigration—and most of the would-be Australian invaders are Muslim, not to mention the President-elect’s strict policy of combating all illegal immigration.

The invaders are mostly from Iran, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka.

It is thus unlikely on a number of levels that the “deal” with Australia will go through.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said the deal was the result of months of talks, but he offered little reassurance that this plainly illegal deal would be allowed by Trump. “We deal with one administration at a time,” Turnbull said.

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  1. “This week, in a written response to questions, the United States State Department said that the screening process to determine whether refugees were eligible to enter the United States was lengthy, taking as long as 18 to 24 months to complete.”

    This is patently false. More than six months ago, the U.S. State Department REDUCED the time required to properly investigate and process so-called “refugees” from the standard 18-24 months to just 3 months because the process was taking far too long, and the Obama Administration knew that it could not get the 65,000 “refugees” that it had committed to the United Nations that it would take in during Fiscal Year 2016. The Director of the FBI among other top government officials went on record as saying that it was impossible to properly vet these people in just three months and yet, Obama met his deadline, and they were all admitted even though we have absolutely no idea who they are. The background check process was basically reduced to asking them which country them came from and if they were terrorists…and taking their word for it. This isn’t even a joke.

    The vetting process remains at just three months, and Obama has committed the U.S. to taking 110,000 “refugees” in Fiscal Year 2017 unless Trump or the Republican-controlled Congress moves to de-fund the entire operation. Because Fiscal Year 2017 began on October 1, 2016, we’ve already admitted about 8,000 of them. The State Department is simply lying

    1. The same reason the Jews are placing nonwhites in all white areas. To use them as political and physical weapons against the white race.

  2. November 20th.
    Australian PM announces talks with Malaysia to offload illegal migrants!
    He has not yet announced the failure of the USA deal. Wonder when he’ll admit the donation was a fizzer!

  3. Instead of shoving them off to another white nation, why not ask Oriental nations or some wealthy Arab nations or….Israel.

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