Australian Patriots Use KKK Hood to Expose Double Standards

Three well-known Australian patriots have used a Ku Klux Klan hood, a crash helmet and a niqab (Muslim face veil) to expose the atrocious double standards adopted by that nation’s government in dealing with Muslim colonizers and their demands that Australia accept their foreign customs.


The three men—Sergio Redegalli, 52; Nick Folkes, 45 (who is also chairman of the newly-founded Freedom Party of Australia), and Victor Waterson, 49—planned their stunt after the government backed down from an earlier decision to ban people with Muslim veils from unfettered access to Australia’s Parliament House.

The department that runs Parliament House had announced earlier this month that “persons with facial coverings” would no longer be allowed in the building’s open public galleries.

Instead, they were to be directed to galleries usually reserved for noisy schoolchildren, where they could sit behind soundproof glass.

The policy was branded a “burqa ban” by crazed leftists and was condemned as a “segregation of Muslim women” (as if Muslims do not do that anyway), as well as a potential breach of anti-discrimination laws.

The hue and cry set up by the leftists caused government officials to capitulate last week, saying people wearing face coverings would be allowed in all public areas of Parliament House.

This week, the three patriots arrived at Parliament House, one wearing a Ku Klux Klan hood, the second a niqab, and the third a motorcycle helmet, all demanding to be let into the building and observer parliament in exactly the same manner that Muslims were allowed in with face coverings.

The liberal establishment—which of course always bends over backwards to accommodate the demands of nonwhite colonizers—were suddenly put in a corner: either they be consistent about their decision to let people into parliament with face coverings, or they be blatantly biased and bar the three men.

Of course, the inevitable happened—the three men were barred from entering until they removed their face coverings.

“They have one rule for Muslim women and another for everybody else, and it’s utterly sexist,” Redegalli said.

When the three arrived at the front door on Monday, a security guard told Redegalli that he could not enter wearing his KKK hood, and advised Waterson that he could not wear his full-face motorcycle helmet.

When Redegalli removed his hood, it revealed a niqab underneath, but the guard said he could not enter wearing it.

Folkes was initially told he could enter wearing his niqab, but was later advised that he could not wear it inside.

Numerous Australian television stations aired video of the exchange and the Department of Parliamentary Services said in a statement that “protest paraphernalia” was not permitted inside Parliament House.

Redegalli, an artist who created a stir in Sydney with a “say no to burqas” mural outside his studio a few years ago, said he was told by officials that men could not wear niqabs. He said he was told that the KKK hood could not be worn because it was a “cultural” rather than a “religious” garment.

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  1. We all know that the governments all over the world bow down to the minority Muslim demands, why not have a national vote to let the entire population be heard, then never let them be in any doubt in the future.

  2. Comparatively speaking, the white garment fashion has more aesthetic appeal. Do the Australians get Kuwati funders that impose Mosque builds? We are getting that in spades in Canada. Mustn’t say so though. Very large bears here. All egalitarians are equal. Noise in the moral virtue signal might interrupt our regularly scheduled globo-trotskyist programming. Yet the Australian dollar, and Canadian dollar are similarly annihilated, now down to 70 Obama (Kenya) shillings. Release the toads!

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