Australians Hold “Illegal Invasion Day” Rally

The fledgling Australian “Party for Freedom” has held what it intends to be an annual rally protesting ‘World Refugee Day,’ which, it says, is nothing less than “genocide” for that nation.


On Sunday, June 16th, Party for Freedom members and supporters gathered outside the Labor party’s Sydney office calling for the deportation of the over 43,000 illegal boat people and their dependents that have arrived illegally in Australia since 2008.

“It was a great afternoon with enthusiastic and committed protestors attending the Sussex Street rally,” according to party member Nick Folkes.

“For many of our supporters it was their first rally. We had a cross-section of protestors, both young and old, from different political organisations, religious groups, migrants and people not affiliated with any group but all united in opposition to Labor’s ‘open borders’ policy on asylum seekers,” he said.

“The rally gave protestors an opportunity to hand out flyers, sign up new members, give speeches and engage with the public. We handed out hundreds of flyers and signed up many new members.

“The people we encountered on Sussex Street were pleased to see Aussie patriots making a stand on the most important current issue facing our nation—border control.

“The United Nations-initiated ‘World Refugee Day’ is held on the 20th June every year to celebrate the third world invasion of the West. The UNHCR says this of the day [that] it is a special day when the world takes the time to recognise the resilience of forcibly displaced people throughout the world.”

“It is not a ‘special day’ to lose control of our borders; it is betrayal perpetrated by both Labor and Greens.

“It is blatantly obvious that the illegal boat people arriving on our shore are not ‘forcibly displaced’, but economic opportunists looking for fast and easy access to our generous welfare system provided by over-taxed Australian workers.

“The Refugee Action Coalition and their useful idiots held a rally at Sydney Town Hall on the same Sunday calling for open borders, no detention, no caps on illegal boat people and the granting of work rights.

“The illegal advocates calling for open borders are extremists and a danger to Australia’s identity and survival, and they must be challenged wherever they spread their delusional, anti-Australian message.

“Australia will never have proper control of its own borders until our politicians accept the reality that the current arrangement is a complete disaster. The only way to resolve the current policy disaster is for Australia to remove itself from the outdated United Nations Protocol on Refugees.

“In the spirit of resistance, Party for Freedom will hold a nation-wide counter rally from next year opposing ‘World Refugee Day’. It is vitality important that we make a stand on this issue and oppose those who seek to subvert our nation and its future. We have a right to survive. Anything less is genocide.”

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  1. There’ve only been around 35 to 40,000 refugees who arrived to Australia since 1976. See table in reference [1].

    What is rapidly changing Australia are the 2,300,00+ migrants who have arrived since 1996. Most are from non-European nations like China, India, South-east Asia, Middle-east, South Pacific and Africa. See reference [2] for a breakdown of how many people per year and where they are from.

    [1] – Boat arrivals in Australia since 976,

    [2] –

  2. Ironic. When a white bloke wishes to emigrate to Australia or any traditionally white European country there’s hell to pay and a near impossible demand placed on such individual and his family.

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