Austria: 3,000 Invaders Per Month

At least 3,000 nonwhite invaders—the majority from sub-Saharan Africa—are still demanding “asylum” every month in Austria—and the government claims there is no way to even deport those who have no claim to asylum status.

Up to 90 percent of the asylum seekers that have had their applications rejected in Austria still remain and cannot be deported, Austrian defense minister Hans Peter Doskozil told the Austria Press Agency.


“At the moment, it doesn’t make much difference whether someone gets a negative or positive decision on their asylum application, because we are unable to implement any decision in between 80 and 90 percent of cases,” Doskozil said.

The majority of such rejected applications come from the citizens of African countries, he added. According to the minister, the problem may even worsen as the population of Africa will “double by 2050,” and people will invariably continue to flee and arrive in Austria.

Doskozil’s speech was followed by a statement from Interior Minister Wolfgang Sobotka, who said that the majority of the asylum seekers don’t have the qualifications necessary to enter Austria’s labor market.

“We will have to live with this migration issue… maybe for years, or decades,” he added.

By the end of July, Austria had already received a total of 24,260 applications, an average of 3,000 per month. In September, Vienna threatened Hungary with “legal consequences” if it continued to refuse to take back refugees under the Dublin Accord — a treaty that stipulates that migrants must apply for asylum in the country through which they entered the EU.

In 2015, the EU parliament adopted a two-year emergency relocation scheme that listed the specific share of asylum seekers each of the bloc’s states was obligated to take in.

The Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ), which, according to the latest opinion polls, is now the largest party in the country with 43 percent support (as opposed to the Socialist Party’s 27 percent and the conservative party’s 8 percent), is stridently opposed to this acceptance of the status quo.

FPÖ presidential candidate Norbert Hofer—still the favorite to win the December 4 rerun of the presidential election—has declared himself in favor of shipping all the “refugees” to a safe area in North Africa for processing.

This would imply a removal of all the nonwhite invaders currently in Austria—the only realistic policy which can save that country from being overrun.

A Hofer/FPÖ victory in December, and the possibility of an FPÖ government, would very likely place that country on a collision course with the European Union, and further fragment the EU’s position.

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  1. They’d better hurry up, instead of throwing up their arms in defeat. The only way to get out of this is to re establish borders and enforce them. These third world low IQ people will be nothing but a huge burden on the society and will cause a lot of trouble with rapes and assault and gangs. They also have no women with them. They aren’t even capable of working as street sweepers or garbage pickup men. Watching this from North America is like watching a slow motion train wreck.

  2. Can’t send them back?
    Let me explain it to you, sit down and take notes.
    You walk up and grab them, throw them into the back of the truck, drive them to the air base, drive the truck into the cargo hold, fly them to the processing center in Greenland if no African country wants the contract.

  3. i have not prayed in ages, but just on the remote chance it works, i am praying for hofer to win and clean out this garbage with a very stiff broom. if that fails, a few acts of terrorism might help. they are bound to happen, just hope they come before the general election. laeuse im pelz!!!

  4. It’s true. Hofer, Strache & the FPÖ are the only hope for Austria. The sad thing is that most of Vienna are too sanctimonious to see it.

  5. Trump first, Hofer next, then let’s move forwards and do this thing. Plenty of optimism. A mass clear out of all the junk, along with the criminal politicians, and their beloved left wing scumbags. Onwards!

  6. All part of the invasion and turning Europe into a third world area, if you can’t stop them getting to Italy you have no chance later on, they are here and won’t go home until the save enough from their benefits to go for a holiday and weak European governments won’t take the opportunity to withdraw their EU passports so they can’t come back. Europe is finished and its all down to weak traitorous leaders, none of them living in the real world, I wonder if the leaders are in fact closet muslims.

  7. They’ll be living with the issue forever because the illegals will bear children that will be ‘citizens’. With no realistic ability to return any of them, the ONLY solution is turning illegals back in the Mediterranean or closing land bridges with Turkey. What point is there in having a ‘united Europe’ when Italy actively brings these illegals in and pushes them out in to greater Europe? What African country will house, feed, clothe these illegals while they are processed? And who will pay for this – Europe, Austria, Africa, Egypt? Ridiculous to allow them in the first place.

  8. Lock them up in an internment camp ,feed them only and work them hard they will soon reveal their country of origin and ask for a ticket back home.Their little adventure in the white mans land over they will sit around their campfires bragging about it for years. None of this will happen of course because the Austrians, like all the rest of the European/ british people are too gutless to put in power a nationalist government and so they will rapidly be taken over…..terry

  9. The use of the word ‘cannot’ in this article as in ‘cannot be deported’ really makes me want to spit.

    Supposing, for example, you don’t pay your council tax. Do you really honestly think that the bailiffs ‘cannot’ enter your home, march in, rifle through your belongings and walk out with your computer under their arm?
    Suppose you punch some nasty, annoying lefty in the mouth – do you think that the police ‘cannot’ smash down your front-door, shout at you, rough you up, slap handcuffs on you, bundle you into a police car and slam you into a cell?

  10. Best thing they could do is what Israel does, deport them to a third-party country I.e Rwanda like Israel does, no one wants to go there, so they return to their own country.

  11. The so-called Austrian Governments have been over several decades formed by a bunch of criminals, hypocrites and liars. And every time they get away with their actions.
    The immigrants will too be the downfall of the current system, which is a good thing, as this system has nothing to offer but lies, crime, sell your soul for money, sex, drugs, fame, gluttony.
    The less scruple one has the the more successful one can accumulate earthly wealth.
    But one day it will get to the point where enough is enough.
    And everyday we get closer to this point.

  12. He says that there is no way to implement any decision and no way to deport them ??
    Most African countries are receiving aide from most European countries. Any country that refuses to take back the refugees from their county should be threatened with immediate cut off of any and all aide. If they still refuse then they should be told that they will be dropped off by planes back into their country by any means deemed necessary.

  13. I wonder how many people in Europe are aware that many of the countries in central Africa have populations that are 50 % or higher HIV / AIDS infected and when they come to Europe and rape your wives and daughters they will also be giving them AIDS , a disease that will then be transferred to their husbands and eventually to the children of Europe through birth by AIDS infected mothers. If this invasion isnt stopped it will be the end of Europe !

    1. I agree. There ARE safe countries in Africa and that is where they should be. Why always Europe? I think it would be a good idea to pay countries such as Tunisia to take migrants in as they must be suffering due to lack of tourists now.

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