Austria: Afghan Rapist “Can’t be Deported”

A 17-year-old Afghani criminal invader who brutally raped a 72-year-old Austrian woman in the town of Traiskirchen has been sentenced to 20 months in prison “because he is a juvenile” and won’t be deported, it emerged at his trial this week.


Wahab S., photographed outside court. Sentenced to 20 months for raping a 72-year-old.

According to a report in the Kurier newspaper, the criminal “asylum seeker,” named as Wahab S., and at least two accomplices—who have not been identified, attacked the pensioner as she was out walking her dog.

The incident occurred on September 1, 2015, when the 72-year-old, identified as Christine F., was walking with her 13-year-old dog in Schwechat-Walk at Traiskirchen. “It was a hot day, and I came across three young asylum seekers swimming in the river,” she told the Regional Court in Wiener Neustadt.

She started talking to them, and one of the nonwhites offered his hand to allegedly help her over an embankment.

“Suddenly I was hit from behind,” she said, and then she was pushed to the ground, and the nonwhites held her mouth shut as her clothes were ripped off.

“The 13-year-old dog was too old to help,” a friend of the victim, Hans Vesely, told the Kurier.

After the attack, the woman, who was seriously injured, dragged herself home and locked herself inside her house. It was only at Vesely’s insistence that she then went to the police.

“She has never been herself since the attack,” he continued. “She no longer dares to go outside her house alone and is physically extremely weak,” said Vesely.

At the time, the police were unable to trace the attacker. It was only when the nonwhite invader committed yet another crime that he was arrested, and after a DNA swab, was matched to the rape attack.

As he was seventeen at the time of the attack, he was sentenced according to the state’s juvenile justice system.

Incredibly, the nonwhite criminal rapist was only sentenced to twenty months for this outrageous crime because, the court said, he “had no criminal record and had confessed to the crime.”

Although, the Kurier said, Austrian law says that criminal “asylum seekers” should be deported, in practice this is never implemented because “in most cases, they cannot be returned to their countries of origin.”

This is because European Union “human rights” legislation forbids the deportation of “asylum seekers” to any place where their “lives might be in danger”—a loophole which is always used by the rapefugees to avoid being sent back home, even when it is clear that it is a lie.

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    1. … by the same token, if he was deported to say Turkey,,,,his life would not be endangered as it may if returned to Afghanistan…..20 months for such a crime is almost a joke……and makes a mockery of the crime committed.

  1. I have plenty of words that I can’t put down here. that aside, when a government is voted into office their duty is to defend the people who voted them in. This they are no longer doing. They have let down their people. In every country where this has happened, take back power by voting for a party that WILL DEFEND YOU. Failing that, we must defend ourselves.

    1. One of the top priorities of governments is to protect its citizens. They need to start doing that before their citizens start to protect themselves. This piece of …. should be returned to the first safe country he would have got to, Turkey, and left there. What is the EU going to do that is worse than another lady being attacked like this? It would be worth a large fine I’m sure!

  2. It is clear from recent events in Sweden and Germany and now Austria that Marxism is a serious disease affecting the Central Nervous System which dangerously distorts the Marxists perception of reality and leads to irrational anti-social behaviour. Such behaviour needs to be eradicated.

    1. oh man….I’m austrian and you should really learn what marxism is….but ok, for a lot of u.s. right-wingers health-insurence for all is already marxism 😀

  3. Okay, if you can’t send him back how about putting him into jail where he can share a cell with Bubba for the 20 months. Or at least let him use the common showers with the rest of the inmates, men who probably have an elderly mother that they care for.

    I’m betting he’ll beg to be sent home within a fortnight. Unless he likes that sort of thing, in which case send him to Islamic State with a few photos attached.

  4. It’s only going to stop when the police and military start seeing their own wives, mothers and daughters raped. When they realize they ARE the people they will turn on their scumbag elite “commanders” who tell them what to do with the money provided by the working class. These elitists who think they can hide behind gated fortresses will be hunted down and there will be nowhere they can hide – they will be torn to pieces.

  5. In the acceptable guide to marauding see, jewishchristianlit.//topics/Contracts/treaties01.html in Article 9 of the Treaty between Mursilis and Duppi-Tessub it plainly says that when going out on a marauding campaign in another country, and do not fight wholeheartedly and speak as follows, “I am under an oath of loyalty”.. or if you send a man to that enemy and inform him as follows “an army and charioteers of the Hatti land are on their way; be on your guard” you act in disregard of your oath.
    The maraud of Merkel if definitely complying with some of these conditions, unfortunately it is supposed to be in another country and not her own and surely Article 20 will be applied “… should (Merkel) not honour these words of the treaty and the oath, may these gods of the oath destroy (Merkel) together with her and…. her land…

  6. What do you expect. These are economic invaders,not refugees. All done as part of the Cudenhove -kalargri plan. It’s the politicians who are to blame for deliberately bringing them here, they need to be sorted first.

    1. It’s Coudenhove Kalergi brother, but keep trying to inform the people of the existence of the genocidal scheme faithfully implemented by Brussels. Occasionally a reference slips onto the national newspaper comments section, and the number of green arrows shows that awareness if growing fast. Keep plugging away.

  7. Keeping the invader rapist in Austria puts the lives of white Austrians in danger, why doesn’t that government care about them? And a 20 month sentence in an Austrian prison resort? Puhleeze! Might as well just smack his hand and put him in the corner for time out.

  8. 20 months is a joke. Maybe the EU could just buy or rent an uninhabited island in the middle of the Pacific and ship the rapists and murderers there. It could be their so desired land of freedom, they could kill and eat each other any way they prefer. Doubt that their original or any country would oppose to it, and in case one does (with some human rights bullshit), then the simple answer of ‘you can take them if you prefer’ would do it. The way he shit on the basic human rights of his victim, the same way his basic human rights should be ignored as well.

    Like that terrorist who stabbed a german policewoman after he got released from prison, the very proof that this “can’t be deported” law is how fu**ed up.

  9. It should be impressed on these wildcreatures that their lives are in danger in Europe. Then let them make a decision. After a few broken bones they will see the light!

  10. Austrian people should start a movement to make changes to the law system such that the criminals are punished immediately and deported. They should not risk their citizens lives 🙁

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