Austria: Fear of FPÖ Brings Government Crackdown on Invasion

The ruling Austrian Socialist-conservative coalition has started talking tough on dealing with the nonwhite invasion of that country by hundreds of thousands of fake refugees—not because they want to stop the invaders, but because they fear that the anti-invasion Freedom Party (FPÖ) might win the October election.

In the latest such move, Austrian defense minister, Social Democratic Party member Peter Doskozil announced that his government would soon impose controls on its border with Italy if the mass invasion of the latter country by Africans across the Mediterranean does not abate.

Speaking to the online edition of Austria’s daily “Krone,” Doskozil said he expected “that very soon border controls will be activated and that an assistance deployment (by the military) will be requested.”

The move, he added, “was indefensible if the inflow into Italy does not ease.”

An earlier article in the Deutsche Welle news service from March this year reported that Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz has also called for “reforming the EU” and urged “better border security.”

“People have a right to be upset if the EU is too weak to protect its borders, but still forces all the restaurants to change their menus over allergy guidelines,” Kurz told the Austrian media.

As the DW commented, “many observers, however, suspect that the tough rhetoric might be a play against the FPÖ, the populist party which came a hair’s width away from winning the presidency last year.”

Although the conservative Austrian Peoples’ Party (ÖVP) and the barely-dsiguised communist Socialist Party of Austria (SPÖ) currently form the ruling coalition, polls put both of them behind the FPÖ for the upcoming election in October.

According to the DW, the FPÖ’s focus on dealing with the invasion by simply halting it has “been very successful among young Austrians. Many of their voters are men with lower levels of education, who fear that immigrants would flood the labor market. To reach their target group, the FPÖ mounted a modern and effective campaign, with party leader Heinz-Christian Strach appearing in music videos and party representatives promoting the FPÖ in nightclubs.”

Faced with the FPÖ’s rise in the polls, the ruling coalition responded by launching a series of measures to limit immigration, offering funding and personnel to its neighbors to help guard their borders.

According to current polls,the October election will see FPÖ take most seats in the Austrian parliament and put even the chancellor’s office within their reach.

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  1. working class voters fear they will lose their jobs to africans? The readers of this austrian paper must be pretty stupid if they think any africans will be doing any work at all let alone be qualified to do anything but eat the workers taxes and rape their wives

  2. Hard to tell the different parties apart. There is OVP, and also SPO, and to complete the trio we have the FPO ( you have to imagine the umlauts above the O's; too much bother for me). I don't think it matters who forms Austria's next Kakistocracy. The country is being Islamized and there's nobody with the Ballz to stop it from happening. Goodbye, Dummkopfs!

  3. The liberal parties of the establishment, whether they call themselves communists, social democrats, Greens, etc, seem to be very, very unwilling to curb immigration of any kind. They are so unwilling to curb immigration that it sometimes seems as if you would have to put a gun to their head to make them relent. Why are they so out of step with public opinion? Surely any normal person would be aghast at the prospect of tens of millions of poorly educated, unskilled, low IQ undocumented Africans passing through their country, especially as the population of Africa is set to quadruple during this century. It sometimes seems as if the elite live on a different planet from ordinary people.

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