Austria: FPÖ/ ÖVP Agree on Halting Invasion

The first full week of coalition talks between the anti-invasion Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ) and the Austrian Peoples’ Party (ÖVP) have resulted in an agreement to halt all illegal immigration, reduce benefits to “asylum seekers,” and to take “strict measures against political Islam.”

According to a statement released by the FPÖ, the first week’s talks resulted in a comprehensive “roadmap” for the negotiations to form a government with the ÖVP.

The FPÖ said the two parties had also agreed that another priority must be to reduce the tax burden upon Austrians, which is one of the highest in the European Union. The FPÖ said the aim must be to reduce the maximum tax rate to 40 percent.

Currently, the maximum tax rate is 55 percent, a reason why many wealthy Austrians such as famous daredevil—and FPÖ supporter—Felix Baumgartner live outside the country.

In addition, the two parties had agreed on the need to reduce bureaucracy and “above all, the many regulations and rules that are holding back the economy.”

With regard to the invasion of Austria by “asylum seekers,” the statement said that the parties had agreed that “income support” payments should not be given to anyone who had not been resident inside the country for at least five years.

Although it was not mentioned in the official statement—or in any media coverage of the talks—this five year stipulation is of great importance, because even under the previous pro-invasion Austrian governments, the vast majority of “asylum seekers” were denied asylum well before a five year period had passed.

This in effect means that invaders will suddenly find themselves cut off from a large portion of their welfare handouts from the Austrian state, and thus will be less inclined to choose that country to parasite off.

In addition, the statement added, for those who actually qualify for asylum, any payments should be stripped down to the minimum as already applied in the regions of Upper and Lower Austria—with that policy being applied nationwide.

Once again, it was not said in the statement or in any media coverage, but this rule will also undermine the Socialist Party (SPÖ)-originated scheme whereby invaders were paid far more in Vienna than in other regions—making the city an huge drawcard for invaders from across the world.

The coalition government will also take “strict measures against political Islam in Austria” and bring a complete “halt to illegal migration,” the statement continued.

“The executive [enforcement arm, that is, border control and police] should be better equipped and the citizenship law streamlined,” the statement concluded.

Talks will continue over the next few weeks, and it is intended for the coalition government to be in place before Christmas 2017.

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