Austria: Interior Minister Announces New Border Force, Increased Repatriations

The Austrian government will create a new armed border force to prevent a repetition of the 2015 mass invasion, and is to step up repatriations of those “asylum seekers” already in Austria, the new Austrian Interior Minister, Herbert Kickl has announced.

2015: Chaos at the Austrian border. The new border force will prevent its recurrence.

Speaking in an interview with the Tiroler Tageszeitung newspaper, Kickl—who is a senior member of the anti-invasion Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ)—said that a “epeat of 2015 cannot be allowed to happen. Therefore I have given instructions for the creation of a border protection unit.”

The aim of the unit will be, he added, to “ensure an orderly border management within a few hours.”

“It is a standby police troop that if need be can secure a border crossing point and carry out identity checks. Just waving people through won’t happen again,” he said.

Hundreds of thousands of nonwhite invaders forced their way into Austria during 2015, often with the active connivance of the previous government, and over 90,000 made “asylum applications” in Austria itself, representing more than one percent of its population.

Kickl was also asked about the storm over his recent remark that the “asylum seekers” should be “concentrated in one place in future.”

Communists, Socialists, and their allies in the controlled media immediately interpreted this to mean “concentration camps” although it was clear that Kickl had said nothing of the sort.

Kickl told the Tiroler Tageszeitung that he was “not surprised to find that any moves to increase the security of the Austrian people” would not make him friends in the far left. “I expect it,” he added, refusing to take back the words.

“I never intended the connection that [the media] made to me and the words. I also made that clear right away.” he said.

Kickl went on to say that the government’s priority with the existing “asylum” applications was to processes them as quickly as possible.

“At the same time, we must ensure that there are as few new applications as possible. I am in favor of an orderly asylum policy, that is, protecting the EU’s external border, securing state borders, investing in the refugees’ countries of origin, allowing as few refugees as possible.

“And at the same time we will increase the repatriations.”

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    1. Unfortunately, I see sanctions in their future, along with UN/EU forces at their border busting it wide open again. The EU is looking into establishing its own pan-European military force just for such non-compliant situations. Still, it’s this kind of courage, and then some, that will be required if we are to break free of the demographic death sentence that’s been heaped upon us.

      1. We can’t keep worrying “what if” If we fight back, yes, they will ‘punish’ us by any means they can. if we DO NOT fight back, we are assured annihilation. I’d rather take my chances and go down fighting and lose than just be meek and submissive.

        1. Fighting the EU is the only way. No such thing as accepting whatever the Brussels commies decide we should get. They are nobodies, unelected nobodies, and need to be resisted with force and defeated. There’s no other way!

    2. Did the EU “allow” Hungary or Poland or Eastern Europe to refuse to take in “migrants”? No. Did the Eastern European nations weakly and meekly go along with these anti-white dictators? No. We need strong leaders that will look out for the West and not be bullied or guilt tripped into going along with political correctness.

  1. This whole fiasco concerning the never-ending invasion of economic and illegal migrants – genuine asylum seekers are a minority – is brought to the public without any mention of costs to the taxpayers of the various countries. Is it not time that each country started to be honest with the hard-working citizen who is expected to not only accept these people into their country but also go above and beyond by allowing sums of money that should be spent on their areas rather than housing and feeding, educating and treating people who are basically unemployable and have no allegiance to anyone except themselves. Round them up and ship them out – they are a massive financial drain on any country.

    1. Unfortunately many people in Austria, especially young people, have no idea about public finance. They don’t seem to make the connection between immigration and taxes, taxes which were already insanely high before 2015.

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