Austria: Invader Brawls, Border Chaos, and Terror

Socialist-Conservative alliance-ruled Austria has ended the year with a series of mass brawls in invader camps, a terror threat in the middle of Vienna—and the turning back at the border of at least 400 nonwhites identified as having come from “safe” countries.

The astonishing series of events are all the result of the deliberate policy of allowing the Third World invasion to proceed unhindered into Europe, started by German chancellor Angela Merkel’s open doors invitation to the Third World in September.


From Linz comes the news that three Red Cross aid workers were injured after they tried to “arbitrate” in a mass brawl between drunken Moroccan “refugees” in an invader center in the town.

The invader center, located in the former mailing center of Linz’s main train station, saw two groups of Moroccans beat each other senseless with iron bars, stripped from the beds provided to them by the Austrian state’s taxpayers, the Nachrichten news service reported.

One invader was hospitalized after being thrown off a thirty foot balcony by his fellows. Some 240 nonwhites were gathered in the center at the time of the incident.

Two of the hapless white liberals who tried to intervene were interpreters, while the third was a paramedic, Red Cross spokesman Stefan Neubauer said.

In his reaction to the incident, Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ) leader HC Strache pointed out that clashes such as these are now daily incidents, and that such behavior should be rewarded with instant deportation.

Furthermore, Strache asked, “since when is there actually a war in Morocco? Are the Syrians coming from Morocco?”

The answer to his question about Moroccans was contained in another article in the Nachrichten news service, this time about how the Austrian authorities had refused to accept some 413 “asylum seekers” seeking to cross the border from Slovenia into Austria at Spielfeld.

The 400 invaders had been turned back because they had lied blatantly about their citizenship or had failed a new voice testing system.

Some of the invaders had told the authorities on the Slovenian side of the border that they were not from Syria, but they had told the Austrians at Spielfeld that they were Syrians.

Others claiming to be Syrians had been subjected to a new computer-aided voice test program to help determine their origin, which had shown that they were from officially designated “safe countries.”

However, the Nachrichten report revealed that the Austrian authorities had officially ordered that “refugees” from Morocco, Algeria, and Iran would also be accommodated in Austria.

There are, of course, no wars at all in any of these three nations, and the decision to accept “refugees” is inexplicable in terms of any conventional asylum procedures.

* Meanwhile, the Austrian police in Vienna have warned New Year celebrators intending to converge on the city center on New Year’s Eve not to bring any backpacks with them—because they will be searched.


Working on “intelligence” that a terrorist attack is planned for the city center, Vienna police have announced a special deployment of security forces.

Police spokesman Roman Hahslinger said that visitors to the New Year’s celebrations must take only the “absolute minimum” of bags. “Whoever carries a large backpack will be checked,” he said, adding that all bottles were also being forbidden from the city center.

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    1. I can only imagine what’s on your mind, Stu – I really loved you solution for those “Calais jungle” parasites storming the tunnel 🙂

      1. Lol 🙂 I’m not alone here in wishing for that Calais solution Kol, and of course now they’re gathering at other ports trying to get on trucks crossing by ferry. It’s a lost cause until lethal force is used, and sooner or later a trucker is going to lose their life over there. I hope not but fear it’s inevitable.
        Sooner or later the civilized world, if anything remains of it, is going to have to wake up and face the ‘Islamic Question’, or everything humankind has achieved will have been for nothing. Whilst those barbaric people spent centuries praying five times each day, amputating, flogging and beheading each other, and holding back anyone who might have the intelligence to think for themselves, we had people like Nicolaus Copernicus, Galileo, Isaac Newton, and so many others, all forwarding human understanding of the world which we inhabit.
        The Vatican was no better. Did you know that Leonardo da Vinci discovered in all but name what we now know to be Atherosclerosis? He was dissecting the bodies of an elderly man and a still-born baby at the same time, and realised that the baby’s arteries were clean and flexible, whereas the man’s were clogged and hardened. Because what he was doing was considered heresy, his writings were locked away for nearly 500 years before modern science discovered the same. Imagine how much more advanced the treatment of such conditions might be had religion not held back such people.
        If Islam takes over, that’s exactly where we’ll be again. Nothing will work, the lights will go out 🙁

        1. If you ask me all religions are simply the poison to your mind with the only distinction that some bring more venom than others. You can actually see a clear relation between wealth of any nation and its approach to religion. If even there are some exceptions (Singapore or Malaysia) that rule suggests that any successful country were able to separate state from religion.

          Did you know there are 1.5 mln muslims and over 1 mln people who practise either hinduism, sikhism or buddhismin the UK?

          1. Exactly Kol…Christopher Hitchens was the greatest polemicist I think the world has ever known, but whilst he’s a hero of mine with regards to religion, his leftist politics I can’t accept. I’m more politically aligned with his brother Peter.
            Doesn’t seem like 4 years since ‘the Hitch’ died though 🙁

          2. I should have also said that the Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists don’t threaten me with violence because I don’t share their beliefs, indeed the Hindus don’t believe in ‘converts’ but rather one can only be born a Hindu. They have integrated into our society, something Muslims will never do because their book forbids it.

            To quote Thomas Jefferson, “It does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are twenty gods or no God. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.”

            Only when they try to force it on me by violence do I have a problem with it, otherwise I’m content to let them indulge their delusion.

          1. I’d be happy with the internment and sterilization of all Muslims…let them remain in a land where they are no threat to anyone else, and expire in their own time without contact with anyone in the outside world, ending the entire cult for good within a couple of generations.

  1. Pity that the moroccans didn’t beat all the lefty liberals and knock some sense into them, although that would be highly unlikely! Why were these scum allowed in, in the first place?

  2. One Day the European Convention on Human Rights 4 November 1950 Articles 55, 57, 62 will ensure that Turkey can appoint Judges who can order ransom be paid to release prisoners, Tributes are paid to Turkey for the children in their Harem’s, and tributes of underage children for the harem’s along with quota marriages for the displaced bachelors wandering into Europe. Then a Somali President (who through forced representation policies) of the Council of Europe will be able to ask any Member State for an explanation of the manner in which its Internal Law ensures the effective implementation of these decisions.

  3. I have too Stu,but as you say,we would find ourselve’s in court,swiftly followed by a prison sentence.I recall all the world’s leader’s condemming the attack on Charlie Hebdo,yet they have done nothing whatsoever for free speech,even in Russia they have more of it than we do.

    1. Freedom of speech seems to be the sole preserve of Muslims now TBA, and the mainstream media kept hidden the Muslims spitting through the crowds at the cars carrying our fallen troops through Royal Wootton Bassett when they still arrived home there.

      Even in America now, with their First Amendment rights, not one newspaper in that country would publish the Danish cartoons so that people could see for themselves what all the fuss was about, yet there are Muslims who have a website based in New York, and who call for Jihad against non-Muslims in the US, who praise the Paris attackers, yet their First Amendment rights are protected.

  4. Strache asked if Syrians were coming from Morocco – Herr Strache, tyey’re all “Syrians” … isn’t that obvious?
    This soapopera is better than the best John Cleese productions!

  5. C`mon spoilsports !
    How about 100ft high balconies /constant supply of large iron bars and limitless booze for every invader.
    NO intervention allowed.

  6. This is the wonderful “New World” ??? that we are told to accept….Wait till these scumbags arrive here, its going to be carnage…..No mention of it in the “Media “?

    1. Fraid’ that’s what just undermined Marine Le Pen. At the heart of it, right now, its Governments + National Broadcasters against the people.

  7. What’s quite shocking that, with a very few exceptions, almost nobody in Brussels dares to point out the real culprit of this mess. As far as I can recall only Legutko and Farage made any significant speeches in Brussels criticizing that commie troublemaker from Berlin. Farage described Merkel’s policy of accepting up to 1.5 million migrants as “the worst piece of public policy in half a century” and Legutko said that she seems to mislead leadership with dictatorship. Voices of some Eastern European leaders like Zeman and Orban are simply too little to be heard loud enough – Europe is going to pay dearly for this silence in the near future!

    1. 1.5 million? So there is an actual limit then…I thought Kerkel had just invited as many as wish to come.
      Still, it’s 1.5 million too many!

  8. So the Austrians and presumably the Germans have the ability to do voice analysis to identify country of origin but lack the will power to deport these people on behalf of their citizens. Borders remain open, migrants continue to arrive. In conclusion it would appear that the leadership of these countries continue to hold their citizens in contempt. (DGAFATC)
    It’s easy to understand why their citizens have decided to act on their own in frustration.
    “Others claiming to be Syrians had been subjected to a new computer-aided voice test program to help determine their origin, which had shown that they were from officially designated “safe countries.”

    However, the Nachrichten report revealed that the Austrian authorities had officially ordered that “refugees” from Morocco, Algeria, and Iran would also be accommodated in Austria.

  9. So here we are, Vienna, the city known for music, opera and during the New Year’s celebration people will be subjected to their backpacks search in public – stupid is not the word!

  10. If it was the idiot liberals being knocked about with metal bed posts I would have to say well done. But sadly it is just as per usual the religion of peace bashing each others brains out. Practice I would think for future events.

  11. When this whole thing started I said to myself…”this is an invasion!” There are precious few women and children in comparison to military aged men. Funny that the men leave their wives and families in unsafe countries and flee. Tells you something eh? I’m afraid it’s too late for you people in Europe: the damage is done! They will breed like flies and overrun you. Time to bring out the nukes?

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