Austria Invaders: 38 Crimes a Day

Nonwhite invaders in Austria committed crimes at the rate of 38 per day from January to August 31, according to that country’s Interior Minister Johanna Miklforth Leitner.


The figures were made public only after a member of the Austrian parliament from the tiny splinter populist group Team Stronach demanded an answer during a sitting this week, according to the Kronen Zeitung newspaper.

The figures also revealed that nonwhite invaders in Austria had committed 9,513 offenses over the course of the entire previous year (2014). For the first eight months of 2015, this tally had already reached 8,484.

This means that, based on these incomplete figures, the total number of crimes committed per day by the invaders has increased from 26 to 35 per day.

The 230 page written response listed all the reported crimes by province and nationality of the perpetrators.

Most of the crimes–4,028—took place in Vienna, and were committed almost exclusively by males. This corresponds with the fact that 75 percent of all the “asylum” applications are from males.


Meanwhile, another report in the Kronen Zeitung revealed that the Austrian police are operating under political orders to play down the reporting of nonwhite invader crime against Austrians.

In an article titled “Should Refugee Acts be Reported” (Darf über Taten von Flüchtlingen berichtet werden? Dec. 10, 2015), the Kronen Zeitung admits that news of a sexual assault by an invader on a ten-year-old boy had been suppressed until it was leaked through social media via Facebook.

The attack, which took place in Vienna, saw a twenty-year-old Iraqi sexually attack the ten-year-old in a locker room of the Theresienbad public bath. The attack was noticed by other bathers who heard the boy’s screams, and, together with the lifeguard, broke open the locker and held the nonwhite invader until the police came to arrest him.

The Kronen Zeitung said that in cases like these, the police and “all the media, are in a difficult situation,” and that there is concern among the public that “asylum seeker” crimes are not being reported.

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  1. This is the refuse of retrograde misogynistic pos we are letting in. If there is a god, seriously you need to step in.
    Obviously no answer on that end, Europeans fight for your culture, because nobody is doing it for you. Europe is going to burn, sooner rather than later.

  2. Why are these stories being suppressed? What possible reason is there, except to hide the folly and stupidity of the politicians who are allowing this.
    These uneducated , can I call them men? Must be all thrown out of Austria.
    I thought Austria was building border walls also now. Is that correct?

  3. The more they come into the country,the worse it will get.Just look at the places where they come from? Are the European Governments blind? Get them out,the sooner the better.

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